Patrick Swayze…

While I’m sure TV will be showing all of his movies as a Patrick Swayze marathon all week, but his death makes me want to collect his movies on DVD, which I will do next time I go to Best Buy. I will especially buy “Ghost”, “Road House”, “Point Break” and “Black Dog”. Maybe even “Dirty Dancing” too, don’t know.

His death should be a wake up call to all heavy smokers out there. If you’re a heavy smoker like he was, I would suggest you learn to quit, so you don’t end up like him. The truth hurts yes, but smoking kills. This could happen to anybody.

It is why I don’t smoke. I fuckin’ hate cigarettes, cigars, or any cancer stick that blows smoke out of them. I sure don’t want a girlfriend that smokes. I want a nice girl that is perfectly clean and healthy.

I’m sure Patrick’s death got all smokers thinking to themselves, “Gee, I hope that don’t happen to me, I better quit smoking soon”. Patrick even still smoked heavily even when he was still battling the pancreatic cancer.

You have to feel sorry and feel so bad for his wife, Lisa, his lifelong companion and best friend since he was 18 years old. She’s got to be so torn and heartbroken.

This year’s Oscar awards will indeed do some kind of tribute and dedication to him, hopefully. May Patrick rest in peace, he is a real life ghost now.


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