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NBC finally confirms Jimmy Fallon is taking over for Jay Leno, but can you trust them???

I hope Jimmy Fallon is skeptical of taken over for Jay Leno. Is Jay Leno really retiring this time? For good, hopefully? After all that Conan O’ Brien debacle, Jimmy should be a little worried. Jimmy hosts the new show for a few days, and the next thing you know, Leno, comes out of retirement again.

I can’t stand, Jay Leno. His show always sucked. Jay is not a funny guy (Jimmy is way funnier), and Jay is just boring as hell. If Jay is gonna be gone for good, I’d say good riddance. Now I wonder who’s going to take over Jimmy Fallon’s show, and what’s gonna happen with, The Roots?

I like Jimmy Fallon. I try to stay up and watch his show, but I’m asleep by then, these days. So I’m glad Jimmy will be on an hour early pretty soon. Lets hope NBC will stick to their word this time, and not have Jay Leno take over again like with all that Conan drama. Hopefully, it won’t be de ja vu, all over again.


Report: Jimmy Fallon set to release new comedy album…

Jimmy Fallon, the former Saturday Night Live cast member and current host of NBC “Late Night”, is set to release a new comedy album through Warner Bros. records. The album will include original songs, parodies, and other things. This would make Jimmy’s second album since, “The Bathroom Wall”, released in 2002.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

So is the album going to be backed up the by, The Roots? Probably. If the album doesn’t have his song of the parody of, “Whip My Hair”, with Bruce Springsteen, I’m not buying it. I’m pretty sure that song will be on the album ’cause that performance on his show was a hit.

I admire Jimmy Fallon’s talent. He’s a very talented man and funny as hell. I try to watch him every night, but I fall asleep a lot. Not because I’m bored, but it’s because I get sleepy around that time. Jimmy is quite a guy and he does a good job hosting a late night show.



Cool Video: Crosby, Nash and Neil Young reunion??? Well, sort of…

On Jimmy Fallon last night there was some kind of CSNY reunion. Jimmy Fallon was playing as Neil Young again singing a song called, “Party In the USA”. Out comes surprise special guest singers: Graham Nash and David Crosby. Yes, the real Graham Nash and David Crosby, not played by actors. This was a killer performance. Nash and Crosby great singers like usual. The only one who didn’t come out was obviously, Stephen Stills.

What’s with all the Jimmy Fallon performing as Neil Young for? I think it’s an obvious hint that the real Neil Young himself will go on the show to sing with Jimmy Fallon. It’s gonna happen at some point, just give it time, folks.

Jimmy Fallon “Late Night” has been on NBC for a long while now. He’s been having so many legendary acts perform on the show everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Megadeth. The real Neil Young haven’t performed on Jimmy Fallon yet. It’s coming, I’m sure.

See the video, here.


Cool Video: Erin Harkes performs on Jimmy Fallon last night!!! For reals…

HOLY SHIT!!!! Jimmy Fallon last night, pulled some musicians out of the audience to do this “Battle of the InstantĀ Bands” segment. Erin Harkes who is a singer/songwriter from Albany got picked by Jimmy Fallon. Yes, you can see Erin Harkes on stage and in person at the Jimmy Fallon show. She sang and performed. As usual Erin’s singing skills blows my fuckin’ MIND! She’s an amazing talent. And her landing on Jimmy Fallon, just shows she could get BIG and possibly get a record deal. Congrats to Erin on her 15 minutes of fame. She impresses Albany with her talent and now she impresses Jimmy.




Thought: David Letterman is a friggin’ comedian, he didn’t need to apologize!!!

I don’t know about you…but I’m dissapointed in Dave for apologizing to Sarah Palin. He’s a friggin’ comedian, people! If you been watching Dave for years, he’s been insulting and making fun of celebrities for a long long time!! THIS IS NOTHING NEW!!!! That’s what Late Night Talk show hosts are supposed to do, make fun of famous people! I’m not dissapointed of Dave for making fun of Sarah Palin’s daughter. I’m dissapointed that he came out and apologized.

Comedians don’t do that, Dave. Dave, big coward. I for one, thought the joke was pretty fucking hilarious. Dave apologizing for it was not funny, he only said sorry ’cause he was afraid of losing viewers…which he didn’t. He actually beat Conan O’ Brien with the ratings earlier this week for it…so there.


Report: Jimmy Fallon, TV actor, occasional film actor, now late night TV talk show host, and college graduate?

You’re never too old to go to college and graduate!! Jimmy Fallon was in town here in Upstate New York. Yes, that would be in Saratoga Springs. He was here at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center today receiving his college degree at his college graduation. Back in his earlier years, he went to college but dropped out to pursue his comedy career. This guy went from being a club standup, to Saturday Night Live TV star, to appearing in many Hollywood films, now he’s got a job as a Late Night TV host taking over Conan O’ Brien.

Here you can see photos of Jimmy Fallon, yes, the REAL Jimmy Fallon you see on TV every night, at SPAC on the stage.

The Associated Press Reports:


Congratulations to Jimmy! I’m enjoying his “Late Night” show a lot, he’s doing a great job hosting so far, and I haven’t been bored watching his show one bit.

Now that he’s a college graduate, it makes you wonder how much longer he plans to stay as host for “Late Night”? He could decide to leave the show to pursue a job with his degree.

First Angelina Jolie filmed “Salt” in Albany for a day, and now Jimmy Fallon in Saratoga Springs for his college graduation.

It’s nice to see the big stars over here. It’s just proof that celebrities are willing to travel anywhere. At least it shows that they think New York City or Los Angeles isn’t bigger than us.


Thought: “Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon so far…

I’ve been watching “Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon quite a lot, and I’m surprised, Jimmy is actually doing a great job. He’s entertaining. He has some great guests on the show that no other late night talk show would have. Jimmy also has musical guests on there that are not too well known as well. Plus, Jimmy having the Roots as his host band is really cool.

I still miss Conan O’ Brien, but Conan will be making his debut on “The Tonight Show” June 1st, so we will have to wait all the way to June 1st for the return of Conan on TV.

Jimmy is doing okay. He’s actually pretty funny and entertaining. I think Jimmy was hired for the job ’cause Lorne Michaels liked his work with SNL’s “Weekend Update”.

“Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon is not bad at all. I like the show.


Thought: “Late Night” with Conan O’ Brien, final show from last night thoughts?

Last night’s final “Late Night” show with Conan was a really good one. The show dragged on a little longer so Conan can do a long goodbye message doing all of these “thank you’s” and all that. Notice how in his goodbye message at the end of the show, there wasn’t one mention of Jimmy Fallon taking over his place soon? Weird. Conan was looking so nervous and emotional, he almost cried at the end of his speech, but then he lightened up quickly by saying something like, “taking over the Tonight Show will only get better”.

He had quite a career ride. Conan taking over Leno will not fail with ratings at all. This will only make Conan an even bigger of a star. A LOT more people will watch Conan now that he will be on an hour early soon.

I love Conan, been a longtime fan for years, I’ll be watching him on “The Tonight Show” when he makes his debut on that soon. I have no interest in watching Jimmy Fallon’s show. Unless, Jimmy Fallon has celebrities on his show that I’m a fan of, maybe I’ll watch it, but I’ll be watching Conan all the time still like I always had. It’s kind of sad that he will no longer be a New Yorker, but him moving to a different show is a huge opportunity for him, he will be more famous and big than ever.

Congrats to Conan, I’m happy for the guy. Usually I’m never this happy toward celebrities I don’t know about, but I am with Conan. He’s the fuckin’ man!

The White Stripes were really good too last night by the way. Jack and Meg are both looking great. The song they did was great.