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Chuck Berry was still working on his new album before he died… was never finished sadly…

Before Chuck Berry’s death, it seems that he was still working on his new album. Not sure if they’re still going to finish it without him or not but they probably would. Why? Chuck would probably want the album to go on without him. They would probably release it anyways. Chuck would want the album out for his wife in which he dedicated it to.


We’ll know soon on whether or not the industry will release the new record. Hopefully Chuck recorded enough material that will be good enough for it to be released. They might not release it at all, ya never know ’cause they might feel it can’t be done without him.

We’ll wait and see what they’re planning to do with it, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if they released it anyways in honor of Chuck.


RIP: Chuck Berry 1926 – 2017


Chuck Berry was one of the reasons I picked up the guitar in the first place. If it wasn’t for him, many of us wouldn’t be doing what we all are doing… playing the guitar and playing rock n’ roll music. If it wasn’t for Chuck Berry then rock n’ roll and metal wouldn’t have happened. This is the man that started it all. Was there any other rock n’ roll guitarists before Chuck? Not that I remember.

The rock n’ roll movement in the 50’s all started because of him. Without Chuck, we wouldn’t have gotten Elvis, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Bill Haley & The Comets, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, U2, Metallica and all other rock n’ roll bands that are out today.

Chuck Berry has played music for most of his life. Before he discovered rock n’ roll, he started off playing blues music, of course, then his guitar playing evolved from there. Berry’s guitar playing style was so unique and different. Something you never heard before. When you watch him play on stage, his fretting hand would go up and down the fretboard a lot. He would play a lot of double stops and perfect fourth riffs, a lot of boogie woogie power chord riffs too.

Chuck Berry was also a showman on the stage. When he plays rock n’ roll on the stage, he knew how to rock hard. His performances were all full of energy. He would not stand in one place on the stage at all, he would move around and dance with his guitar. He wasn’t just a great guitarist and a great singer, he was also a great lyricist too… he wrote songs with a lot of humor and he wrote a lot of positive songs too.

Chuck Berry sure loved what he did musically. He was one of those musicians who loved what he did. Played music until he couldn’t do it anymore. Even during his 80 years of age, he still toured and played music on the stage. He never gave it up. One of those musicians who never believed in retiring.

Before his death, he recorded a brand new album titled “Chuck” which he dedicated the album to his wife. I wonder if he finished the whole thing before he died? He probably did. Is that why he was in a rush to release a new album ’cause he was gonna go soon? Kind of like what David Bowie did? Anyhow, I’m sure the industry will release his new album pretty soon and I’m definitely gonna buy it.

I’ve listened to Chuck’s music for years. I never bought his studio albums but I do have a greatest hits album of his. He’s definitely a huge inspiration in my own music and guitar playing. Thanks, Chuck and RIP. He maybe gone but his music will never be forgotten.



Chuck Berry announces new album on his 90th birthday today…

Chuck Berry is one of my heroes and inspiration in guitar playing. I love his music. Grew up listening to him. I never really heard much of his actual studio albums, I have a greatest hits album of his that I listen to a lot but anyway, even at 90 years old, Chuck is still making music ’cause he just announced a new studio album on his birthday today. Yep, Chuck announced a new studio album of new original songs which he dedicated the album to his wife it looks like. He hasn’t released a new studio album since 1978’s “Rock It” which was 38 years ago.

What kind of music is gonna be on his new album simply titled, “Chuck”? Probably the same music he always played. Rock n’ roll, rhythm and blues. I’m definitely looking forward to the new album, though!


Remember, age is just a number. I’ll never give up playing guitar and making music myself. Even whenever I turn 90, I still won’t give it up!

Happy birthday, Chuck!


Report: Guitar World snubs Michael J. Fox for “Johnny B. Goode” in their “Top 10 Big Screen Moments” list…

I usually like Guitar World magazine, but I’m dissapointed in their “Top 10 Big Screen Moments” list, where they list the top guitar moments of all time in film. I agree with everything in this list, but I can’t believe they snubbed Michael J. Fox, left him off the list. Marty McFly playing “Johnny B. Good” in “Back to the Future” is the greatest guitar film moment of all time.

Check out the list here:


Are the editors of Guitar World living under a rock? Have they even seen, “Back to the Future”? Marty McFly playing “Johnny B. Goode” is such a badass scene. It’s such a shame that scene was left out of the list. If you’re going to do a top “Best Guitar moments in films” list and not include this in, you’re not the true music lover that you say you are.


Report: Chuck Berry to play in B.B. King’s Club and Grill in NYC tonight…

Guitar legend Chuck Berry will perform B.B. King’s “Club and Grill” in NYC tonight at 8 p.m. The club is owned by B.B. King himself which he bought off a woman who used to own the place several months ago. B.B. King has turned the place into a live music venue which features everything from local unsigned bands to famous legendary bands performing there.

For more information on tonight’s show at B.B. King’s Club and Grill, click here:


Pretty cool. Sounds like a cool place to watch live music.

I wonder if B.B. King himself played a gig at his own club yet? I’m sure he played at the grand opening though, not sure.