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Jay Leno wasn’t really retired but was actually fired by NBC ’cause of Obama criticism???

I’m no fan of Jay Leno like the next person but did he really retire? According to InfoWars, Leno was canned by NBC ’cause of the Obama criticism over the years. So did Leno lose his job for making fun of Obama on his show over the years? Leno brought up Benghazi and that’s pretty much what did it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama did this… the White House ordered NBC to fire Leno just like Lara Logan lost her job at CBS over the Benghazi story.

You see, these are the kinds of things that Obama does. He goes after people who calls him out or criticizes him. They either get murdered, get arrested or fired from their jobs. Look what Dinesh D’souza is going through.

Obama is shredding the constitution to pieces even more by not allowing freedom of speech w/ media. I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out true that Leno got fired ’cause of Obama criticism.


What’s with the George W. Bush flip-flopping all of a sudden?

As far as I can remember, George W. Bush was one of the most-hated presidents during his reign. A lot of people called for impeachment and hoped he wouldn’t win the re-election for his second term as well. Now that George is no longer the president, he is all of a sudden loved by everyone???

Facebook is going off about George W.’s appearance on Jay Leno this week. It’s pretty funny how people say he’s a wonderful and cool guy now.

Don’t you remember that this was the guy who was late on responding to 9/11/01? Lied his head off about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Started the Patriot Act law that no one likes. Got us involved in a long and pointless war in Iraq/Afghanistan. This was the guy who turned our economy into a big mess. He had his share of killing lots of innocent women, children and civilians overseas. The list can go on.

This guy was a tyrannical maniac as well. I know Bush is Conservative/Republican but that doesn’t mean I can respect him. Even though I never liked Bush… I would say that he was a better president than Obama, though. Obama just makes Bush look too good.

Everyone’s going off about George W.’s appearance on Leno saying that he was enjoyable and funny to watch. It doesn’t matter if George has a funny sense of humor or not. Once a bad man, always a bad man. You can’t change that. The man maybe a hardcore Conservative but I never liked him. Still don’t!

I refuse to watch that appearance on Leno ’cause I don’t like Leno either.


NBC finally confirms Jimmy Fallon is taking over for Jay Leno, but can you trust them???

I hope Jimmy Fallon is skeptical of taken over for Jay Leno. Is Jay Leno really retiring this time? For good, hopefully? After all that Conan O’ Brien debacle, Jimmy should be a little worried. Jimmy hosts the new show for a few days, and the next thing you know, Leno, comes out of retirement again.

I can’t stand, Jay Leno. His show always sucked. Jay is not a funny guy (Jimmy is way funnier), and Jay is just boring as hell. If Jay is gonna be gone for good, I’d say good riddance. Now I wonder who’s going to take over Jimmy Fallon’s show, and what’s gonna happen with, The Roots?

I like Jimmy Fallon. I try to stay up and watch his show, but I’m asleep by then, these days. So I’m glad Jimmy will be on an hour early pretty soon. Lets hope NBC will stick to their word this time, and not have Jay Leno take over again like with all that Conan drama. Hopefully, it won’t be de ja vu, all over again.


Cool Video: First Patrick Carney feuds with the Beliebers, now Olivia Wilde gets into it…

So let me get this straight. Any famous celebrity who calls out Justin Bieber for something, that makes them bad people? Patrick Carney is feuding with the Beliebers because of his thoughts on Justin at the Grammy’s, and now actress, Olivia Wilde is getting attacked by an army of Beliebers on twitter, only for telling Biebs to put a shirt on. I hate the Jay Leno show, but this segment in the video was actually pretty entertaining. Just like Patrick Carney seems to be entertained of Beliebers attacking him, Olivia seems to be enjoying this as well. Just like with Patrick, she’s also getting a lot of hateful comments by the Beliebers, but Olivia doesn’t retweet them all, though. It is interesting how the Beliebers get their panties in a bunch when someone wants to make an honest opinion about, Justin. That’s how “cliques” in the music world works. Their fanbase will “ALWAYS” stick up for their hero band or solo artist when they’re being disrespected.

I know that feeling ’cause when I give out an honest opinion on local bands in this area, their fanbase would attack me for it and it has happened before with a few big and established bands that should be nameless now but you’ll figure out who I’m referring to, soon enough. That’s why I don’t talk trash about local bands anymore. There are some local bands around here, that I still hate, but I keep those opinions to myself these days.

