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Chad Smith and Will Ferrell drum-off thoughts…

I don’t like Jimmy Fallon anymore ’cause he’s gotten so annoying as of late and he still is. Why is he annoying as fuck? Because he does all of these lame performances with celebrities like the rapping with Brian Williams, history of rap with Justin Timberlake, and all of that lame garbage. Plus, when Jimmy has musical guests on his show to end the night with, Jimmy will jump in and perform with them. Jimmy gets himself in the spotlight almost all of the time and that’s why he’s annoying. He’s a nice guy but he really needs to leave his ego at the door and let other stars a chance for the spotlight.

At least Jimmy didn’t get himself in the middle of the Chad and Will drum-off battle. So kudos to him on that. It was better seeing the Chilli Peppers jump in on it instead of Jimmy.

I know Chad and Will look almost exactly alike. They look the same pretty much, almost like twins but I can still easily tell which one is which. The way you can tell is that Will is much fatter than Chad. Another way you can tell that Chad is the better drummer, of course… lol. It was too predictable that Will was gonna win the whole thing as soon as he took out the cowbell but still this was an entertaining as hell segment.

This was probably the best thing Jimmy did on “The Tonight Show” ever since he took over. I did laugh and the episode was funny as hell as I predicted it would be.

Now you know exactly why NBC was in a hurry to get Jimmy to replace Jay, right? Jimmy helps brings up the ratings, that’s why.

I think Chad and Will should star in a comedy film together. Wouldn’t surprise me if that would be happening soon.


BREAKING NEWS: John Frusciante quits the Chilli Peppers…

This is sad news and a real shame too. John Frusciante announced he has officially quit, the Chilli Peppers. He left a few times before, but I think this time, it’s for good.

Really sad because he is the reason I became a fan of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to begin with. He’s an amazing guitarist with a unique style. I always saw him as a young version of Jimi Hendrix.

The Chilli Peppers went through several guitarists over the years of their career. I think Frusciante perfected the Chilli Pepper’s sound. Frusciante made the Chilli Pepper’s signature music. Kiedis and Flea will probably replace him, but in my opinion, Frusciante can’t be replaced.

I don’t think I’ll support the Chilli Peppers anymore ’cause it’s going to be weird without Frusciante. Can’t hear the band without him. I thought Frusciante was the main guy for the band and he has always been an important member of the band.

The Chilli Peppers will fail without him. This news sucks. Why, John, Why? It’s too early!



Report: Documentary about Anthony Kiedis of the Chilli Peppers coming to HBO!!!

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers main frontman Anthony Kiedis is putting together a documentary TV series about his life for HBO. Kiedis has teamed up with Marc Abrams and Michael Benson of Catapult 360 to make an HBO TV series titled “Scar Tissue”, a title taken from the same song title named “Scar Tissue” a hit single from the album “Californication”.

The show is not really a documentary of the band the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the show will be strictly about the life of Anthony Kiedis. It will begin with his childhood to what he is now. Kiedis is in negotiations with HBO in hopes of possibly narriating the show himself and to do cameos as well. Kiedis is closely working on this project with his father to help bring back his childhood memories for the show.

Variety Reports:


Sounds interesting. Very cool. I’ll have to watch the first episode whenever it debuts on HBO to see how it is.