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Finally, can we please lock up the Clintons and Obama over the Uranium 1 deal???

This news story is pretty explosive. I’ve been following it, and it’s pretty amazing stuff. Ya know, it’s pretty funny that each time the left accuses the right of something, they get caught doing the same thing. The left wants to accuse Trump of colluding with Russia when the Obama admin. and the Clintons were doing the same exact thing. The left exposed as hypocrites once again!

This story is interesting, though… Obama getting caught approving a deal with Russia that allowed them to have control of our uranium. Also, the Clintons made some pretty good bucks by Russian nuclear officials around the time Hillary was Secretary of State.

So you have to ask which story is real news??? Russians getting involved in the president election to make Hillary lose or the Obama/Clinton Uranium 1 deal.


Who was the FBI informant that knew about this stuff? We should know pretty soon.

Watching all this is entertaining as hell. There are some media outlets who have no choice but to be honest about this story like the NY Times and the Washington Post for example. They’re even being real about the Obama/Clinton Russian collusion. Predictably, most media outlets are ignoring this story and some trying to defend Obama/Clinton like usual.

I’ve been reading about this stuff and watching this on FOX News. Yeah, FOX News sucks ass, but they’ve been doing a good job reporting the story especially Sean Hannity. I think Hannity has been doing the best job. Him and Tucker Carlson. I find myself watching Carlson and Hannity every night on FOX News. I hate most of Fox News, but those two guys are awesome.

I think this crime is good enough to lock up Obama and the Clintons. I’m tired of them getting away with so much shit. I don’t think they’ll get away with this one. We may actually see them get held accountable this time.



Vladimir Putin is the only one battling ISIS and mainstream media ignores it…

What Vladimir Putin is doing is very heroic, in my opinion. He’s the only who has the balls to take out ISIS and this is what he’s doing this weekend. ISIS is controlled by the CIA and MOSSAD so Russia battling ISIS has gotta be embarrassing to the Obama admin.


Putin doing a good service by protecting the US, Russia and other countries around the world. Putin should be applauded for this one. If Putin is successful at taking out ISIS for good that would piss off the Obama admin. for sure. Wonder what they’ll do once Putin finishes ISIS? We could go to war against Russia ’cause of it.


Video: Whether you love Vladimir Putin or hate him, he’s more of an alpha male than Barack Obama ever would be…

Can’t you all see how much of a sissy Barack Obama is? I can. It can be that hard to see. The way Barack Obama works out, the way he rides his bike and when he walks around… Barack looks like a girl every time but Vladimir Putin is more of an alpha male than Barck ever would be.

See the video proof below for evidence. You can love Vladimir Putin or hate him all you want but Putin’s a real alpha male and he gets the hot babes. Who is Putin’s hot boxer & Model girlfriend? Well, she’s Natascha Ragosina. Look her up. Now I can see why Obama doesn’t like Putin.

Thanks to ET Williams aka The Doctor of Common Sense for another informative video.


Vladimir Putin wants to bury the hatchet with Obama. Will Obama accept? I think no…

It looks Vladimir Putin wants to finally play it nice and bury the hatchet with Barack Obama. It’s nothing new that the two haven’t been getting along for years.

Will Obama accept Putin’s request to be on the same page with him? I think Obama should but you know he won’t. I don’t like either one of those guys but it would be cool to see them stop feuding. Obama hates Putin more than Putin hates Obama if that makes any sense. Looks like Putin no longer wants to hold a grudge against him. I’m pretty sure Obama still hates him, though.



Russia hacked into White House computers…

Hmmmmm… look like Vladimir Putin has been trying to hack into the White House computers hoping they would find some confidential information about the Obama administration to expose them and try to destroy their reputation.

Could Russia find any confidential information about Benghazi, Operation F&F and other Obama scandals? Sure enough… they couldn’t find any of that top secret information knowing how Barack isn’t transparent.

They did find some private information but nothing that serious. All they found was things like Barack’s schedule.

Now think about why Russia couldn’t find any top secret information that could destroy the White House… it’s because they used personal e-mails to keep that information away from government e-mail.