It’s all bullshit, I know, but fans are pretty loyal to their favorite band or artist, and they will have their back, no matter what happens.


Cool Video: About Lindsay Lohan’s, Leno appearance last night…

So I watched the Lindsay Lohan interview with Jay Leno last night. As we all know, this is Lindsay’s first TV appearance in a long while. Not only she went on there to help promote the new “Gotti” film that she’s in, they talked a lot of jail stuff and I was surprised how honest she was at everything. Everyone calls her a bad person, but after seeing her interview, I saw her as a nice, sweet, and fun person. She also seems very honest. She did a great job on the interview. I was pretty impressed with her, actually, and she just got a lot more respect from me. She is looking good and she is looking a lot better. Congrats Lindsay.

Watch her interview on Leno, here.


Thought: Jay Leno without Kevin Eubanks is different…

Although I don’t like Jay Leno, I still kind of watch before Jimmy Fallon comes on. I must say, the “Tonight Show” is no longer, the “Tonight Show” without Kevin Eubanks as the sidekick. The new guy is just crap. The “Tonight Show” band has all new members. I feel that the ratings will go down without Kevin. Will NBC get rid of Jay Leno for low ratings? No…because Jay is too valuable to NBC that he can’t get fired, no matter the situation. I just don’t get, the “Tonight Show” feeling with Kevin not there. I’m sure you know what I mean.

What would David Letterman be like without Paul Shaffer? What would Jimmy Fallon be like without the Roots?

I’ll say that Jay Leno is a lot more boring without Kevin. I’m sure many people would actually agree with me on this topic.


BREAKING NEWS: Kevin Eubanks leaving Jay Leno for good…

Just not too long ago, it was announced that Kevin Eubanks have planned to leave the Jay Leno show, but wasn’t sure if he was going to leave for a hiatus or if it will be for good. Well, Kevin himself announced on “The Tonight Show”, saying straight to Jay’s face that he’s definitely leaving for good for a full time music career.

More on it here:


Eh? Don’t worry folks. Kevin WILL be back on “The Tonight Show” as a musical guest to perform a song off his upcoming album when he puts one out. He won’t be back on with the “Tonight Show” band, but maybe with Kevin’s new band that he will probably form in the future. You betcha that will be the first place Kevin will go to plug in his upcoming album whenever he does one.

He is a talented guitar player and he does deserve better than the Jay Leno show. Looking forward to seeing what he has planned for his music career.


Report: Slash shows Jay Leno that he’s on Team Coco…

Last night on Jay Leno, Slash was the special musical guest for his solo career, with Wolfmother singing for him for the song, “By The Sword” which you can get on Slash’s new solo record, out now! TMZ is the first to notice Slash wearing the “I’m With Coco” pin on his shirt.

See it here:


I’m sure all the Coco fans like myself, would know that Slash is very good friends with Conan O’ Brien. Slash has appeared on Conan’s show plenty of times in the past. I’m pretty sure Jay noticed the pin on Slash’s shirt right away, I’m sure Jay didn’t pay much attention to it, lol!

Nice to see Slash on Team Coco. A way to piss Jay off!

I also want to hear Slash’s new solo record. I’ll get it from Itunes when I get extra cash. I really liked his new song, “By The Sword”, it’s a really amazing tune and tight. Wolfmother is a great band, I always dug them!


Report: Max Weinberg to leave Conan O’ Brien to fill in for Kevin Eubanks?

Reports have hit the web that there are rumours that Max Weinberg, Conan’s longtime bandleader could be leaving Conan to fill in Kevin Eubanks when he leaves the “Tonight Show”. Sources claim that Max and Conan O’ Brien haven’t been getting along, having a heated feud against each other behind the scenes.

More on it here:


Before people go thinking that Max Weinberg stabbed Conan in the back, don’t always make assumptions. In my opinion, I don’t think Conan and Max have any bad blood against each other at all. They’ve been friends for years and have known each other for years. If you knew how smart and intelligent Conan is, I don’t think he would get angry at Max leaving him for Jay. Conan would feel happy for Max about it. Besides, this doesn’t mean Max will be leaving Conan for good. He may only be taking over for Kevin Eubanks for just a little while until Kevin returns. Then maybe Max will go back to Conan after that. I don’t believe for a second that they are hating on each other all of a sudden. Stupid gossip sites.