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Actually CNN should be put out of business and getting the fuck off our TV airwaves for good…

Ya know, after thinking about it a while, don’t bother replacing Jeff Zucker as CEO of CNN. The Fake News CNN needs to be shut down completely, getting the fuck off our TV airwaves for good. The first Veritas video is good enough evidence for a libel lawsuit so I hope President Trump is planning to sue CNN ’cause that would be awesome.

Will CNN become the next myspace? Hopefully. James O’ Keefe did a great job destroying CNN today. You wanna see real journalism, there ya go. I heard Breitbart news was the one that got 3 CNN journalists to step down. Breitbart news, real journalism. Same with the Drudge Report and Infowars. I guess you can throw Wikileaks in the real journalism category too.

I’ve always despised CNN. Didn’t take me long to figure out they are corrupt and dishonest. Other mainstream networks are corrupt & dishonest too but no doubt, CNN is the worst. They’ve been horrible ever since the Obama presidency. It’s time to shut down CNN and I think it’ll happen.

Like I keep trying to tell everyone, the MSM is the last place where you want to get your political info. It is possible to get yourself informed outside of the media. What happened to critical thinking? Ya know, thinking outside the box. It is possible to get yourself educated and do some reading outside of the media.

Other news networks are pretty bad but CNN is evil. They’re the ones that incited riots against Trump supporters and trying to normalize assassination toward our president, Jeff Zucker should be arrested.


James O’ Keefe and Project Veritas are at it again, they’re now exposing Fake News Media!!! YES!!!

Most of America already knew that the mainstream media is “Fake News” but finally we’re about to get 100% proof so we can prove all the doubters wrong. Whenever we say that all the media does is intentionally make up lies about Trump, nobody will believe us. There are still a lot of people out there who believes the mainstream media are credible source of news in other words, people actually believe everything they report.

You want 100% proof that is undeniable about the Trump/Russia thing being made up by the media? Watch the video above from start to finish. We also have the CNN employee admitting that they don’t report anything bad about Barack Obama ’cause they know they would lose their viewers. They admit that all they want to do is make Trump look bad ’cause it helps their ratings.

Like I said in a post before, as long as the #NeverTrump crowd is huge, the media will keep going.

This explains why a lot of people in America are very “liberal” and so far left ’cause I blame that on the media for the most part. They’re manipulating and controlling you. Trying to test you to see how gullible and naive you are. Most of us in America are not gullible and naive because we don’t listen to the mainstream media. We know Barack Obama is a bad man. We also knew from the very start that Trump would make a great president and we believe he is a good president. That’s why we all voted Trump ’cause we’re so fed up with the MSM.

This is proof that the MSM don’t care about you at all. They just care about “ratings” and “money” and that’s it. I remember the days when the news used to be real. CNN used to be real news but now they’ve turned into a complete joke.

I’ve been trying to tell everyone that the Fake News MSM is so corrupt and dishonest but nobody believed me. Maybe they will believe me now? It’s finally time to hold the media accountable and we’re coming after them.

If the media was honest about Barack Obama then he would’ve never been president. America wouldn’t have allowed Barack to run for  president if media was honest, he would’ve been exposed as a Kenyan fraud a long time ago.

Do yourself a favor and turn off your TV. Stop reading the news on the internet.


BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Zucker was fired from NBC, he didn’t quit…

There, how does it feel like to be fired now, asshole? Reports going around that Jeff Zucker was fired by Comcast, since Comcast took over NBC studios now.

Read the article here at, deadline.

Keep in mind, that this was the sleazy douchebag who kicked, Conan O’ Brien off of NBC. Jeff was the one who started all this drama with Conan. Good fucking riddance! It’s about time! Conan is probably celebrating, raising a glass of champagne in the air.

This is great news!


Thought: Conan’s final show was wondefully done!!!

Last night’s Conan O’ Brien final show of “The Tonight Show” was really excellent! Loved it all the way through! Liked it when Steve Carrell made an appearance last night! Tom Hanks was entertaining as usual. Yes, it was Tom Hanks that gave Conan, the “Coco” name as they said on last night’s show. I knew it was Tom that gave him that nickname. What did Tom do that he had up his sleeve? He came out wearing sunglasses and celebrated Conan’s last show with Cream soda!

