Chuck Berry announces new album on his 90th birthday today…

Chuck Berry is one of my heroes and inspiration in guitar playing. I love his music. Grew up listening to him. I never really heard much of his actual studio albums, I have a greatest hits album of his that I listen to a lot but anyway, even at 90 years old, Chuck is still making music ’cause he just announced a new studio album on his birthday today. Yep, Chuck announced a new studio album of new original songs which he dedicated the album to his wife it looks like. He hasn’t released a new studio album since 1978’s “Rock It” which was 38 years ago.

What kind of music is gonna be on his new album simply titled, “Chuck”? Probably the same music he always played. Rock n’ roll, rhythm and blues. I’m definitely looking forward to the new album, though!

Remember, age is just a number. I’ll never give up playing guitar and making music myself. Even whenever I turn 90, I still won’t give it up!

Happy birthday, Chuck!



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