Barack is pretty sneaky and clever. He covered his tracks on all of his crimes too good. I appreciate Russia for trying to expose the White House, though.



Hillary doesn’t have the right to say who was behind the MH17 take down, makes her look like a hypocrite…

Is this a new liberal thing? Blaming Putin for the take down of MH17??? Seems like it is. I know liberals don’t like Putin’s stance on gays but that doesn’t mean they have to go pointing fingers at him. She shouldn’t be pointing fingers at people when she bears responsibility for Benghazi. The last thing you wanna do is believe everything this stupid bitch says. I wonder what she would do if Putin blamed her for the Benghazi attacks? She shouldn’t be talking.



MH17 is just Obama’s opportunity to go after Vladimir Putin…

Predictably, Obama is already pointing fingers and playing the blame game about the MH17 take down. Like I said before, the last thing you wanna do is trust Obama on this. After the Bergdahl trade-in, the illegal immigration stuff and the capture of Khatallah for the Benghazi attack… you shouldn’t trust Obama on the MH17 take down. It’s already looking like the U.S. is trying to make Russia look bad over this. Everyone knows that Obama never liked Putin too much and this is just Obama’s opportunity to go after him. Since Obama and Putin never really get along too well… it was only a matter of time that Obama is gonna make Putin look bad in some way. I think the White House have framed Russia.

Even though I don’t like Vladimir Putin either, I think he’s gonna retaliate in some way and it won’t be good.

Like I said, the last thing you wanna do is trust Obama. All he does is lie, every word that comes out of his mouth and he’s probably lying about Russia being responsible too. On top of that, Obama shouldn’t be pointing fingers already until he knows something and have hard enough evidence to prove that Russia was behind it.

This is just Obama trying to be tough guy over President Putin.

You may think I’m crazy but I mean well and sticking with it.

We could be going to war against Russia over this.


Obama’s response to the MH17 takedown was weak and heartless…

Obama’s response to the Malaysian MH17 takedown was weak and not compassionate enough. I really hate our president. What was his response to this? All he said was that it “looks like it maybe a terrible tragedy” and ended his response with “working to determine whether there were American citizens on board; that is our first priority”.

If Bush was still president, he would have gave a better and more compassionate response than that.

Don’t be surprised if Obama had something to do with the MH17 take down and the 370 disappearance. Both Obama and Putin should be looked at as top suspects. The last thing you wanna do is trust either one of ’em. They could also be working together on the take down of those planes. How would they know this stuff right away? They were pretty quick at responding to it.

This is Benghazi all over again.



Vladimir Putin shooting down planes??? I’m not surprised… he’s just as evil as Barack Obama…

So the breaking news story today that Russia may have shot down Malaysian Airlines MH17 over Ukraine. It is being blamed on Russia and I wouldn’t be surprised that Vladimir Putin maybe shooting down planes. It also shows that Russia may have done something with the disappearance of Malaysian 370. I’m not surprised that Vladimir Putin is shooting down planes. Do your research on Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin have been killing innocent people for years. The man is evil and he’s a monster.

Vladimir Putin is just as evil as Barack Obama. Why do you think both men hate each others guts? It’s all jealousy for sure. While Putin does kill people much like Obama… it’s just that Obama is better at hiding it. I’ve been accused of siding with Putin a lot but I’m neutral on Obama/Putin. I hate both of them. They both need to be thrown in prison. Obama and Putin are very much alike. They’re both dictators in their own right. They’re both corrupt leaders. They’re both criminals. They’re both communists as well.

RIP to the victims of MH17. This could help them find out what happened to the 370 plane as well. My heart goes out to the victims families.


Sarah Palin calls Vladimir Putin on “The Tonight Show” w/ Jimmy Fallon…

Whether you like Sarah Palin or not, you have to admit that this segment on Jimmy Fallon last night was pretty funny as hell. Jimmy Fallon maybe a democrat/left-winger kind of guy but this shows he supports “right-wingers” and their opinions. He doesn’t mind right-winger politicians appearing on his show.

Finally, Jimmy does something good for once! I liked this. Sarah did a good job. She can do comedy pretty well.