Why the media lies about the polls, is it so Never Trump idiots won’t panic???

It’s obvious that the media lies about the polls. Most of the polls claim that Hillary is in the lead but everyone knows that’s false. How can you tell? Well look at the rallies of the two candidates for starters. Trump is still pulling in large crowds at huge arenas all over the US while Hillary can’t even draw a crowd at small convention centers and halls. Plus, if you look at all the polls of “Who would win for President”, the ones you can vote for yourself… Trump is in the lead in those kind of polls. Hillary is not in the lead in the polls, Trump is.

I think I figured out why the media lies about the polls is just so that they get Never Trump idiots not to panic about him winning. It seems to be working for them too because many Never Trump idiots seems to believe that Trump isn’t winning. They all believe in the media’s lies that Trump is losing. They think it’s over for Trump. If the media was honest about the polls and if they make Trump in the lead, that would have outraged the NeverTrumpers. It would have got them upset. There are still a lot of people who take everything the media reports seriously, in other words, they still believe everything they see in the news. So that’s why they lie about the polls so NeverTrumpers won’t panic.

Many NeverTrumpers prefer Hillary over Trump, I’m noticing ’cause they are brainwashed by the media’s crap.

Like I said before, the real poll that matters is Nov. 8th aka The general election. That’s the day when NeverTrump idiots are gonna get a huge surprise. Trump is gonna win Nov. 8th and I can’t wait to see the look on the NeverTrump idiots faces when he does. It’s a shame that the media lies about the polls to make Hillary look good but wait until Nov. 8th, y’all. That’s the day when we’ll prove the NeverTrump idiots wrong. Trump is gonna win big and deep down inside, you know it too. The media wants to make it seem like Trump is losing but we’re not buying their crap. If the media was honest about the polls, it would have drove the NeverTrump idiot crowd crazy.

In social networking like facebook/twitter, I don’t see any Never Trump idiots going, “NOooooo, Trump is the lead in the polls. It can’t be!”. Instead I see them saying stuff like, “It’s over for Trump”. So ridiculous.

I really hate the media so much. Why would you want to become a journalist in this day and age? I’m so glad I never got that job. There was a point in my life where I almost wanted to become a news journalist but not anymore the way today’s media is going.



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