Hillary bringing up “Climate Change” now… is she starting to sound like Bernie? I say yes!

I don’t think Hillary brought up Climate Change in the past before until now. Climate Change has always been a Bernie thing. Now she’s starting to ram Climate Change down our throats. Bernie campaigns for Hillary and Barack Obama campaigns for Hillary. Both Bernie and Obama are big on Climate Change obviously so it’s no surprise to me at all that Hillary is gonna start ramming “Climate Change” down our throats sooner or later. Now she’s got Al Gore on the campaign trail.

Is Hillary desperately trying to take Bernie’s voters? That’s what it’s looking like to me.

What I don’t get is that Bernie sold out by endorsing Hillary. Bernie fans were angry at him at first but it appears that many Bernie fans still want him as president despite his support for Hillary. Many Bernie fans hate Hillary just as much but I don’t understand why they continue to want Bernie to be president? What did Bernie say to his supporters that’ll make them want to support him still? I’ve also noticed that Bernie fans has gone soft on Hillary and they are not as hateful toward her as they were in the past. Some of them are starting to defend her now. They always listen to Bernie. They will always believe everything he says or does. It’s sickening. Sooner or later, Bernie fans will have their full support for Hillary. I’m predicting that’ll be coming soon before Nov. 8th.


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