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“The Tonight Show” with Conan O’ Brien thoughts….

I really liked it a lot. Very entertaining and hilarious all the way through. Conan’s new show is no different than the last one. It’s still the same. Only difference, new studio design and new city. Although I do not like Will Ferrell, he was actually entertaining last night.

Pearl Jam played a great performance, they played a rare release of a song that I never heard before. So I guess, Pearl Jam did play one of their new songs from their upcoming new album that they’ve been recording in the studio. I’m actually glad Pearl Jam didn’t play anything off the “Ten” album and played something totally new that was never released. Smart thing!

I’m just glad we don’t have to stay up so late just to watch Conan anymore. Glad he is on earlier!


Tonight’s the night, Conan’s 1st day on the “Tonight Show”!!! Can’t wait!!!

Tonight is Conan O’ Brien’s first day of “The Tonight Show”. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time and the wait is about over! Pearl Jam, Will Ferrell, Andy Richter…Tom Hanks will also be appearing.

I’m sure Conan will bring us the LOL’s like he always had. Conan is the king of late night. He’s the only one that is funny, that is why. Well, I’ll say Jimmy Fallon is kind of funny, but not hilarious, Fallon is entertaining though.

Jay isn’t funny, Carson Daly isn’t funny, David Letterman isn’t that funny, add Jimmy Kimmel and Craig Ferguson to the list.

Conan knows how to bring the hard laughs out of everybody. He’s a genius at comedy. Looking forward to tonight!


Report: Andy Richter rejoins Conan O’ Brien for “The Tonight Show”…

Great to hear that Andy Richter and Conan are reuniting. I wonder how long Andy plans on staying with Conan for the next round?

Variety Reports:


Andy’s a funny guy.

I wonder whose Conan’s first celebrity guests will be when his first show will air in June? I’m sure there will be big name stars to help the ratings. We’ll find out soon.