Actually CNN should be put out of business and getting the fuck off our TV airwaves for good…

Ya know, after thinking about it a while, don’t bother replacing Jeff Zucker as CEO of CNN. The Fake News CNN needs to be shut down completely, getting the fuck off our TV airwaves for good. The first Veritas video is good enough evidence for a libel lawsuit so I hope President Trump is planning to sue CNN ’cause that would be awesome.

Will CNN become the next myspace? Hopefully. James O’ Keefe did a great job destroying CNN today. You wanna see real journalism, there ya go. I heard Breitbart news was the one that got 3 CNN journalists to step down. Breitbart news, real journalism. Same with the Drudge Report and Infowars. I guess you can throw Wikileaks in the real journalism category too.

I’ve always despised CNN. Didn’t take me long to figure out they are corrupt and dishonest. Other mainstream networks are corrupt & dishonest too but no doubt, CNN is the worst. They’ve been horrible ever since the Obama presidency. It’s time to shut down CNN and I think it’ll happen.

Like I keep trying to tell everyone, the MSM is the last place where you want to get your political info. It is possible to get yourself informed outside of the media. What happened to critical thinking? Ya know, thinking outside the box. It is possible to get yourself educated and do some reading outside of the media.

Other news networks are pretty bad but CNN is evil. They’re the ones that incited riots against Trump supporters and trying to normalize assassination toward our president, Jeff Zucker should be arrested.


2 thoughts on “Actually CNN should be put out of business and getting the fuck off our TV airwaves for good…”

  1. Totally agree and furthermore … (1) Consider suspending CNN’s White House media pass (2) Consider removing CNN from airport terminals!—In every airport terminal that I’ve been through recently (Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Denver, Las Vegas, Spokane, Phoenix, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Columbus, and Chicago)—the only channel ever playing on ALL the monitors throughout all the airport terminals is CNN. Why do they have a monopoly in the U.S. airport terminals? REMOVE CNN from U.S. AIPORT TERMINALS.


  2. CNN and MSNBC arent doing that well ratings wise. Just watched report that their ratings are tanking. My only question is, why anyone would watch then at all! 🤡🌍

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