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Awwww, poor babies, Saratoga Springs now scared of ICE taking away their illegal aliens… suck it up, there’s a new Sheriff in town!!!

There have been a couple of ICE raids in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. which is a small city 20 minutes away from where I live. ICE arrested some illegal aliens there without warning. ICE just came over and grabbed them. It is now scaring the city of Saratoga Springs to death. The Mayor of Saratoga Springs and local city businesses are speaking out about it.


Yeah, I’m sure illegals are permitted to work in the United States but they must fill out some kind of gov. paperwork and all that stuff… but I’m willing to bet that those illegals arrested never filled out paperwork to work at jobs and businesses hired them anyways. I know the EEOC was started by President JFK but I believe it’s finally time that illegals shouldn’t be allowed to work in the US at all. It’s insane to me that illegals get hired jobs in the US.

What about hiring actual US citizens? This is the reason US Citizens are struggling to get jobs ’cause most businesses in America wants illegals to work for them. There are plenty of Americans unemployed still. Whether or not it’s okay for illegals to work jobs here, it’s still illegal for them to live in this country. Illegals need to go. I don’t care if they’re dangerous criminals or not. Some illegals maybe decent and good people, sure but they still don’t belong here either way.

There have never been a single president over the years who has enforced the law on illegals and now we finally have a president who wants to enforce the law. Deal with it, crybabies. There’s a new Sheriff in town. This isn’t Obama anymore so get used to it.

Mayor Yepsen says that ICE is targeting Saratoga Springs. It’s not just Saratoga Springs, you idiot. ICE’s goal is to get rid of illegal aliens all over the fucking country and they’ve been doing that ever since Trump got sworn in. Trump, keeping promises to keep “America First” and that’s what it’s all about.

Get illegals out and BUILD THE WALL!!!! Illegals is not a race, it’s a crime whether they’re dangerous or not.



Another thing about the Caffe Lena renovation…

Doesn’t the design of the two buildings look awful? The new Caffe Lena will be the small green building, not the big one. The big building is gonna be nothing but offices and apartments. The big building just makes Lena’s look small. It’s just terrible, ya know? I also don’t like the green color on the new Lena’s.

So you have to wonder… Lena Spencer the founder of Caffe Lena, do you think she would have wanted this to happen if she were alive today? Think about that. In my opinion, I don’t think Lena Spencer would have approved of this at all. I think she would have been pretty angry at this. I wished the organizers of Lena’s would have used their heads and think about her and think about the important history of the venue.

Sure, the old Lena’s building was getting old and worn out which is probably the reason why it needed a reconstruction but who cares, ya know? I mean, christ… the CBGB’s in NYC stayed open for 33 years and it’s been the same shithole throughout the same years. You never saw Hilly Cristal do anything to improve the club. He always kept the club the same and I’m sure the CBGB’s had many problems with the building over the years too.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever support the new Lena’s or not when it re-opens. I guess I’m an old-school kind of guy and still prefer the old version of Lena’s. I don’t think I’m gonna like the new updated look. It’s a shame. I used to love Caffe Lena as it has always been my favorite venue to play and to see live music at. I’ve always had positive things to say about Lena’s and for the first time ever, the organizers disappointed me.

That’s the way it goes, I guess. That’s life. Venues come and go. Venues make changes and go forward. It happens all the time.


More on new Caffe Lena…

So let me get this straight… Caffe Lena is gonna go from this…

To this?

Sorry but I’m gonna give the new Caffe Lena the thumbs down. I hope I’m not the only one who is not so thrilled about the new renovations and new building.

I still prefer the old Caffe Lena. Such a shame ’cause I used to go to the old Caffe Lena all the time over the years in my life. Like I said, I’ve supported the old Caffe Lena greatly. I used to go there to perform their Thursday night open mics, played their Wednesday Night Emerging the Artist series and I went to see many other shows there as well.

When the new Caffe Lena opens, I’ll probably check out the new version sure but we’re all definitely gonna have to get used to the new place. I love Caffe Lena, it’s one of my favorite local venues but once again, I’m not so thrilled about the new change.

I still prefer the old Caffe Lena ’cause the place is so special in so many ways. Each time I play there or see a show there, I feel a part of their history each time I visited the place. There was a cool vibe at the old Lena’s. That vibe will be gone with the new change. Just my opinion and sticking with it.

Saratoga Springs is getting much bigger with all of these new buildings being constructed in the city and I don’t like it. Saratoga Springs is not a cool city anymore like it used to be.


Are you a struggling musician? You should learn from Bob Dylan’s career!!!