Neil Young’s set was amazing. I loved the song he played. It must be a new song he wrote that he doesn’t have on any of his records anywhere ’cause I never heard it before. He did his usual acoustic thing. Yes, it was the real Neil Young. Not Jimmy Fallon.

I also liked the “Free Bird” jam with Will Ferrell, Billy Gibbons, Ben Harper, Beck, Conan, and the Max Weinberg 7. That was actually an impressive jam. I don’t like Will Ferrell too much but he did a great job singing, “Free Bird”. You wonder, who is that mystery pregnant woman Will Ferrell was smooching with on stage? I didn’t know who that pregnant woman was, so I looked it up and it was Viveca Paulin, Will’s longtime wife and soul mate he’s been with since 1995. I loved it when Will brought out the cowbell, his signature cowbell segment from the Christopher Walken SNL Blue Oyster Cult, “Don’t Fear the Reaper” cowbell skit.

I was surprised on how good Conan was on the guitar. He was really rockin’. Conan the guitar expert. He definitely knows his shit and he is profesional guitarist. Playing up and down the neck, even soloing some lead parts as well. You ask, why didn’t Conan become a famous musician when he loves guitars so much? I guess Conan loved comedy more and wanting a career in that more than music. He just does music as a hobby. Guess he went to college for comedy and TV broadcasting instead of taking up music profesionally.

I also loved his speech at the end of the show when he thanked his fans for the support, the rally, the internet, and the people watching on TV at home.

Honestly, I won’t miss Conan. He’ll still be on TV in between Sept. 1st. I’m sure Conan will be offered a string of TV interviews from the Today Show, Larry King, Bill O’ Reilly, etc. to talk about this NBC feud everywhere in news. So he’ll always be on TV in different shows now that he’ll have the free time to do all that.

Although, Conan’s gig with the “Tonight Show” didn’t last long, it was still a huge honor for him that he won’t forget.


Conan O’ Brien wasn’t the only one screwed by NBC, folks, there were PLENTY of others…

NEWS FLASH: A lot of people make the mistake that this is the first time that NBC screwed over TV shows with the Conan O’ Brien controversy. Wrong. Yes, NBC has been this greedy for years.

Doing research here is a list that NBC screwed other than Conan O’ Brien:

  • Like Adam Sandler said on the Tonight show the other night, Adam has been fired by NBC as a writer for SNL back in his earlier years, so he knows what it’s like being screwed by them.
  • Robin Williams said on last night’s show, that NBC cancelled “Mork and Mindy” without letting him knowing about it, and he said he read the report in Variety.
  • “Law and Order: SVU” stars Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay were possibly going to get the pink slip if they kept asking for a raise.
  • NBC’s “Friday Night Lights” got cancelled after the third season. After it dissapointed many fans, DirectTV bought the show to bring the show back to NBC where it belongs. The cast and crew of “FNL” almost lost their jobs because of NBC.
  • “Bionic Woman (2007) show with Jaime Sommers, the show was doing extremely well in ratings, but the show was haulted due to the WGA writers strike. The show never got renewed and there is still no word on whether the show is coming back. So NBC decided to can the show for good due to poor ratings at the end of the season. Such a shame, a great show that also didn’t last long. I liked it.
  • “Bosom Buddies” – The Tom Hanks sitcom that only lasted one season, was doing great in the ratings but NBC decided to cancel since it didn’t catch the public’s attention.
  • “Howie Do It” – The Howie Mandel variety show only lasted one season, I read they cancelled it due to high budget costs. Even Howie is a victim.
  • David Letterman on NBC. Like Letterman said before, he too was screwed by NBC. Letterman was going to get the Johnny Carson gig in the 90’s, but surprise who got it? Leno, who else? Dave knows what it’s like being replaced by Leno! Ha!
  • “The Gong Show” – Yep, Chuck Barris himself was even a victim of NBC. Although the Gong Show got really good ratings, the show was cancelled because of Barris’s racy content with the performers that show their stuff on the talent show.

