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John Boehner to Joy Behar, “I am Obama’s best friend”…

I’m not a big fan of the liberal biased Washington Post but I thought this article is worth posting. Speaker John Boehner partying with Joy Behar at a bar. Boehner told Joy that he is Obama’s best friend when they were fooling around.


If you wanna know why John Boehner won’t do anything to impeach Obama, this is why. Obama and Boehner are best friends. Possible gay lovers too (LOL, wouldn’t surprise me!!!)?

Anyway, gay jokes aside… this is why Speaker Boehner won’t get Obama held accountable for anything. As a matter of fact, this is probably why Obama decided to be best friends with him so it can be easier for him to get away with everything. I’m also 100% positive Boehner knows more about Benghazi, Operation F&F, IRS, NSA, etc. better than anybody. He knows Obama’s involvement with all those crimes and scandals. Boehner seems to know about Benghazi more than Trey Gowdy so why don’t we get Boehner himself to testify in front of Gowdy, hey?

So you ask, if Boehner and Obama are really best friends… why would Boehner sue him for the executive orders and they pretend to be enemies all of a sudden??? That’s all a political move, to help Boehner with the Nov. elections to help get him re-elected as House Speaker. Obama is willing to help him get re-elected so they pretend to be enemies. Obama was willing to do this ’cause if Boehner gets voted out and if the House gets a new House Speaker, the new House Speaker could impeach Obama… this is why Obama is desperate helping Boehner to get re-elected so Obama wouldn’t get in trouble. See what I’m saying? Obama and Boehner aren’t really enemies even though it appears to be that way in the news. They are best friends. They’ve always have been and I can see they still are.

I hope Boehner does get voted out in Nov. We need to get rid of Boehner in order to get rid of Obama. We gotta get rid of Harry Reid too, he’s another one protecting Obama. So hopefully asshole Harry Reid gets voted out too.


Cool Video: Bill O’ Reilly gets my respect for this one time, about this Mosque debate on the View…

Bill’s debate with the women of the View TV show is creating controversy in the news. I usually hate Bill O’ Reilly, but he gets my respect for this one time. They’re debating about the Mosque and Muslims. I’m totally siding with Bill, 100% in this video. He’s totally right that the Mosque by Ground Zero is totally inappropriate. He did a good job explaining that to the women too! Yeah, go Bill!

If Bill will stop being such a jackass and keep up the good work, maybe I’ll be his fan again! I respect Whoopi’s legacy and all, don’t get me wrong, but she was kind of acting like a stupid bitch in this video.