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First Presidential Debate thoughts… Most Entertaining debate I’ve seen in years… my god, was it funny to watch???

I’ve been predicting that the Trump vs. Joe debates would turn out extremely entertaining. 10 x’s more entertaining than the Trump vs. Hillary debates in 2016 and I was right. My eyes were glued to the screen throughout the whole debate. It was entertaining TV for sure.

Moderator Chris Wallace was unfair and biased but that’s expected and no surprise anyway. Wallace had a real hard-on for Joe all night so it pretty much was 2 against 1. Predictably Trump was debating against the moderator too.

The moderator interrupted Trump more than he interrupted Joe. It was unfair. Wallace let Joe do most of the talking predictably… but at the end of the day… Trump still killed it. Trump being the master “talker” like he always is.

Biden tried to attack Trump and make him look bad by bringing up all the fake stuff from the fake news media but Trump did a good job doing all the comebacks… calling out Joe on his corruptions, lies and bullshit over the years. Trump was bringing up all kinds of dirt and corruption aimed at Joe and Joe was getting nervous and scared. You can tell he was. There was a point where Joe lost his temper and told Trump, “Would you shut up, man?”. Noticed how Joe always called Trump “man” and refusing to call him “Mr. President”.

The whole debate was amazing… like most, I’ve never seen anything like it myself. Yes, all of Joe’s answers were scripted and he was definitely wired and was also caught looking down a lot, reading off of notes probably???? Joe actually did an okay job speaking last night but that’s because he probably spent hours practicing and rehearsing his answers, lol. All Joe did was ramble on and on and on, though…

The whole debate was entertaining yes but the big moments for me would have to be these top 5 things:

  1. Chris Wallace trying to accuse Trump of not doing anything to repeal and replace Obamacare but then Trump quick to point out that he got rid of a huge chunk of it by getting rid of the individual mandate. Remember that?
  2. Trump bringing up the Obama “Spygate” to Joe’s face.
  3. Trump bringing up all the Hunter Biden stuff after Joe kept accusing Trump of calling the military losers… Trump bringing up the fact that Hunter was kicked out of the Navy for being a cokehead and then making a lot of money from China and Russia.
  4. Trump bringing up all the voter fraud which was ballsy and something like we’ve never seen before. That was the golden moment.
  5. When the moderator challenged Trump to condemn white supremacy groups such as the so-called Proud Boys (they are not white supremacists, btw), he starts bringing up Antifa saying all the rioting and looting is a left-wing problem which it really is.

You thought this debate was good, it’s not over yet ’cause there’s two more Presidential debates to go in Oct. and there’s also the Vice Presidential debate between Pence vs. K. Harris which that one should be good too.

The response of the debate last night was even better, though… even the left are dumping Joe Biden more and more ’cause they can’t help admit that even Joe is horrible. This is why you leftist people gotta stop watching and reading the news ’cause all they do is brainwash you.

I was hoping Trump was going to bring up Joe’s “hairy legs” video ’cause it would have been funny but maybe the next two debates, we’ll see. Trump knows about that video.

I’m still voting for Trump, btw. No way I’m voting for Creepy Joe.


Thoughts on Jeanine Pirro getting kicked off “The View” to promote her book… nothing to see there… just more Trump Derangement Syndrome…


Some of you readers may be wondering what my opinion on this is. Ya know, Whoopi Goldberg kicking off a FOX News host Jeanine Pirro off “The View” to promote her new book and to talk about it. Jeanine was asked by the View to appear on the show and Jeanine gladly obliged to get interviewed by them. At the start of the interview, they started to talk about Jeanine’s book at first but of course, they had to get into a huge debate about Donald Trump. Jeanine got a little pissed as you can see ’cause she went on the show to talk about her book, not talk about Donald Trump but the ladies on the View kept talking to Jeanine about Trump anyways.

They get into an argument about illegals and immigration and all that accusing Trump of hate like a typical liberal would. Jeanine tries to explain to them that the economy is in good shape but of course, the ladies on the View just ignores her and tries to change the subject. As you can see in the video, Whoopi goes to on to say that she doesn’t have “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and tries to defend herself then she goes off about Trump’s presidency.

