BREAKING NEWS: John Frusciante quits the Chilli Peppers…

This is sad news and a real shame too. John Frusciante announced he has officially quit, the Chilli Peppers. He left a few times before, but I think this time, it’s for good.

Really sad because he is the reason I became a fan of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to begin with. He’s an amazing guitarist with a unique style. I always saw him as a young version of Jimi Hendrix.

The Chilli Peppers went through several guitarists over the years of their career. I think Frusciante perfected the Chilli Pepper’s sound. Frusciante made the Chilli Pepper’s signature music. Kiedis and Flea will probably replace him, but in my opinion, Frusciante can’t be replaced.

I don’t think I’ll support the Chilli Peppers anymore ’cause it’s going to be weird without Frusciante. Can’t hear the band without him. I thought Frusciante was the main guy for the band and he has always been an important member of the band.

The Chilli Peppers will fail without him. This news sucks. Why, John, Why? It’s too early!


2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: John Frusciante quits the Chilli Peppers…”

  1. John F was pretty good. He was the guitarist they got “famous” and “rich” with.
    I like that he never left his street roots– jamming to Hendrix and losing all his teeth like all good heroin addicts.

    Not to sound like those jagoffs down at the used record store but…
    I liked the RHCPs back when they were on Catbird Records. They were way better when Hillel was their guitarist.
    I’ll give John Fruschiante this– he can hold his heroin. That yid Hillel died real young. I tell you one thing, ‘those’ people will never be called “the better ayyythlete” because of their strong constitution! LOLS! They whine from a hangnail!

    I hope the Red Hots dont get that Dave Navvaro again. I had high hopes for him but I think he kinda stunk it up in that band. He may have been on too much Zoviraz and Acyclovir…”just for preventative purposes.”

    What do you think about Zakk Wylde joining the RHCPs (Red Hot Chili Peppers) now that Ozzy’s beeeyiotch wife fired him without Ozzy even knowing it?
    I wonder if Sharon tried to sleep with ZakkW like she did with Randy Rhoads but Zakk told her to p*ss off with her dry old self. People who sleep with Sharon Osbournes and don’t flick the bean properly end up on an airplane @ 7am and “accidentally” crashing. I dont blame ZakkW for turning her down.
    He may be a good change for the RHCPs, though.

  2. Californication was the last album I purchased. I was not happy w/what I heard on the radio from any efforts after that, so I have mixed feelings about JF’s departure but you were the first that I read that posted this so I give y’all kudos.

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