Why is it considered offensive when Trump jokes that you can get any woman you want because you’re famous? He’s actually right on that!!!

A lot of liberals out there are saying the reason they are offended about that Trump locker room banter thing is offensive is not because he used the word “pussy”… they find it offensive ’cause Trump joked about that he can get any woman he wants because he’s famous. I don’t find that offensive at all. As a matter of fact, he’s so right on that anyways. It’s a long known fact that famous men can get any woman they want because of their fame and money. That’s been known for decades.

Getting any woman you want because of your fame has been happening in the industry for decades especially in rock n’ roll music in the 60’s and 70’s with rock stars banging groupies and all that shit. As long as you have fame and money whether you’re a musician or an actor, you can get all kinds of sex and woman you want to. You can pretty much get any woman you want to. I mean, christ… look at Hugh Hefner as a perfect example. Hefner is a Playboy billionaire and he’s getting all kinds of women because of his fame. Sure, Hefner mostly has Playboy bunnies in his life but you still gotta give him credit.

I see nothing wrong with what Trump said ’cause it’s the freakin’ truth. The Hollywood industry is crazy. None of you are famous so none of you know what it’s like. The Hollywood industry is crazy ’cause all they pretty much do is party and get all the women. There’s a lot of women out there who are gold diggers who’ll get what they want so they go after famous people. The rock band Kiss is another perfect example. All Gene and Paul did was fuck women before they got married. Eric Clapton openly admitted he had a sex addiction with women over the years.

Trump is right like he usually is. I’ve read a lot about the Hollywood industry whether music stars or movie stars, all they do is have a lot of sex with women.

Women would do anything with you as long as you have fame and a lot of money. That’s just the sad truth. Trump has dealt with fame for over 30 years so I’m sure he has seen it all.



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