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So what’s going on at FOX News? Is it quickly turning into a liberal network???

So Roger Ailes was the first to get taken down due to sexual harassment claims, then Bill O’ Reilly and now Sean Hannity is the next target. What’s going on here? Do you see a bit of a pattern? Ailes was forced to step down to sexual harassment claims, Bill O’ Reilly was forced to step down; however, Sean Hannity isn’t stepping down. Hannity decided to have some balls, not caving-in to his accusers and Hannity is fighting back with slander lawsuit.

The question is, are these guys guilty of sexual harassment with women? I don’t know. The fact of the matter is, these guys are innocent until proven guilty but I don’t think they’re guilty at all since all of these guys are being accused of it. Something is definitely going on here. There’s someone out there in a desperate attempt to take ’em down.

FOX News is already quickly turning into CNN & MSNBC. I’ve heard many are saying that it’s Rupert Murdoch’s sons who are trying to turn FOX News into a liberal station. If that’s their goal then their goal will fail. FOX News like it or not, is the top rated network on cable TV, look it up if you don’t believe me. Maybe that’s why liberals are in a desperate attempt to turn FOX News into a liberal network ’cause of it’s high ratings but once they turn FOX News into a liberal fake news station, the ratings are gonna tank. Ratings will go down, big time.

When will people get through their thick heads that nobody cares about liberalism anymore? Liberalism is a mental disorder and it’s getting much worse. Liberals attacking FOX News is not gonna solve anything. All that is proving is that liberals are scared of conservatives even more.

For the record, FOX News is not really a conservative network like a lot of people believe. It’s a real news station without the liberal bias, ya know? FOX News is not really far right. They report news on both sides of the spectrum, really. I’m not a big fan of FOX News but there are a few good hosts on there like Bill O’ Reilly, Hannity and Judge Jeanine. I wonder how they’re gonna plan on taking down Judge Jeanine since she’s die-hard conservative, they’ll figure out a way, I’m sure. FOX News is crap but there’s a few good shows on there. I like to watch O’ Reilly, Hannity and Judge Jeanine the most.

Anyways, all the sexual harassment allegations toward the FOX News people were obviously set up by liberals. Their accusers are being paid by somebody but who? I wouldn’t be surprised that Soros is behind it all.


Bill O’ Reilly shares photos of Obama wearing Muslim garb… of course, liberals are outraged…


Sometimes I don’t understand those dumb liberals. They believe it’s all wonderful and great for celebrities like Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali being Muslims but when it comes to Barack Obama, they get all mad and get all offended. Liberals are like, “It’s not true”, “Barack is no Muslim”, “You’re a racist”. I don’t get liberals at all… is it great to be a Muslim or not? They seem to be champions for Islam but they don’t like it when Barack gets called a Muslim. It’s really insane, man. Wow.

On the Bill O’ Reilly show, Bill shares never-before seen photos of Barack wearing Muslim garb and claims to be at Malik’s muslim wedding. Keep in mind this wasn’t the first time that Barack has been caught wearing Muslim garb.


Why do liberals get upset when Obama gets accused of being a Muslim and they claim to be champions for Islam? More proof that liberalism is a mental disorder for sure.

Obama is not a closet Muslim ’cause he’s been publicly saying that he is a Muslim for a long while now. You watch his speeches and he’ll publicly admit it many times but the media just ignores it. It’s hard to catch Obama admitting he is a Muslim but it’s there. Do you think Muslims would allow non-Muslims to wear Muslim garb? I don’t think so.

I think liberals get upset ’cause they can’t take the truth that Obama is a Muslim and it bothers them that they just elected a Muslim president. End of story.


FOX News just joined the Trump hating bandwagon, look like another news network to boycott!!!


Many on the left would mistakenly believe that FOX News is on one side. Liberals would accuse FOX News of being too conservative only because they do honest journalism on the Obama admin. I used to support FOX News but I don’t think I will anymore. They are looking more liberal than ever now and them joining the Donald Trump hating bandwagon is proof of that.

It’s crazy, man. As soon as Donald Trump announced a president run, it scared the hell out of everyone… even the GOP establishment. Trump is scaring the media including FOX News. Is FOX News desperate for more liberal viewers? Seems like they are. Bill O’ Reilly is not conservative or Republican at all, he’s a RINO from the looks of things.

The GOP and mainstream media going after Trump is just proof how corrupt and dishonest they really are. Thanks to Donald Trump, he makes me not wanna take career politicians seriously anymore and that includes Republicans. He also makes me not wanna take the mainstream news media seriously anymore either. When Trump announced his president run, he’s on twitter wondering why everybody’s going after him for some reason. Well, he should have expected it. I really believe that the only reason everyone is going after him ’cause they’re jealous of his fame and wealth… they just wanna be like him and want to live the similar lifestyle he has, they wanna be rich and famous like him.

Trump is not destroying politics and the news media at all, he’s only exposing how corrupt they are which to me is amazing.

Anybody who hates Donald Trump probably loves Bernie Sanders or Hillary.

I see no reason to hate Donald Trump ’cause all he’s doing is looking out for America’s best interest and people are seriously hating it. If you hate Trump wanting to make America better then it shows how anti-American you really are.

You can’t trust news networks these days and that includes FOX News. Our news media is so corrupt. Kill your TV please and stop reading the news.


