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Ronda Rousey to star the lead in “Roadhouse” reboot… yes the film that made Patrick Swayze famous…

Let all the haters start whining in 3, 2, 1… anyway joking aside, I predicted Ronda’s film acting career is gonna get bigger and I was right.

She landed her first leading role by playing herself in her own biopic film and now she gets another leading role in which she will star the lead in the “Roadhouse” reboot. “Roadhouse” a cult classic 80’s movie that made Patrick Swayze famous. Ronda will take over Patrick’s role.


I’ve seen the movie “Roadhouse” many times and it’s a great film. For the reboot looks like they’re going for a female lead this time. They need a tough muscular chick to handle the bar brawls so Ronda would be the best choice. Patrick’s role in “Roadhouse” wasn’t a bouncer, he was a cooler meaning that he directs the bouncers in the bar so looks like Ronda’s character whatever they name her will take that job.

I’m sure they’re gonna give Ronda’s character a few big fight scenes, though and she’ll probably do a lot of her judo stuff that she’s famous for. Maybe we’ll see an appearance of her arm bar too.

Just an FYI, the original “Roadhouse” is available for streaming for Netflix, I believe. Check it out if you haven[‘t seen it before.


Report: Patrick Swayze was first choice to play a zombie in “Zombieland”…

Can you picture Patrick Swayze in a horror film? I don’t think he has ever done a horror film at all in his career. Well, Patrick had a small role in the film”Donnie Darko” but it wasn’t really a horror film, kind of a mix with sci fi.

The new zombie film, “Zombieland” which hits theaters Oct. 2nd, their original choice to star in the film for a small cameo was Patrick Swayze as himself as a zombie. Patrick had to say no to it, this was of course way before Patrick was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Also asked for the film were Sly Stallone, Kevin Bacon, Joe Pesci, Dwayne Johnson, etc. but they all said no as well.

It is rumoured that Bill Murray said “yes” for a cameo as himself as a zombie.

More on it here:



Patrick Swayze…

While I’m sure TV will be showing all of his movies as a Patrick Swayze marathon all week, but his death makes me want to collect his movies on DVD, which I will do next time I go to Best Buy. I will especially buy “Ghost”, “Road House”, “Point Break” and “Black Dog”. Maybe even “Dirty Dancing” too, don’t know.

His death should be a wake up call to all heavy smokers out there. If you’re a heavy smoker like he was, I would suggest you learn to quit, so you don’t end up like him. The truth hurts yes, but smoking kills. This could happen to anybody.

It is why I don’t smoke. I fuckin’ hate cigarettes, cigars, or any cancer stick that blows smoke out of them. I sure don’t want a girlfriend that smokes. I want a nice girl that is perfectly clean and healthy.

I’m sure Patrick’s death got all smokers thinking to themselves, “Gee, I hope that don’t happen to me, I better quit smoking soon”. Patrick even still smoked heavily even when he was still battling the pancreatic cancer.

You have to feel sorry and feel so bad for his wife, Lisa, his lifelong companion and best friend since he was 18 years old. She’s got to be so torn and heartbroken.

This year’s Oscar awards will indeed do some kind of tribute and dedication to him, hopefully. May Patrick rest in peace, he is a real life ghost now.


RIP: Patrick Swayze 1952 – 2009

Just coming home from work and finding out that one of my favorite actors that I’ve admired for years couldn’t survive the pancreatic cancer. Yes, I was a longtime fan of this guy’s acting for years. Some of my favorite movies he has starred in were “Roadhouse”, “Point Break” and “Ghost”. He also had a great role in the movie, “The Outsiders”. “Dirty Dancing” was good, but it was never really my favorite film, I liked his other films the most.

This is an extremely HUGE loss in the movie industry since the death of Heath Ledger. Patrick Swayze was an important actor in Hollywood. It was too soon to lose him and we weren’t ready to lose him yet.

Patrick was such a great guy. There was never anything bad said about him over the years, a talented actor and he seemed very down to earth.

RIP Patrick, another legend gone this year.



BREAKING NEWS: Kurt Russell aims for a return to Hollywood to star in “Red Dawn” remake???

Kurt Russell had quite a long hiatus from Hollywood films. It looks like he is about ready to make a huge comeback to star in the remake of “Red Dawn”, the 80’s action film that originally starred, Patrick Swayze.

Kurt Russell hasn’t had a movie role since 2007’s “Death Proof”, a Quentin Tarantino film. That’s a long 2 year hiatus.

The announcement of Kurt Russell starring in “Red Dawn” remake was made at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Sylvester Stallone once asked Russell to have a role in, “The Expendables” but Russell turned it down since he wasn’t ready to make a return to Hollywood yet. Russell looks like he is finally ready to come back!

More on it here:


I wish Russell would have agreed to star in “The Expendables”, that in my opinion, would have been a better comeback for Kurt.