I went out Christmas shopping today and at Barnes & Noble… I was looking at the new Caffe Lena book. A history book about the legendary venue in Saratoga Springs. The American rock/folk icon, Bob Dylan played there before his fame…. back when he was unsigned. In Dylan’s earlier years, he was a struggling musician like the rest of us. I’ve read the Bob Dylan section in the book ’cause I wanted to know more about his story performing at Caffe Lena.

In his past, Bob was trying to get gigs all over the Upstate, New York area but nobody would book him at all. He tried to get a gig at Caffe Lena back when Lena Spencer was owner but even she didn’t want him at first. Probably because everybody thought Bob Dylan sucked back then and people had a hard time trying to take his music seriously. Another folk musician by the name of Dave Van Ronk heard that Dylan was trying to get a gig there and Dave happened to be a fan. Dave Van Ronk begged Lena to book Dylan at the venue and she did. After Dylan performed there, she ended up loving him. Lena booked Dylan more and they even became friends back in the day. There are a few photos of Bob Dylan and Lena Spencer hanging out at the venue.

It’s a really special book but it costs $50.00. I would buy it sometime down the road… not right now.

Back to Bob Dylan, he struggled like most of us. It wasn’t easy for Dylan to become big and successful. Look at him now. He’s an American icon and legend!

You see, if you’re a struggling musician and not many people like your music — keep going with the music. You’ll never know where you’ll end up. Just because people ignore your music doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a failure. Don’t give up and keep trying. Dylan never gave it up and he’s STILL doing his thing to this day. To those out there who think is a failure at music… don’t feel that way about yourself. Never.

All famous musicians and bands start off struggling at first. Sometimes it takes years to get big. Getting big and successful certainly doesn’t happen over night.

Just keep writing the songs and getting them out there before you know it… everyone will like your music and support you. You can never tell whether or not people like your music. Just put it out there and see what happens.

I thought reading about Bob Dylan at Caffe Lena was a pretty interesting read. He really fought hard to get where he is now. If he can do it… so can anybody! Even though I’m not that much of a Bob Dylan fan, he just got me a little more respect after reading that little piece. Bob’s past being a struggling artist kind of reminds me of myself.


Brock defends the “Putnam Den” venue in Saratoga Springs!!!

I’ve been seeing a lot of negative criticism about the local Saratoga Springs venue, “The Putnam Den” online. I’ve been seeing criticism through facebook and craigslist mostly. The place is getting criticized because it books mostly DJ’s more than live bands. This area likes to slam DJ’s because they don’t play an instrument and such. People also like to slam the venue’s crowd and audiences there, of how they don’t look like rock n’ roll people, the venue’s been accused of being whigger beat sampling, a hip hop homo hang, and they have been called of skater posers. I’ve also been seeing complaints about the bookings of bands at this place.

Honestly, I’ve never been there and I see no issues and no problems with the venue at all. Sure, DJ’s doesn’t play instruments and they don’t sing. Not having any musical talent. Really, what’s wrong with a DJ? A turntable scratch DJ we’re talking about here. Those turntable machines aren’t musical instruments? Of course they are. It is how a lot of rap music artists create their music, using turntables back in the 80’s. You can create musical sounds just by scratching on a turntable and creating musical beats. Being a turntable scratch DJ is not as easy as you all think it is. It does take a lot of skill and talent to be able to use the turntable good. I’ve seen how turntable DJ’s do it, and it doesn’t look easy. You have to switch vinyl’s really fast at the right place and at the right time, use all these buttons and scratch at the right time, etc. I don’t know how it’s done, but you can’t assume that turntable DJ’s don’t have any talent. It does take talent.

Besides, the Putnam Den books music in all genres. It even says it right there on their website. The show prices at the Den are cheap and sometimes even free, can’t say “no” to that right? So what’s the problem with the venue? I’ve seen videos of the Putnam Den in youtube and the place looks pretty cool inside for a rock band to play.

When I get my own band going, I will take my band there to play a gig. I’ll even check out their open mics sometime.

Support the music scene, don’t knock it. DJ’s deserve to have places to express their talent too and the Den feels they want to give DJ’s a place to play. There aren’t many places around here for DJ’s either. If you don’t like the venue and don’t like their type of crowd, you don’t have to go. Yes, the Den may have a weird and different crowd there, I might agree with that, but I find crowds in all different types to be interesting. Some people prefer to party with DJ’s and some prefer to party with bands. There is something for everybody.

The DJ scene is getting recognized in the Capital District area and it’s good for them. They deserve it. To those out there who knock on DJ’s, why don’t you try to take two turntables, play with vinyl’s, try doing some scratching and see how easy it is. I’ve tried it and it’s not easy. Takes SKILL. Gotta gives these guys respect.

