My thoughts on the Caffe Lena renovations… honest rant…

So Caffe Lena is getting renovated this summer. Making a lot of changes due to the cafe agreeing to sell the parking lot to another company.

I love the Caffe Lena. So much history there! It’s an important live music venue for sure as I have played there many many times myself. I used to play there a lot with their Thursday night open mic night and I used to play regular gigs at their Wednesday night “Emerging the Artists” series.

In my honest opinion, I think Lena’s is just fine the way it is. They should leave it right where it is. There is something special and historic about walking up those stairs in Caffe Lena as that was my favorite part of the venue was the stairs. The stairs there were awesome and you would know that too if you’ve been there before yourself. I also think they shouldn’t change the flooring and the roofing ’cause they are taking away the history of the venue if they do that. It’s understandable how the venue needs a renovation since it’s been there since the 60’s and the building is getting old & worn out but if you change it for the better, you are taking away the history the venue once had. The new version of Caffe Lena won’t feel like Caffe Lena anymore. So does that mean they’re gonna get rid of that big wooden door on the front which also has so much history?

I also disagree with the place that it’s about to serve alcohol soon as I like live music more with no alcohol involved.

Yes, that same small stage will still be there but the new version of the place still won’t feel like Caffe Lena.

I understand that things have to move forward but I respect the history of that venue and it won’t feel like Caffe Lena when they change things around. I hope you guys understand what I’m trying to say. I’m not trying to offend anybody or be mean… I’m being realistic and expressing my opinions on the new changes. I’m actually kind of skeptical on the new changes so I don’t know.

Oh yeah and here’s me performing at the legendary Caffe Lena with me performing a cover of Megadeth’s “Sweating Bullets” so enjoy.


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