Is getting drunk a huge problem? Is it overrated these days???? I say yes…

In the past if someone finds out you have a drinking problem, you need help and need to go to AA. In today’s society, people act like getting drunk all the time is like the coolest thing. No offense to those out there who drink all the time but I’m just gonna be real here. I’m noticing that alcoholism is becoming a real problem with everyone these days. Everywhere you look and everywhere you turn, chances are, you’re going to see someone drunk. It seems like all people want to do is drink these days. There are alcoholics everywhere. It makes you wonder why there are so many bars & clubs all over your town. Makes you wonder why there are so many beverage centers all over town too. These days it seems like all people want to do is drink all day, everyday and all night.

Don’t get me wrong. I like to drink myself and have a few but I don’t drink all the time. Just once in a blue moon is fine for me. I used to drink occasionally in the past though. I was never an alcoholic but it seems like everyone you know these days are one. What is it that made people think that getting drunk all the time is a “good” thing? I certainly blame all these beer commercials on TV for sure, they are responsible. Also, movies and TV shows.

You see people through social networking like FB/twitter and all they seem to want to do is get drunk all the time. To me, getting drunk all the time is not cool. Just my opinion. I’d much rather live my life a sober and healthy lifestyle. When you prefer not to drink, people look at you like you’re stupid. Alcoholism is definitely not cool ’cause it can cause you a lot of problems. When you call people out on their drinking problems, they become immediately defensive.

I understand you just want to have a buzz, relax and have fun but you can still relax and have fun in a sober lifestyle. How about get yourself into working out and exercise? Like bodybuilding, yoga, boxing or any kind of style of workout like zumba or whatever. Go out for a long walk or a long bike ride. Things like that. If you want to have a blast and have a helluva fun time, you don’t need to get drunk to do so. There are plenty of things to do so you can have fun and not drink alcohol.

I got really drunk during the EBJ Throwdown fest (kept drinking everything I could get my hands on) and kind of wished I never did that so I won’t be getting drunk like that again for a long while.

In my opinion, getting drunk is stupid and foolish. If you want to do it, fine. Not for me. I can still have fun, smile and not get drunk. Drinking is definitely overrated and it’s a growing problem. Don’t deny it, y’all.

I don’t want to spend all my money on alcohol. I would rather spend my money on good things like music albums, movies on BluRay, video games, buy books, buy music equipment and gear/more guitars. Things like that. That’s better than wasting money on alcohol and cigarettes like so many has been doing these days.



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