Then Whoopi abruptly ends the interview real fast. After that, Jeanine goes on Sean Hannity to talk about what happened after the interview. Jeanine was walking through the hallway downstairs to leave the building but she ends up seeing Whoopi again. Jeanine tries to talk to her again and then suddenly Whoopi tells her to “Fuck you, get the fuck out of the building”.

So let me get this straight… Whoopi claims she doesn’t have Trump Derangement Syndrome and she kicks out a woman who is a Trump supporter? Seriously? In my opinion, Jeanine shouldn’t have gone on the show and she should have declined the invitation. She should have seen this coming. Liberals hate Trump supporters so much and they are willing to do anything to humiliate them. I think this incident was all set-up and planned by the View. They intentionally wanted to humiliate Jeanine on National TV which they did a good job of. They knew exactly what they wanted to do to her ’cause they wanted to entertain the anti-Trump crowd.

Sure, what Whoopi and the View did was stupid and wrong… yes, Whoopi should be fired for it but it would never happen. She’s a liberal that’s why. I’m sure liberals in America are loving Whoopi for this. ABC and the View probably thought to themselves, “Hmmmm, what could we do to bring the ratings up? Lets invite a conservative author so we can bully her on live TV!!!” That’s what it was all about.

The thing is, liberals are trying their best to normalize hatred toward Trump supporters and conservatives which they are doing a very good job at. They harass and bully Trump supporters, they probably won’t get any punishment for it.

Jeanine was trying to be nice and friendly to the women on the View but all they wanted to do was yell at her. That’s liberalism today, folks. Liberals yelling at Trump supporters and conservatives for differences of opinion. Sickening.

Anyhow, Jeanine shouldn’t feel bad about this ’cause the View’s hate toward her is great publicity for the book anyways and I’m sure Jeanine’s book sales would skyrocket after this, watch it. The book will easily become a best seller pretty quickly. I’m definitely going to buy it ’cause I love Jeanine. Always did. I’m planning to pick up a copy of her new book soon. I like to watch her show on FOX News on Saturdays sometimes.


Barack Obama is back and he predictably slams FOX News viewers on David Letterman’s new show…

So let me get this straight… people don’t want Trump slamming the mainstream media but everyone trashing FOX News and its viewers is okay? Seriously? Sounds like to me that Obama is upset that the conservative movement has gotten big again. Well that’s too bad ’cause he’s going to have to learn that not everyone sees the world the same way he does.

Obama says we’re on a different planet if we watch FOX News:


So liberals think the MSM is credible source and FOX News is a joke, hey? They also believe that anyone who watches FOX News is a joke.

Obama is a guy who teamed up with George Soros so they can pay the media millions to promote the liberal agenda. Most Americans do not believe the MSM anymore… they lost all credibility when reporting news. The news don’t report news anymore. They just make things up as they go along. Most Americans are smart enough to see that which is a huge part of why Donald Trump won the presidency. We saw the media’s bullshit.

FOX News is getting more support lately and that network is getting bigger ’cause there’s no right vs. left bias. They report actual news which is why their ratings are getting so big. That’s what America wants to see… we want the news to report the truth and FOX News is the only network that does that. I find myself watching FOX News every night now.

It’s interesting that liberals still believe everything the MSM reports which is laughable. Over the years in my blogs, I try my best to warn you all that the MSM is bullshit. I’ve been bashing the media for years even when Obama was president.

Soros is paying the media millions to brainwash us all. I’m sick of liberalism being everywhere and being rammed down our throats everywhere.

So because the media says Donald Trump is a bad person, it must be true hey? Like I said none of us are buying their bullshit. We know Trump isn’t a bad man at all. If you think so, then it’s you who are the one who is living on a different planet. The anti-Trump crowd are living in a bubble which to me is sad. All they want to see are negative things about Trump, that’s why the Fake News MSM won’t give it up. The MSM won’t stop the anti-Trump agenda ’cause they know this stuff gives them an audience.

