More on new Caffe Lena…

So let me get this straight… Caffe Lena is gonna go from this…

To this?

Sorry but I’m gonna give the new Caffe Lena the thumbs down. I hope I’m not the only one who is not so thrilled about the new renovations and new building.

I still prefer the old Caffe Lena. Such a shame ’cause I used to go to the old Caffe Lena all the time over the years in my life. Like I said, I’ve supported the old Caffe Lena greatly. I used to go there to perform their Thursday night open mics, played their Wednesday Night Emerging the Artist series and I went to see many other shows there as well.

When the new Caffe Lena opens, I’ll probably check out the new version sure but we’re all definitely gonna have to get used to the new place. I love Caffe Lena, it’s one of my favorite local venues but once again, I’m not so thrilled about the new change.

I still prefer the old Caffe Lena ’cause the place is so special in so many ways. Each time I play there or see a show there, I feel a part of their history each time I visited the place. There was a cool vibe at the old Lena’s. That vibe will be gone with the new change. Just my opinion and sticking with it.

Saratoga Springs is getting much bigger with all of these new buildings being constructed in the city and I don’t like it. Saratoga Springs is not a cool city anymore like it used to be.


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