Is this why they are all scared of Trump ’cause he’s about to clean house of Washington D.C.???

This is why the Obama administration and career politicians in Congress (both Democrats & Republicans) are all scared to death of Trump ’cause they know that Mr. Trump is about ready to clean house of government corruption and crime. Yep, once Trump is elected… the Obama admin. and career politicians will get a “You’re fired” from Mr. Trump. Clean house and start over again.

That’s why some in America are scared of that ’cause they don’t know what will come out of it once Mr. Trump cleans house. There’s nothing to worry about ’cause cleaning house of government is what America really needs. Americans has been begging for that for decades. They are also scared of Trump ’cause they know that Obama and Hillary are going to prison when Trump is elected. How? Well, once Trump gets elected and goes into the oval office… you all know Mr. Trump is going to investigate the White House’s biggest crimes… especially Benghazi, the IRS scandals, Operation F&F and many others. As the Trump administration investigates all those crimes and gets to the bottom of all them… he’s definitely going to find out a lot of stuff about Obama and Hillary. Trump could prove those two guilty and that’s what I can’t wait for. That’s why we all want Trump to expose Obama and Hillary the criminals they are.

Trump is doing a good job exposing Hillary the criminal but he needs to get on Obama a lot harder too. Obama also needs to be in prison. When Obama leaves the White House in Jan. will Obama take all the evidence of his crimes with him? I’m sure he’ll try but I’m sure all the evidence of Obama crimes will be hidden secretly in the White House like in confidential files on computers and things like that. Some of that stuff will never leave the White House. So hopefully when Trump gets in the White House, he’ll discover some pretty big things about Obama that could shock a lot of people. It could happen.

That’s why people are afraid of Trump ’cause they know Obama and Hillary are in trouble. That’s the only reason Obama is campaigning for Hillary. He’s only using her to protect himself.

I can’t wait for Trump to clean house of Washington. It’s going to be very exciting!



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