That’s why I didn’t want Trump endorsing Paul Ryan and John McCain, see what happens when you trust someone so easily???

While I do love Donald Trump and all, he just needs to realize that he can’t trust people in politics and I think he’s learning. I knew he shouldn’t have endorsed Paul Ryan and John McCain during the primaries to get them re-elected. Trump endorsed them hoping to unite the GOP to defeat Hillary but instead, I see Trump declaring war against the GOP which is a good thing really. Trump should have never trusted Paul Ryan and McCain in the first place. You can’t trust politicians at all ’cause many of them are corrupted. I had a feeling that Ryan and McCain were gonna stab Trump in the back after Trump endorsing them for their re-election. When Trump endorsed Ryan and McCain, Trump supporters went crazy over it and thought it was a good thing. I never thought it was a good thing. I began to feel a little worried about Trump ’cause he’s trying to team up with two guys who shouldn’t be trusted at all. Now look what happens… Ryan and McCain both dropped support for Trump after that locker room banter tape got out.

That’s the deal with politics, ya know? You’re gonna deal with a lot of crazy people you can’t trust at all and all this stuff could overwhelm you. Trump needs to realize that if he wants to get himself into politics which is a dangerous game. All Ryan and McCain just did was proved how horrible the GOP is. I hate the GOP just as much as liberals do so I’m not on one side at all. Are the GOP conservative like a lot of people mistakenly believe? No. The GOP has been becoming more liberal than ever which comes to a term known as RINO. A RINO is a GOP person pretending to be conservative when he’s not really. They still have some liberal views. Ryan and McCain are a couple of RINO’s as an example.

I think Trump isn’t messing around anymore, though which is a good thing. Trump needs to stop being too nice to people in the GOP but I don’t think he’s gonna be nice anymore. I know Trump tried to unite the GOP but many GOP people are NeverTrump idiots still so it’s gonna be hard to unite. That’s why when Trump gets elected, he needs to fire all of them. Clean house and get rid of them all. Start over again with a clean slate in order to make America great again!


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