How to bring back “honest journalism” in media… presidents/CEO’s of all media outlets needs to be replaced…

Uh oh, looks like President Trump already saw the latest Project Veritas video. I’m glad he got around to watching it right away. I bet Trump already knew about the video release and he was waiting for it to get uploaded, ha.

Anyhow, pretty much the only way I can think of to bring back “honest journalism” in the media is that all the presidents/CEO’s who are in charge of major news networks need to step down and get replaced. Maybe get replaced with a new boss who is passionate about bringing back “honest journalism”. Maybe replace them with “conservative” presidents/CEO’s.

Jeff Zucker at CNN needs to get replaced.

Stephen Burke at NBC needs to get replaced.

Leslie Moonves at CBS needs to get replaced.

Mark John Thompson of the NYTimes needs to get replaced.

ABC can’t get replaced by anybody ’cause they’re owned by Disney but there’s still a way to bring back honest journalism too by keeping the pressure on them.

As far as Washington Post goes, that newspaper is owned by Amazon’s, Jeff Bezos so it will be hard to replace him too and Bezos is a pretty liberal guy.

We not only need to drain the swamp in the government, we need to drain the swamp in the media too. Maybe these Project Verita videos will help bring back “honest journalism” ’cause that’s the goal with these videos.

If the media wants “ratings”, why don’t they bring back “honest journalism”? That’s what people want to see!!! If they stop being bullies to Trump and start being honest in America then maybe we’ll start watching the news again?

Yep, replace them with new CEO’s who are passionate about giving what the American people wants…. “real news” and then maybe they’ll get their ratings back. I think their ratings will skyrocket once they bring back real journalism, trust me. Why do you think Breitbart News, The Drudge Report and InfoWars are so popular? It’s because they report “real news” without any “right vs. left” bullshit. That’s what we all want to see.

The MSM thinks we’re stupid but we’re not. They are attracting an audience who are not very smart at all which is damaging the country. Time to finally clean house of the media.


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