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Thought: Jay Leno without Kevin Eubanks is different…

Although I don’t like Jay Leno, I still kind of watch before Jimmy Fallon comes on. I must say, the “Tonight Show” is no longer, the “Tonight Show” without Kevin Eubanks as the sidekick. The new guy is just crap. The “Tonight Show” band has all new members. I feel that the ratings will go down without Kevin. Will NBC get rid of Jay Leno for low ratings? No…because Jay is too valuable to NBC that he can’t get fired, no matter the situation. I just don’t get, the “Tonight Show” feeling with Kevin not there. I’m sure you know what I mean.

What would David Letterman be like without Paul Shaffer? What would Jimmy Fallon be like without the Roots?

I’ll say that Jay Leno is a lot more boring without Kevin. I’m sure many people would actually agree with me on this topic.


BREAKING NEWS: Kevin Eubanks leaving Jay Leno for good…

Just not too long ago, it was announced that Kevin Eubanks have planned to leave the Jay Leno show, but wasn’t sure if he was going to leave for a hiatus or if it will be for good. Well, Kevin himself announced on “The Tonight Show”, saying straight to Jay’s face that he’s definitely leaving for good for a full time music career.

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Eh? Don’t worry folks. Kevin WILL be back on “The Tonight Show” as a musical guest to perform a song off his upcoming album when he puts one out. He won’t be back on with the “Tonight Show” band, but maybe with Kevin’s new band that he will probably form in the future. You betcha that will be the first place Kevin will go to plug in his upcoming album whenever he does one.

He is a talented guitar player and he does deserve better than the Jay Leno show. Looking forward to seeing what he has planned for his music career.


Report: Max Weinberg to leave Conan O’ Brien to fill in for Kevin Eubanks?

Reports have hit the web that there are rumours that Max Weinberg, Conan’s longtime bandleader could be leaving Conan to fill in Kevin Eubanks when he leaves the “Tonight Show”. Sources claim that Max and Conan O’ Brien haven’t been getting along, having a heated feud against each other behind the scenes.

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Before people go thinking that Max Weinberg stabbed Conan in the back, don’t always make assumptions. In my opinion, I don’t think Conan and Max have any bad blood against each other at all. They’ve been friends for years and have known each other for years. If you knew how smart and intelligent Conan is, I don’t think he would get angry at Max leaving him for Jay. Conan would feel happy for Max about it. Besides, this doesn’t mean Max will be leaving Conan for good. He may only be taking over for Kevin Eubanks for just a little while until Kevin returns. Then maybe Max will go back to Conan after that. I don’t believe for a second that they are hating on each other all of a sudden. Stupid gossip sites.