There’s a reason that media doesn’t report anything on Wikileaks dumps, it would show that they were involved…

If you ever wonder why the media doesn’t report anything on the Wikileaks dumps especially the Podesta e-mails and the DNC, it’s simply because all the e-mails would show is that the mainstream media would be involved in lying for Hillary. Doing whatever it takes to get Hillary elected even if it means committing a crime and rigging the election. The e-mails would show the media interacting with the Clinton campaign privately. Why would the mainstream media want to report bad stuff about themselves?

So considering that the media can’t report anything on the Wikileaks, they do nothing but attack the hell out of Trump instead. Ya know, it seems like that each time Hillary is in trouble with Wikileaks… they go after Trump which is pretty pathetic.

It’s Julian Assange who just exposed how corrupted and one-sided the mainstream media really are. Assange proved that the MSM are in bed with Hillary. The MSM will do anything for her. MSM is obsessed with attacking Trump and make Hillary look good ’cause that’s what they’re paid a lot of money to do. Are the Clintons paying the media a lot of money to make her look good? I wouldn’t be surprised!

I haven’t seen all of the Podesta stuff but I’ve seen some of it.

Our MSM is corrupt to the core, they are much worse than ever before. Stop reading or watching the news, people. I don’t follow any of that garbage anymore! I’m fed up with our news media like everyone else. If you watch CNN or read the Washington Post or the NY Times, you’re just getting brainwashed by them. Anybody that takes them seriously and finds them “credible” is not a very smart person at all.



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