Bernie Sanders is not fit for president, he can’t take tough questions from interviewers…

Part of being a presidential candidate or even being president is being able to deal with news journalists asking you questions even if you don’t like the news network. Most presidential candidates are willing to answer tough questions while they’re running for elections. A lot of them don’t mind getting stopped while walking somewhere either.

Bernie was really rude to that journalist, Jesse Watters. Acting like a little baby.

Of course, I’m sure the libtard community are applauding Bernie for this ’cause it’s FOX News. Sure the liberal community don’t like FOX News but even many liberal candidates were willing to have interviews on FOX News.

That Eric July guy was right… the reason so many young people love Bernie is ’cause he’s just like them and you can absolutely see that here.

Bernie is just a whacky old man and a coward who can’t take tough questions. I may not be a fan of Ted Cruz but at least that guy is ballsy enough to take tough questions from journalists. Donald Trump is also not afraid of tough questions.

I can’t understand why people love Bernie, he’s just an idiot. Bernie won’t make it to the general elections at all, he won’t make the ticket. Sorry, y’all.


Sharyl Attkisson blows the whistle on the real reason she left CBS…

Welp. Here we go. Sharyl appeared on the Bill O’ Reilly show and she openly admitted the real reason why she left CBS Network. She says the real reason she left CBS because the network ordered her to stop reporting on various Obama administration scandals. Most notably: Benghazi, Operation: F&F, and Obamacare. She tried to get CBS to get the stories going but they said they were done with them. Which shows that CBS didn’t like stories that put the Obama administration in a negative light or if she got too close to the truth. This is also proof that the Obama administration has complete control over the news media. She was called a troublemaker and all that stuff.


She did a great thing. CBS sucks anyway.

While today’s journalism is horrible she’s one of the very few that should be called a “real” journalist. If there was someone who would get the truth behind, Benghazi and Operation: F&F… it would be her. She’s a brave and strong woman. She’s got balls for sure. I respect her for her dedication on getting the truth behind Benghazi and Operation: F&F.

It seems like anybody who disagrees with Obama’s actions is called a troublemaker. I’ve been called that many times… LOL… so I feel ya, Sharyl!

People just don’t like hearing the truth that Obama may be a very bad and dangerous man.


Bill O’ Reilly slams “Between Two Ferns” video and sorry to say, I agree with him…

O’ Reilly is so right that this raises questions and Obama is pretty desperate. Like I said before, Obama is just trying to win back the respect he lost. It is bad timing that he would do something like this.


It also proves that Obama has a huge ego problem.

I think the reason that some people who still support Obamacare and they even still support Obama himself is that I think people feel sorry for him. Obama supporters knows that he isn’t liked too much by most Americans so they still stick with him ’cause of their ignorance and their own ego. Anybody who acts like Obama does nothing wrong also supports Obama secretly and they will never admit it.

It’s pretty “Verifiable” that Obama is a bad man and America just doesn’t want to wake up.

Just wait until the truth comes out of Benghazi and Operation: F&F. You’ll be sorry that you did voted for him and supported him after all these years, trust me. You’ll regret it, trust me.


O’ Reilly vs. Obama thoughts…

LOL, I just finished watching the new O’ Reilly vs. Obama interview for the first time… and it was entertaining as hell.

When O’ Reilly first brings up Benghazi, watch Obama closely as he slowly nods his head up and down. You can also see Obama’s eyes blinking as O’ Reilly speaks. You can immediately notice that Obama is getting nervous when O’ Reilly is trying to get onto him about Benghazi. Of course, Obama lies even more and dodges his questions. You can see it in Obama’s eyes that he knows a lot about Benghazi than anybody.

What’s with Obama not wearing a proper suit? Where is his tie? How un-American is that? Usually a President would look like a President during the major interviews…

Bill did a great job, though. Bill got tough on Obama and made him look like a baby.

Obama will never take responsibility for his actions. First he blames everything on Bush, now he’s blaming everything on FOX News. IDIOT!


Cool Video: Bill O’ Reilly gets my respect for this one time, about this Mosque debate on the View…

Bill’s debate with the women of the View TV show is creating controversy in the news. I usually hate Bill O’ Reilly, but he gets my respect for this one time. They’re debating about the Mosque and Muslims. I’m totally siding with Bill, 100% in this video. He’s totally right that the Mosque by Ground Zero is totally inappropriate. He did a good job explaining that to the women too! Yeah, go Bill!

If Bill will stop being such a jackass and keep up the good work, maybe I’ll be his fan again! I respect Whoopi’s legacy and all, don’t get me wrong, but she was kind of acting like a stupid bitch in this video.


Cool Video: Bill O’ Reilly finally makes some sense for once in his life…

Bill O’ Reilly is creating controversy in the news again. Why? Because he slammed the Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber pairing that’s been happening online and in news media lately. Justin and Kimmy K. recently did a photoshoot together for “Elle” magazine. In the photos , showed Justin and Kim acting like couples. Holding hands, eating the flower, etc. Justin is 16, and Kim is overage. Billy boy here, is right on the money for once and making some sense. Seriously, this whole Kimmy K and Justin Bieber thing is getting annoying. This is getting disgusting and the Kimmy K. and Justin pairing needs to be stopped. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with Kim Kardashian as I am a fan of her modeling career and have no problem with Justin Bieber, but when you pair these two together, it’s just wrong. Elle magazine just wants publicity with their magazine too so they create controversy to get more attention. I understand that Kim and Justin are just friends, but Justin doesn’t seem to realize that she is using him for more publicity as well. Maybe she doesn’t care about him at all and just manipulating the kid to promote her career?