It should be easy to see that what the Fake News MSM says about Trump are all lies. All the media outlets: NBC, CNN, CBS, NPR radio, WaShPost, NYTimes, Media Matters, etc. They’re all fake news liberal trash.

People still want to deny liberal bias in the MSM. Well the Fake News treats Republicans like garbage but treats Democrats like they’re King & Queen. If that’s not liberal bias then I don’t know what it is. I’ve always said that Fake News MSM are lapdogs for liberals and they really are.

America are fed up with all this. I remember the days when NBC and CNN were reporting real news and actually had credibility but they’ve all turned to garbage. CNN is the worst of them all, though. If you actually follow all this liberal trash and believe them then you’re not a very smart person at all.

Obama may no longer be president but that doesn’t mean we’ll forget what he did to America and we’ll never forget his crimes. He needs to be in prison and looks like it may actually happen soon.


Eric Trump is right that Democrats in Congress aren’t even human anymore… what happened to them really???

Great interview with Eric Trump on Sean Hannity:


I agree with everything Eric said about Democrats and the media, 100%, though.

Seriously, though, what the hell happened to the Democrat party? Last time I remember, the Democrat party used to never be this corrupt before Obama. Democrats used to be against gay marriage. They supported the 2A. They used to be “patriots” and supported the troops. Really shameful to see what the Democrat party has become. I blame that on Barack Obama and the media really.

It never ceases to amaze me how much hatred that the left have toward conservative people and they wonder why they lost the election, right? Once again, the left goes around preaching about how “hatred” is a huge problem in this country when that’s exactly what they’re doing. They’re so hateful over conservatives lately, it’s crazy. I know the feeling ’cause people knock me for my conservative views all the time. The left is getting much worse under Trump for sure. Can’t be denied.

The left don’t care about the Trump’s family’s feelings at all, though, it’s shameful. They would do anything it takes to take down Donald Trump even if it meant attacking Barron.

Come on, liberals. Politics isn’t all that black and white. No reason to stay on one side all the time. Politics being “right vs. left” was all made up by the media. ¬†Grow the fuck up, seriously.


So what’s going on at FOX News? Is it quickly turning into a liberal network???

So Roger Ailes was the first to get taken down due to sexual harassment claims, then Bill O’ Reilly and now Sean Hannity is the next target. What’s going on here? Do you see a bit of a pattern? Ailes was forced to step down to sexual harassment claims, Bill O’ Reilly was forced to step down; however, Sean Hannity isn’t stepping down. Hannity decided to have some balls, not caving-in to his accusers and Hannity is fighting back with slander lawsuit.

The question is, are these guys guilty of sexual harassment with women? I don’t know. The fact of the matter is, these guys are innocent until proven guilty but I don’t think they’re guilty at all since all of these guys are being accused of it. Something is definitely going on here. There’s someone out there in a desperate attempt to take ’em down.

FOX News is already quickly turning into CNN & MSNBC. I’ve heard many are saying that it’s Rupert Murdoch’s sons who are trying to turn FOX News into a liberal station. If that’s their goal then their goal will fail. FOX News like it or not, is the top rated network on cable TV, look it up if you don’t believe me. Maybe that’s why liberals are in a desperate attempt to turn FOX News into a liberal network ’cause of it’s high ratings but once they turn FOX News into a liberal fake news station, the ratings are gonna tank. Ratings will go down, big time.

When will people get through their thick heads that nobody cares about liberalism anymore? Liberalism is a mental disorder and it’s getting much worse. Liberals attacking FOX News is not gonna solve anything. All that is proving is that liberals are scared of conservatives even more.

For the record, FOX News is not really a conservative network like a lot of people believe. It’s a real news station without the liberal bias, ya know? FOX News is not really far right. They report news on both sides of the spectrum, really. I’m not a big fan of FOX News but there are a few good hosts on there like Bill O’ Reilly, Hannity and Judge Jeanine. I wonder how they’re gonna plan on taking down Judge Jeanine since she’s die-hard conservative, they’ll figure out a way, I’m sure. FOX News is crap but there’s a few good shows on there. I like to watch O’ Reilly, Hannity and Judge Jeanine the most.

