Actually, CNN and MSNBC are doing pretty decent in the ratings, that’s why they won’t stop the “NeverTrump” crap…

Is Trump actually wrong when he says CNN is way down in the ratings? According to the link below, it seems that he is. CNN is actually doing pretty decent in the ratings, they’re right behind Fox News right now. While MSNBC is doing horribly mostly, Rachel Maddow and Rosie O’ Donnell seems to be doing well with their shows.

Check it out:

That’s why some major news networks on TV and major newspapers won’t stop the “NeverTrump” movement. They won’t stop the bullying against Trump ’cause they know this stuff gets them an audience. As long as they have an audience they won’t stop the “NeverTrump” movement. The Washington Post and the NYTimes won’t stop their bullying against Trump ’cause it probably gets them a lot of readers, ya know? All the Trump haters love it when Trump is getting bashed on by people, that’s why the Fake News MSM is doing what they’re doing. They’re doing it to entertain them.

This is why the Fake News MSM won’t stop ramming “liberalism” down our throats ’cause they know this stuff gets them the ratings. The MSM has always been “Fake News” ever since the Obama presidency. It just gotten worse under Trump.

Fake News trying to act like “liberalism” is how we view the world today but we don’t at all and Trump winning the election proves that. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the MSM is all bullshit propaganda. If you believe they are “credible source” then you’re not very smart at all. A gullible and naive person. They brainwash people is all they do.

Are they intentionally trying to get the American people to hate them? Because if they are, they are doing a good job of it. I bet they don’t give a shit how we feel at all ’cause as long as they have “ratings”, it makes them happy.

Hopefully those Veritas videos exposing the MSM will wake liberals up and they lose ratings fast.


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