Donald Trump gives FOX News and Megyn Kelly the middle finger, GOOD!

Since Mr. Trump won’t be participating in this Thursday night’s GOP debate on FOX News, I probably won’t bother watching ’cause the only reason I watch these GOP Debates is just for him anyways. I’m sure everyone else watch the GOP Debates just for him too. Why? It’s simply because Mr. Trump makes politics fun and enjoyable again. He’s very entertaining to watch whether you love him or hate him. We’ll see how the ratings do with Trump not participating in the GOP Debate this Thursday. I’m almost pretty sure that no one is gonna watch the debate. Sure, the debate this Thursday will still get some ratings but not record breaking ratings. The only people that will watch this Thursdays debate are those delusional Ted Cruz supporters and those delusional liberals who likes GOP Rino’s such as Jeb, Marco and Christie.

Trump did a smart thing giving FOX News the middle finger ’cause all of you know that all that is gonna happen is that Trump and Megyn Kelly is just gonna fight & argue back and forth at each other. *yawn* I don’t wanna see that and neither does everyone else. So Trump says, “Fuck FOX News, I’m gonna do more important things like raise money for veterans and Wounded Warriors”… show people even more how patriotic he really is.

Sure, Trump haters are gonna accuse Trump of being a coward for refusing to face Megyn Kelly but they’re just being Trump haters. They can’t think of nothing better to do than make him look bad most of the time.

I have been pretty disgusted with the conservative community and many of them have gone out of their way to go on hating Trump too. It’s not just liberals hating on Trump. There’s a handful of so-called conservatives hating on Trump too. I’ve always believed that if you call yourself a “conservative” and if you hate Trump then you’re not a conservative. Sorry but I’m sticking with that opinion as well. Trump is the true blue conservative and I’ll always believe that. Anyone who doesn’t think so doesn’t know anything about conservatism ’cause I know more about “conservatism” better than anybody. Trust me! I’ll admit it that I’m still a die-hard conservative and quite proud of it.


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