Anyways, all the sexual harassment allegations toward the FOX News people were obviously set up by liberals. Their accusers are being paid by somebody but who? I wouldn’t be surprised that Soros is behind it all.


Mr. Trump should sue FOX News and put them out of business!


FOX News and Megyn Kelly has been doing nothing but attacking Trump on their news shows ever since Trump announced he was running for president. FOX News just posted a statement on their facebook after Mr. Trump started calling them out on their bullshit. FOX News think they can get away with the Trump bashing for sure. They started in on Trump during the GOP Debates. FOX News is so biased against Trump, it’s pretty crazy. What kind of news network that will go from Obama bashing to Trump bashing?

If you wonder why the Republican/Conservative side is so divided as of late, I totally blame that on FOX News for sure. Fox News is in bed with Ted Cruz and they are the ones who taught Cruz supporters how to hate Donald Trump.

Megyn Kelly does nothing but bash Trump on her dumb show “The Kelly File” night in and night out and she doesn’t think Trump will respond to her attacks against him? FOX News is accusing Trump of having a sick obsession with her but it’s actually Megyn who has a sick obsession with Trump!!! Mr. Trump is way too busy campaigning for his presidency so he doesn’t have much time to mess with Megyn so FOX News’s accusations against him are absurd. Mr. Trump just has a right to respond and to defend himself. FOX News does nothing but attack Mr. Trump all the time but they cry like a baby when Trump calls them out for it.

You can’t trust news networks at all, man. The news networks especially the big ones has full of shady and corrupt people. I don’t watch the news anymore for these reasons. If you hate Donald Trump just because the media does then you’re dumb and naive. Stop taking the media seriously. It’ll do you some good, trust me. A lot of people accuse me of watching FOX News ’cause of my “right-wing” views but I hate FOX News like most people.

Mr. Trump should sue them to the ground. If Hulk Hogan was successful at taking down Gawker due to privacy then I’m sure Trump can take down FOX News due to slander and libel which is what FOX News is doing to Mr. Trump… they’re slandering and libeling him for sure.


Donald Trump gives FOX News and Megyn Kelly the middle finger, GOOD!

Since Mr. Trump won’t be participating in this Thursday night’s GOP debate on FOX News, I probably won’t bother watching ’cause the only reason I watch these GOP Debates is just for him anyways. I’m sure everyone else watch the GOP Debates just for him too. Why? It’s simply because Mr. Trump makes politics fun and enjoyable again. He’s very entertaining to watch whether you love him or hate him. We’ll see how the ratings do with Trump not participating in the GOP Debate this Thursday. I’m almost pretty sure that no one is gonna watch the debate. Sure, the debate this Thursday will still get some ratings but not record breaking ratings. The only people that will watch this Thursdays debate are those delusional Ted Cruz supporters and those delusional liberals who likes GOP Rino’s such as Jeb, Marco and Christie.

Trump did a smart thing giving FOX News the middle finger ’cause all of you know that all that is gonna happen is that Trump and Megyn Kelly is just gonna fight & argue back and forth at each other. *yawn* I don’t wanna see that and neither does everyone else. So Trump says, “Fuck FOX News, I’m gonna do more important things like raise money for veterans and Wounded Warriors”… show people even more how patriotic he really is.

Sure, Trump haters are gonna accuse Trump of being a coward for refusing to face Megyn Kelly but they’re just being Trump haters. They can’t think of nothing better to do than make him look bad most of the time.

I have been pretty disgusted with the conservative community and many of them have gone out of their way to go on hating Trump too. It’s not just liberals hating on Trump. There’s a handful of so-called conservatives hating on Trump too. I’ve always believed that if you call yourself a “conservative” and if you hate Trump then you’re not a conservative. Sorry but I’m sticking with that opinion as well. Trump is the true blue conservative and I’ll always believe that. Anyone who doesn’t think so doesn’t know anything about conservatism ’cause I know more about “conservatism” better than anybody. Trust me! I’ll admit it that I’m still a die-hard conservative and quite proud of it.