Looking forward to seeing Kurt back in action, welcome back…Kurt!


Thought: About people suffering with cancer, not just pancreatic, any kind of cancer…

When people are suffering from cancer, not just pancreatic, but any kind of cancer, one thing you should never do is think that they are going to die. You must stay positive about the person that is suffering. I’m sure everybody’s lost loved ones of cancer, but one thing you never want to do is think that they are going to die, I’ll repeat myself. What it does is creates a negative vibe and gets everybody a little stressed.

Sure, pancreatic cancer maybe a death sentence and maybe impossible to fight, but never jump to conclusions. Miracles can happen. Even if they are going to die and if they have little time to live, you still must stay positive.

Anybody that openly says that they are going to die no matter what when a human is suffering, I probably not going to be happy about it and will call them out for being a rude prick. So when any blog readers come in here and say that Patrick is going to die, no matter what happens, why don’t you try saying that to someone else who is close to you that is suffering from Pancreatic cancer. It’s easy to say something about that at Patrick because he’s famous and a big movie star. To someone suffering the same cancer who is not famous, think how bad they will feel if you say that about Patrick.

Anybody that publicily says they’ll die, I’m certainly am not going to smile at that. This is a perfect wake up call to all smokers out there. So if you’re a heavy smoker like Patrick is, that gives you no right to tell him that he’s going to die ’cause I gauruntee you that any smoker can get this disease. I don’t smoke, never had and never will. I want to live a long life.

Smoking kills, that’s a proven fact. I honestly, don’t enjoy being around smokers too much ’cause when people are smoking near me, I’ll kind of stand a little far back from them. These kind of people suffereing from cancer, deserves to live a good and happy life while their time is here, that’s why Patrick continues to work in acting while he still has time left. So shame on those who keeps saying Patrick is going to die in a negative direction.


BREAKING NEWS: Patrick Swayze hospitalized!!!!

Is this a sign that he is near death? Actor Patrick Swayze was scheduled to appear in person with TV critics and journalists at the  TV Critics Assn.’s winter press tour in Universal City to help promote his new TV show, “The Beast” with A&E, but he didn’t show. The reason is, he checked himself into the hospital with pneumonia instead. A&E officials said they hope he gets well so he can return to work.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Get well soon Patrick! Keep fighting to survive!


Thought: Why Patrick Swayze is important to the movie industry and why things won’t be the same without him…

If Patrick Swayze dies this year or next, then Hollywood is officially done. Swayze is important to the movie industry. Like him or hate him. He has starred in some very important films that changed Hollywood film forever. With essential films like “The Oustsiders”, “Dirty Dancing”, “Ghost”, “Point Break”, “Road House”, “Donnie Darko”, and some other films. An important actor that inspired and influenced all. He touched many hearts with his films and played important roles.

Sure, we’re all going to die one day, but you would want a good time and a good way to go out. Dying of pancreatic cancer this early is not a good way to go out. Especially when Patrick is an important figure in the entertainment industry, that’s why he is made a big deal in the news.

Hollywood almost died when Heath Ledger left us, and if Patrick is next, then I don’t know where Hollywood would be. Seriously think about it. Patrick needs to stay alive. We all need to be positive about him and wish him well. He is an important guy that don’t need to leave us this soon. He has a lot to live for, not just for his life and his family, but the entertainment industry needs him as well. He’s the man responsible that brought hollywood movies to what it is today. Hollywood won’t be the same without him, really, trust me on this.


Report: Patrick Swayze with pancreatic cancer, a year later and still alive!!!

In his first public interview with Barbara Walters, actor Patrick Swayze admits to being scared, angry and even wonders, “Why me?” about his pancreatic cancer. While he still has the cancer, he vows to fight it so he can survive. Although the man still has the cancer, he is still acting. Lately, he’s been working on a new TV series for A&E called “The Beast”, a drama show. He says that even though his life is in danger, he is not giving up, staying strong and still enjoying life the best he can.

More on it here:


I hope Patrick doesn’t die and I hope he successfully cures the cancer soon. If Patrick dies this year, I don’t know what the film and TV industry would be like without him. Lets pray for him, he’s still young and still got a lot to live for. Keep fighting it Patrick!!!


Report: Patrick Swayze back to work in acting…set to star in A&E drama series…

Actor Patrick Swayze has announced that his doctors has allowed him to return back to acting. Patrick Swayze will star in an A&E drama series titled “Beast”. In the show, Swayze will play an FBI veteran who trains a new partner while being pursued by a secret Internal Affairs team. 13 hour long episodes will begin production this summer. The series will include compelling storylines and lots of action scenes.

No date has been set yet on when this TV show is expected to premiere on TV.

The actor has been forced to take a hiatus from acting due to getting diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in March.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Congrats to Patrick! Glad he’s going back to work. I’ll have to watch this show when it hits our TV screens, it sounds real good.