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Ric Flair dances on the Tonight Show with some rapper…

In August of 2017, Ric Flair the wrestling legend had a pretty scary health scare that almost killed him. He had some kind of heart problem and he had part of his bowels removed ’cause of it. After the surgery Ric Flair took a little break from the entertainment business and now he is back at it full time.

As you can see, nothing is slowing him down. Even after a major surgery which removed part of his bowels, he’s still out there doing physical things like dancing with rapper Offset as you can see here. Yeah, as you can see Ric’s got the dance moves even at 69 years old which is impressive.

I’m not a big fan of the song too much but I just enjoyed watching Ric Flair having a blast. He looked like he was having too much fun dancing like that. I think Ric deserves to have fun again after he went through a tough time so it’s nice to see him smiling again.

Ric’s stylin’ and profilin’ is not just a wrestling gimmick, it’s how he is in real life too. In real life outside of the wrestling ring, he looks and dresses like an alpha male ’cause that’s what he is an alpha male.

Ric Flair is one of my top 5 favorite wrestlers. He’s pretty high up on the list for sure. I’ve always respected that man immensely. Ric can play both the heel and babyface pretty well, but I think he’s more entertaining as a heel though. Ric has worked through pretty much all wrestling companies except for ECW. Flair is a genius in and out of the ring.


Chad Smith and Will Ferrell drum-off thoughts…

I don’t like Jimmy Fallon anymore ’cause he’s gotten so annoying as of late and he still is. Why is he annoying as fuck? Because he does all of these lame performances with celebrities like the rapping with Brian Williams, history of rap with Justin Timberlake, and all of that lame garbage. Plus, when Jimmy has musical guests on his show to end the night with, Jimmy will jump in and perform with them. Jimmy gets himself in the spotlight almost all of the time and that’s why he’s annoying. He’s a nice guy but he really needs to leave his ego at the door and let other stars a chance for the spotlight.

At least Jimmy didn’t get himself in the middle of the Chad and Will drum-off battle. So kudos to him on that. It was better seeing the Chilli Peppers jump in on it instead of Jimmy.

I know Chad and Will look almost exactly alike. They look the same pretty much, almost like twins but I can still easily tell which one is which. The way you can tell is that Will is much fatter than Chad. Another way you can tell that Chad is the better drummer, of course… lol. It was too predictable that Will was gonna win the whole thing as soon as he took out the cowbell but still this was an entertaining as hell segment.

This was probably the best thing Jimmy did on “The Tonight Show” ever since he took over. I did laugh and the episode was funny as hell as I predicted it would be.

Now you know exactly why NBC was in a hurry to get Jimmy to replace Jay, right? Jimmy helps brings up the ratings, that’s why.

I think Chad and Will should star in a comedy film together. Wouldn’t surprise me if that would be happening soon.


Will Ferrell and Chad Smith drum battle on Jimmy Fallon tonight…

I hate Jimmy Fallon. I don’t watch him anymore. I am actually curious to see this. Finally, Chad and Will finally together! It’s really happening!

Please, Jimmy! Don’t get yourself in the middle of their performance! I hate it when Jimmy does that with musical guests on his show, Jimmy jumps in the middle of it and performs with them. I hope Jimmy stays out of this one. He better.

I’m sure the drum battle between Chad and Will is gonna be funny as hell, though. Hopefully Jimmy stays out of it.


Sarah Palin calls Vladimir Putin on “The Tonight Show” w/ Jimmy Fallon…

Whether you like Sarah Palin or not, you have to admit that this segment on Jimmy Fallon last night was pretty funny as hell. Jimmy Fallon maybe a democrat/left-winger kind of guy but this shows he supports “right-wingers” and their opinions. He doesn’t mind right-winger politicians appearing on his show.

Finally, Jimmy does something good for once! I liked this. Sarah did a good job. She can do comedy pretty well.



Report: Slash shows Jay Leno that he’s on Team Coco…

Last night on Jay Leno, Slash was the special musical guest for his solo career, with Wolfmother singing for him for the song, “By The Sword” which you can get on Slash’s new solo record, out now! TMZ is the first to notice Slash wearing the “I’m With Coco” pin on his shirt.

See it here:


I’m sure all the Coco fans like myself, would know that Slash is very good friends with Conan O’ Brien. Slash has appeared on Conan’s show plenty of times in the past. I’m pretty sure Jay noticed the pin on Slash’s shirt right away, I’m sure Jay didn’t pay much attention to it, lol!

Nice to see Slash on Team Coco. A way to piss Jay off!

I also want to hear Slash’s new solo record. I’ll get it from Itunes when I get extra cash. I really liked his new song, “By The Sword”, it’s a really amazing tune and tight. Wolfmother is a great band, I always dug them!