Saratoga Springs is a good music scene. I know, since I’ve played mostly gigs there. I’ve played Caffe Lena many times. Played Kings Tavern many times. I’ve also played Backstreet Billiards in Saratoga. It’s a great little town. Love it there!


Phish at SPAC last night…

I went to the show last night. Phish at SPAC in Saratoga Springs. Amazing as usual. This was their best show. Tight all the way through and danced my ass off throughout their entire set.

It was a long gig, it went a little over 5 hours long, two sets and an encore. Most songs are long 10 – 30 minute jams of course.

I didn’t recognize any of the songs, and didn’t know the names of them, but still, it was amazing and impressive musicianship. The original members of Phish were all on stage.

Shockingly enough, they even covered Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” to make fun of the song for a laugh. The guy that sang the song (which is one of the band members of Phish) sang it really bad and was dressed like a woman, it was supposed to be bad as a sense of humor kind of thing.

They ended their show with a cover of Ac/Dc’s “Highway To Hell”.

See their setlist at the band’s official website here:



Report: Phish is to play at the Parting Glass in Saratoga Springs right after their SPAC show…

It maybe hard to believe, but this is true. News are swirling the web of the local news that Phish maybe playing a show at the Parting Glass in Saratoga Springs, right after their SPAC show on Aug. 16th.

Will Trey Anastasio actually be there at the Parting Glass? Keep in mind Trey lived around Saratoga Springs during his drug rehab here. So Trey probably knows Saratoga Springs pretty well.

The show is booked as Gordon Stone band to play there, but it is possible that Phish members should show up and jam. Maybe other members of Phish will show up and not Trey. Who knows, anything is possible. Trey could show up.

Didn’t get to go backstage at SPAC to meet Phish? Well, here’s your chance to get up close to the band without backstage passes at the Parting Glass, this could be your chance to meet Trey Anastasio in person for an autograph or a picture taken or even have a few beers with Trey!!!

More on it here:


I’m pretty sure there’s a good chance of Trey Anastasio heading out to the Parting Glass after the SPAC show. Trey lived here for quite a long while, so I don’t see why not.

Since I got tickets to the SPAC show for Phish and I’m going, I might think about the Parting Glass show, too. Don’t know.


Report: Jimmy Fallon, TV actor, occasional film actor, now late night TV talk show host, and college graduate?

You’re never too old to go to college and graduate!! Jimmy Fallon was in town here in Upstate New York. Yes, that would be in Saratoga Springs. He was here at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center today receiving his college degree at his college graduation. Back in his earlier years, he went to college but dropped out to pursue his comedy career. This guy went from being a club standup, to Saturday Night Live TV star, to appearing in many Hollywood films, now he’s got a job as a Late Night TV host taking over Conan O’ Brien.

Here you can see photos of Jimmy Fallon, yes, the REAL Jimmy Fallon you see on TV every night, at SPAC on the stage.

The Associated Press Reports:


Congratulations to Jimmy! I’m enjoying his “Late Night” show a lot, he’s doing a great job hosting so far, and I haven’t been bored watching his show one bit.

Now that he’s a college graduate, it makes you wonder how much longer he plans to stay as host for “Late Night”? He could decide to leave the show to pursue a job with his degree.

First Angelina Jolie filmed “Salt” in Albany for a day, and now Jimmy Fallon in Saratoga Springs for his college graduation.

It’s nice to see the big stars over here. It’s just proof that celebrities are willing to travel anywhere. At least it shows that they think New York City or Los Angeles isn’t bigger than us.


I will be seeing Phish at SPAC Aug. 16th!!!

Yep, you heard that right. Just ordered tickets to see Phish at SPAC before they even went on sale! I ordered inside tickets for it. So I’m definitely going! Getting psyched for the concert.

I don’t own a single CD by Phish, but I’m going to start getting some. I’ve heard Phish’s music lots of times before, but honestly, it’s much better seeing them live than hearing them on CD. I’ve seen Phish already once before and their shows are such a blast. How did I get them before they went on sale? I know someone that works for SPAC in Saratoga Springs.

Going to be a great time. I also want to see Billy Joel and Elton John at the Times Union Center but the tickets to that one will be pretty pricey, I definitely want to see Metallica in Albany in the Fall though.

I don’t go to national concerts much anymore, but when an artist comes around here that I admire, I’ll definitely go. The Phish shows are worth going to and worth the money for sure. Looking forward to the show! Can’t wait!

I’m glad Trey agreed to have Phish for Saratoga Springs. I remember him saying that Trey promised us a Phish concert after he completed drug rehab here in the Capital Region. Trey lived in Saratoga Springs during his rehab here, so I can see why he would want to play here.