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Cool Video: Bill O’ Reilly gets my respect for this one time, about this Mosque debate on the View…

Bill’s debate with the women of the View TV show is creating controversy in the news. I usually hate Bill O’ Reilly, but he gets my respect for this one time. They’re debating about the Mosque and Muslims. I’m totally siding with Bill, 100% in this video. He’s totally right that the Mosque by Ground Zero is totally inappropriate. He did a good job explaining that to the women too! Yeah, go Bill!

If Bill will stop being such a jackass and keep up the good work, maybe I’ll be his fan again! I respect Whoopi’s legacy and all, don’t get me wrong, but she was kind of acting like a stupid bitch in this video.


Report: Patrick Swayze with pancreatic cancer, a year later and still alive!!!

In his first public interview with Barbara Walters, actor Patrick Swayze admits to being scared, angry and even wonders, “Why me?” about his pancreatic cancer. While he still has the cancer, he vows to fight it so he can survive. Although the man still has the cancer, he is still acting. Lately, he’s been working on a new TV series for A&E called “The Beast”, a drama show. He says that even though his life is in danger, he is not giving up, staying strong and still enjoying life the best he can.

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I hope Patrick doesn’t die and I hope he successfully cures the cancer soon. If Patrick dies this year, I don’t know what the film and TV industry would be like without him. Lets pray for him, he’s still young and still got a lot to live for. Keep fighting it Patrick!!!


BREAKING NEWS: Barbara Walters beats Rosie in the ratings, LOL!!!


The ratings are in folks!!!! And guess what!!! Barbara Walters special last night when she interviewed Barack and Michelle Obama scored an 11.7 viewers while “Rosie Live” premiere only scored 5 million viewers.

5 Million viewers for Rosie’s show isn’t good at all.

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Did NBC actually think America would watch this stupid crap? It’s a good thing America watched Barbara Walters instead last night.

Pull the plug on the show NBC. Give the show to Ellen instead. Ellen can pull in ratings, not that fat hog who is a no talent hack.

The ratings tanking is no surprise, I’m hoping last night’s Rosie show will be the first and last.