FOX News just joined the Trump hating bandwagon, look like another news network to boycott!!!


Many on the left would mistakenly believe that FOX News is on one side. Liberals would accuse FOX News of being too conservative only because they do honest journalism on the Obama admin. I used to support FOX News but I don’t think I will anymore. They are looking more liberal than ever now and them joining the Donald Trump hating bandwagon is proof of that.

It’s crazy, man. As soon as Donald Trump announced a president run, it scared the hell out of everyone… even the GOP establishment. Trump is scaring the media including FOX News. Is FOX News desperate for more liberal viewers? Seems like they are. Bill O’ Reilly is not conservative or Republican at all, he’s a RINO from the looks of things.

The GOP and mainstream media going after Trump is just proof how corrupt and dishonest they really are. Thanks to Donald Trump, he makes me not wanna take career politicians seriously anymore and that includes Republicans. He also makes me not wanna take the mainstream news media seriously anymore either. When Trump announced his president run, he’s on twitter wondering why everybody’s going after him for some reason. Well, he should have expected it. I really believe that the only reason everyone is going after him ’cause they’re jealous of his fame and wealth… they just wanna be like him and want to live the similar lifestyle he has, they wanna be rich and famous like him.

Trump is not destroying politics and the news media at all, he’s only exposing how corrupt they are which to me is amazing.

Anybody who hates Donald Trump probably loves Bernie Sanders or Hillary.

I see no reason to hate Donald Trump ’cause all he’s doing is looking out for America’s best interest and people are seriously hating it. If you hate Trump wanting to make America better then it shows how anti-American you really are.

You can’t trust news networks these days and that includes FOX News. Our news media is so corrupt. Kill your TV please and stop reading the news.


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