Report: Max Weinberg to leave Conan O’ Brien to fill in for Kevin Eubanks?

Reports have hit the web that there are rumours that Max Weinberg, Conan’s longtime bandleader could be leaving Conan to fill in Kevin Eubanks when he leaves the “Tonight Show”. Sources claim that Max and Conan O’ Brien haven’t been getting along, having a heated feud against each other behind the scenes.

More on it here:


Before people go thinking that Max Weinberg stabbed Conan in the back, don’t always make assumptions. In my opinion, I don’t think Conan and Max have any bad blood against each other at all. They’ve been friends for years and have known each other for years. If you knew how smart and intelligent Conan is, I don’t think he would get angry at Max leaving him for Jay. Conan would feel happy for Max about it. Besides, this doesn’t mean Max will be leaving Conan for good. He may only be taking over for Kevin Eubanks for just a little while until Kevin returns. Then maybe Max will go back to Conan after that. I don’t believe for a second that they are hating on each other all of a sudden. Stupid gossip sites.


Report: Kevin Eubanks is leaving Jay Leno, but for good? Nobody knows yet…

Guitarist and longtime leader of “The Tonight Show” band, Kevin Eubanks, is finally leaving the show. Sources claim he’s leaving part time but there’s a possibility that he could quit the show for good. It’s looking like he wants a full time music career, maybe record an album and go on tour for it.

More on it here:


Come on, Kev, be honest. You’re mad at Jay for screwing Coco too!


Thought: Do you realize that Conan O’ Brien is officially bigger than Johnny Carson now?

Jeff Zucker may have been trying to destroy Conan’s career, but he didn’t do a great job trying to ruin Conan. What did this do? This controversy did nothing but make Conan O’ Brien an even bigger star. Conan is fucking everywhere! Conan is getting support everywhere you see. From the real people like us, even celebs are supporting him, pretty much everybody.

The Conan Rally in Los Angeles was really amazing stuff. It may have been on MLK day, but I think it was in celebration of that too. It was kind of a march for Conan O’ Brien. Conan is now a legend. A huge megastar. NBC just made Conan O’ Brien the most powerful man on this planet. He’s being talked about everywhere on TV. On the internet. It’s just absolutely amazing and mind blowing to me!

Has any celeb or famous person got this much support before? No. Not that I know of.

I’m sure Jeff Zucker was paying attention to the rally. You’d think after all the bad publicity that Jeff and NBC is getting, you’d think he would give what the people would want? Nope. Not with NBC. Conan’s a smart guy for backing out on NBC. It wouldn’t be fair for Jimmy Fallon and Carson Daly, if Conan kept the 12:05 spot. Conan is an icon and legend now.

I’m sure today was very emotional for Conan at the rally, and I’m sure he was crying his eyes out. I would be, if that was me.

The rally was amazing stuff, with La Bamba making an appearance, also the Masturbating Bear showed up at the rally, Andy Richter made an appearance too on rooftop. I was hoping to see Triumph the Insult Dog but that character didn’t show up either.

Conan is a mega star now and he’s about to get even bigger whatever network he appears on next. Will he still be on regular TV or will he get on a cable station? I’d say he should get on cable TV so he can be world known. I’ve been watching Conan and following his show for a long long time. He’s not only the king of late night comedy, he’s the king of TV. The man is just amazing!

TEAM COCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cool Video: Dolph Lundgren makes surprise appearance on the Tonight Show with Conan O’ Brien…

Last night, on the Conan O’ Brien show, he came up with a pretty good idea that he was going to announce a few celebrity birthdays, and he was going to have one of them appear on the show. Hide a celebrity in a huge box and will reveal who it is later in the show.

Dolph Lundgren appears on the Tonight Show celebrating his birthday with Conan O’ Brien. Dolph hardily ever appears on TV that much and it’s good to see him again. Dolph is still looking good, too. Happy Birthday Dolph!

See it here:



“The Tonight Show” with Conan O’ Brien thoughts….

I really liked it a lot. Very entertaining and hilarious all the way through. Conan’s new show is no different than the last one. It’s still the same. Only difference, new studio design and new city. Although I do not like Will Ferrell, he was actually entertaining last night.

Pearl Jam played a great performance, they played a rare release of a song that I never heard before. So I guess, Pearl Jam did play one of their new songs from their upcoming new album that they’ve been recording in the studio. I’m actually glad Pearl Jam didn’t play anything off the “Ten” album and played something totally new that was never released. Smart thing!

I’m just glad we don’t have to stay up so late just to watch Conan anymore. Glad he is on earlier!