BREAKING NEWS: Kurt Russell aims for a return to Hollywood to star in “Red Dawn” remake???

Kurt Russell had quite a long hiatus from Hollywood films. It looks like he is about ready to make a huge comeback to star in the remake of “Red Dawn”, the 80’s action film that originally starred, Patrick Swayze.

Kurt Russell hasn’t had a movie role since 2007’s “Death Proof”, a Quentin Tarantino film. That’s a long 2 year hiatus.

The announcement of Kurt Russell starring in “Red Dawn” remake was made at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Sylvester Stallone once asked Russell to have a role in, “The Expendables” but Russell turned it down since he wasn’t ready to make a return to Hollywood yet. Russell looks like he is finally ready to come back!

More on it here:

I wish Russell would have agreed to star in “The Expendables”, that in my opinion, would have been a better comeback for Kurt.

Looking forward to seeing Kurt back in action, welcome back…Kurt!


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