Weird how people act like supporting Trump is a bad thing… nope… supporting Trump is actually very important!

If you’re a Trump supporter like myself then chances are people around you are pretty disgusted with your support of Trump. I know I have but that’s okay. Why are people acting like supporting Trump is a bad thing for America? It’s like people (mainly the NeverTrump idiots) are treating Trump like he’s the next Hitler or Joseph Stalin. The media and social networking are trying to make it seem like that you’re a bad person for supporting Trump. It’s really interesting to say the least.

I would see a lot of liberals and independent voters rail against Trump supporters through social networking, saying all kinds of hateful and vile things about us just for supporting him.

For example, this woman who is running for Congress for NY State in the House of Representatives is going through the same thing just because she supports Trump. Elise Stefanik, a woman from Glens Falls NY is running for Congress on Nov. 8th and she’s gonna be on the ballot in my area. She’s going through some trouble just because she supports Trump. Why? Is it because she’s a woman and she’s gorgeous? Yes, that’s probably it. I’ll proudly and gladly vote for Stefanik on Nov. 8th.

Yeah I know it seems unfair that Trump supporters are being treated badly and unfairly by the media & social networking but that’s okay. That’s what Hillary and the media wants. It’s how they are trying to get Trump supporters turned off. They are trying every desperate attempt to get Trump supporters to drop their support for Mr. Trump but it’s not working. They are failing miserably at their goal for sure ’cause why? We’re not believing their made up garbage that they think Trump is a misogynist and racist when we know it’s all bullshit. We know that stuff ain’t true. The media is just trying to do whatever it takes to get Hillary elected. So they make up all these fake and phony garbage about Trump being a woman hater and racist.

The media doesn’t make any sense. If they say Trump is such a woman hater and misogynist then why would he be going around groping women? If he hated women so much then he wouldn’t be going around assaulting women like the media continues to claim. So more proof of the media’s bullshit. What’s even sadder about all this is that NeverTrump idiots actually believes their garbage. That’s the problem in America. Some people in America still believes everything the Mainstream news media reports.

Media trying to make it look like that supporting Trump is bad when supporting Trump is actually a good thing. Supporting Trump actually matters and is very important ’cause why? Simply because we know that Trump is our only hope. If Trump loses the election then a Republican will never become president again. Liberals will continue to stay in power if Trump loses so we can’t have that. Trump is our only hope to bring America back on track. We want to fix the broken economy, bring our jobs back… get rid of corruption in government and all that stuff. Hold those politicians accountable for their crimes. That’s what we all want for America. We want what’s best for America. Getting Hillary as president would be the end of the country. We don’t want to see this great country to go down in flames and under rubble. We’ll get exactly that if we don’t elect Trump and we will.

Supporting Trump is good. I don’t feel ashamed at all of being a Trump supporter. For the record, my original choice for president wasn’t Trump. At first, Rand Paul was my choice but he disappointed me so I shifted my support for Trump instead. Trump matters. Voting for him is the only way to beat Hillary. It’s actually a bad thing not to support Trump. I can’t support those who refuses to support Trump, I don’t care who it is. NeverTrump idiots deserve to be called “idiots” ’cause they really are idiots. Just misinformed losers who are brainwashed by media and social networking.



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