And this list can go on…


Jeff Zucker doesn’t believe in Freedom of Speech only when it comes to Coco…

I find it really ridiculous that Conan is not allowed to talk trash at NBC. If Conan does, he’ll have to pay up out of his $45 settlement million award. Bullshit. I know about slander and libel laws when it comes to business, but giving an opinion and being honest is not illegal, the way I look at the whole legal business thing. Jay Leno talks negative about NBC all the time and still doing it, I believe. If he can, why can’t Conan? Again, Jay is richer. If Jeff Zucker threatened Jay like that, he knows for a fact that Jay will threaten to sue the guy. Slander and libel is when you say something not “truthful” to a business. Saying something not factual is libel/slander. Conan never did that. He was factual with everything and being honest.

Jeff shouldn’t have to control Conan like a fucking puppet. Jeff Zucker is a greedy little weezel that all he cares about is money and ratings. I officially hate NBC like everyone else. It has always been a crappy station and I only watched a few little shows on it. When “Friday Night Lights” come back on in April, that will be the only show I would watch. Everything else on the network can go right up Jeff Zucker’s fat bald headed four eyed ass.

Jeff is the one that screwed Conan and what is Conan supposed to do, smile? I’m sure Conan hates Jeff with a passion now.


Cool Video: Conan O’ Brien introduces the Bugatti Veyron Mouse…

As a little revenge to NBC, Conan buys a $1.5 million dollar car which costed NBC that. The car had mouse ears and played Rolling Stones “Satisfaction”. Funniest shit ever. Last night’s episode was great. Loved it when Adam Sandler said, “NBC = Nothing But Cunts”, LOL! Adam knows what it’s like being fired by NBC ’cause he experienced it.

Can’t wait for what Conan and Tom Hanks has in store for us Friday. This is a sad week. Conan leaving the “Tonight Show”. Conan himself looks sad of course. Conan maybe acting strong and laughing on TV, but you can still see the sadness in his eyes, you can tell he looks very upset all week on TV.

Conan is backing out on NBC ’cause it’s what he feels best, he’s doing it to stick up for Jimmy Fallon.


Report: Tom Hanks has Conan O’ Brien’s back 100%…

Tom Hanks revealed that he is Team Coco, all the way. You think? I think everyone knew it. Tom has Coco’s back 100% and on Friday’s last show with Conan, Tom has something planned up his sleeve. What will Tom do? Who knows. Conan may not be allowed to talk trash at NBC, but maybe Tom will? Maybe Tom will even have a surprise for Jeff Zucker that will piss him off. Who knows what Tom will do. I can’t wait for Friday’s show. I will for sure, be watching. I think that’s why they are saving Tom Hanks for the last show, save the best for the last. Makes sense!



Thought: Do you realize that Conan O’ Brien is officially bigger than Johnny Carson now?

Jeff Zucker may have been trying to destroy Conan’s career, but he didn’t do a great job trying to ruin Conan. What did this do? This controversy did nothing but make Conan O’ Brien an even bigger star. Conan is fucking everywhere! Conan is getting support everywhere you see. From the real people like us, even celebs are supporting him, pretty much everybody.

The Conan Rally in Los Angeles was really amazing stuff. It may have been on MLK day, but I think it was in celebration of that too. It was kind of a march for Conan O’ Brien. Conan is now a legend. A huge megastar. NBC just made Conan O’ Brien the most powerful man on this planet. He’s being talked about everywhere on TV. On the internet. It’s just absolutely amazing and mind blowing to me!

Has any celeb or famous person got this much support before? No. Not that I know of.

I’m sure Jeff Zucker was paying attention to the rally. You’d think after all the bad publicity that Jeff and NBC is getting, you’d think he would give what the people would want? Nope. Not with NBC. Conan’s a smart guy for backing out on NBC. It wouldn’t be fair for Jimmy Fallon and Carson Daly, if Conan kept the 12:05 spot. Conan is an icon and legend now.

I’m sure today was very emotional for Conan at the rally, and I’m sure he was crying his eyes out. I would be, if that was me.

The rally was amazing stuff, with La Bamba making an appearance, also the Masturbating Bear showed up at the rally, Andy Richter made an appearance too on rooftop. I was hoping to see Triumph the Insult Dog but that character didn’t show up either.

Conan is a mega star now and he’s about to get even bigger whatever network he appears on next. Will he still be on regular TV or will he get on a cable station? I’d say he should get on cable TV so he can be world known. I’ve been watching Conan and following his show for a long long time. He’s not only the king of late night comedy, he’s the king of TV. The man is just amazing!

TEAM COCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!