Dr. Ben Carson calls out Obama’s hypocrisy when accusing the GOP of being afraid of CNBC…


At a fundraiser in New York City, Obama calls out the Republicans and accusing them of not being able to handle a debate on CNBC. Which means that Barack is making fun of the GOP of being afraid of liberal media.

Ahem… kind of funny coming from a guy who is afraid of FOX News criticism. Barack can’t handle FOX News. Hypocrite Barack. Nothing new here.


Barack may have had a few interviews with Bill O’ Reilly on the FOX News channel but did Barack go to the FOX News studio to have it there? No, instead Barack usually invites Bill to the oval office. Not sure how many interviews Barack had with Bill… I think it was just the Superbowl interview from last year. Not sure if he had any others with Bill.

Anyway, Barack shouldn’t be criticizing the Republicans of being afraid of CNBC when he’s totally afraid of FOX News. Barack is always criticizing FOX News all the time and always complaining about how he is being unfairly treated by them. If I must say again, hypocrite Barack.

Barack has done interviews for other networks and appeared on late night talk shows, I’m sure he’s capable of doing interviews for FOX News shows but he hasn’t done any other than Bill O’ Reilly. The man is such a coward and a hypocrite.


FOX News just joined the Trump hating bandwagon, look like another news network to boycott!!!


Many on the left would mistakenly believe that FOX News is on one side. Liberals would accuse FOX News of being too conservative only because they do honest journalism on the Obama admin. I used to support FOX News but I don’t think I will anymore. They are looking more liberal than ever now and them joining the Donald Trump hating bandwagon is proof of that.

It’s crazy, man. As soon as Donald Trump announced a president run, it scared the hell out of everyone… even the GOP establishment. Trump is scaring the media including FOX News. Is FOX News desperate for more liberal viewers? Seems like they are. Bill O’ Reilly is not conservative or Republican at all, he’s a RINO from the looks of things.

The GOP and mainstream media going after Trump is just proof how corrupt and dishonest they really are. Thanks to Donald Trump, he makes me not wanna take career politicians seriously anymore and that includes Republicans. He also makes me not wanna take the mainstream news media seriously anymore either. When Trump announced his president run, he’s on twitter wondering why everybody’s going after him for some reason. Well, he should have expected it. I really believe that the only reason everyone is going after him ’cause they’re jealous of his fame and wealth… they just wanna be like him and want to live the similar lifestyle he has, they wanna be rich and famous like him.

Trump is not destroying politics and the news media at all, he’s only exposing how corrupt they are which to me is amazing.

Anybody who hates Donald Trump probably loves Bernie Sanders or Hillary.

I see no reason to hate Donald Trump ’cause all he’s doing is looking out for America’s best interest and people are seriously hating it. If you hate Trump wanting to make America better then it shows how anti-American you really are.

You can’t trust news networks these days and that includes FOX News. Our news media is so corrupt. Kill your TV please and stop reading the news.


Bernie Sanders is not fit for president, he can’t take tough questions from interviewers…

Part of being a presidential candidate or even being president is being able to deal with news journalists asking you questions even if you don’t like the news network. Most presidential candidates are willing to answer tough questions while they’re running for elections. A lot of them don’t mind getting stopped while walking somewhere either.

Bernie was really rude to that journalist, Jesse Watters. Acting like a little baby.

Of course, I’m sure the libtard community are applauding Bernie for this ’cause it’s FOX News. Sure the liberal community don’t like FOX News but even many liberal candidates were willing to have interviews on FOX News.

That Eric July guy was right… the reason so many young people love Bernie is ’cause he’s just like them and you can absolutely see that here.

Bernie is just a whacky old man and a coward who can’t take tough questions. I may not be a fan of Ted Cruz but at least that guy is ballsy enough to take tough questions from journalists. Donald Trump is also not afraid of tough questions.

I can’t understand why people love Bernie, he’s just an idiot. Bernie won’t make it to the general elections at all, he won’t make the ticket. Sorry, y’all.