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Stone Cold bio doc on A&E, totally worth watching whether you’re a wrestling fan or not… good!

Last night, I finally gotten around to watching the Stone Cold Steve Austin A&E doc. I was meaning to watch it on the night it came on but forgot it was on so I watched it last night via “On Demand”.

I’ve been a huge Steve Austin fan for a long time and I still admire & respect the hell out of that dude today. Yes, this guy a legend and a big name in wrestling for sure. He’s not just a big name in wrestling, he’s a big name in entertainment all around

What interested me most about this doc last night was how the Stone Cold Steve Austin character was created. When Steve first arrived in the WWE, he was at first a gimmick called the Ringmaster which he hated so much and begged for a different character which he got. Steve says he inspired the Stone Cold character off the “Iceman” Richard Kuklinski murderer. He was trying to come up with a new character name for WWE and naming all these dumb names based on ice and “cold” but Steve hated them all. Then his ex-wife came up with the name “Stone Cold” and it stuck. That name was a hit obviously. Then Steve had to create a new look for the character. He inspired the bald look by actor Bruce Willis in “Pulp Fiction” so Steve kept a shaved head over the years and then Steve grew the goatie to fit the look… that way he can look badass and look tough.

Then they came up with Steve’s ring attire, the black boots, the black trunks and black vest with the skull behind it. Now that Steve’s character was created, they had to give him something to do. Steve needed a villain for him to feud with then they came up with none other than Vince McMahon to be his arch rival. Ya know, the WWE owner/chairman was never meant to be an onscreen performer at first but he was needed. How was the Vince vs. Stone Cold feud inspired? Well according to the documentary, all employees at jobs has an evil boss that harasses and bullies their employees and all employees at jobs you work at has a boss you really hate & despise… so why not have that in a WWE storyline? Well obviously that idea worked ’cause the Stone Cold vs. Vince feud became one of the greatest of all time. WWE ratings were skyrocketing high during this time. Vince never wanted to be an onscreen performer in the beginning, he started off as color commentator but he was forced into it. This historic feud started when Mike Tyson were making those early WWE appearances.

I was impressed with that documentary. I’ve seen so many wrestling documentaries over the years and the Stone Cold by A&E is definitely one of the best. So whether or not you’re a fan of wrestling, it’s a good watch for all. You don’t have to be a fan of wrestling to learn wrestling history. This is a good doc to introduce you one of the greatest feuds of all time.

This doc definitely brought back a lot of memories for sure.

Even though Stone Cold is no longer wrestling and only makes occasional appearances on WWE TV, he still keeps himself involved in the wrestling business in other ways just to stay around it. That’s why he started his podcast which is the most popular wrestling podcast ever. Steve doesn’t do podcasts anymore so I just listen to older episodes as much as I can. His podcast show got so popular that he does his “Broken Skull Ranch” interviews for the WWE Network interview past and current WWE wrestlers. He also has his own TV show, “Straight Up Steve Austin”. Steve has also done some big screen movies over the years, he’s done some acting gigs. He’s definitely a multi-tasker.

Steve Austin is the freakin’ man and I hope to get the opportunity to meet him myself someday ’cause it would be cool.


Jaliek Rainwalker missing child case gets national attention after A&E’s “Vanished” gets released on FB Watch exclusively…

For 12 years, the Jaliek Rainwalker missing child’s case got some local attention but most of the local news media has been quiet about Jaliek for a long while. Now the case has finally gone national and mainstream thanks to the A&E channel who is doing a series about missing people titled “Vanished” which you can exclusively watch on FB.

I really like how the case has blown up online and now the case has finally caught the attention of national crime shows. A&E is a cable TV network that does a lot of Facebook Watch stuff too. I’m sure this episode will be aired on cable TV as well.

I think the case has now gone somewhat viral almost which is good. The bigger Jaliek’s voice gets, the more pressure it gets put on Stephen and Jocelyn as they are seen and talked about in this video above.

I think most of us came to an agreement that Stephen & Jocelyn both had something to do with Jaliek’s disappearance. I’m not changing my view on that. No proof but watch the video above… everything leads back to them so you can’t help but think they did it.

If they were really “passionate” about finding their son then why would they move to Vermont, lawyer up and not cooperate with police? If they were innocent then they would do everything they can to get the police off their backs by actually cooperating with them. They don’t ask for the public’s help and they don’t talk to anyone looking for Jaliek. They have nothing to hide? They can move on and keep on smiling all they want to but Jaliek will be found and the truth will come out on its own.

Jaliek’s voice is getting huge which is good and it’s what we want… hoping this will help get someone to come forward with additional information.

Some people may look at me as if I’m some sort of hero in all this but how? I’m just a normal person wanting answers like most people. I want Justice for Jaliek like most. I’m not into this for attention, recognition or hero status of any kind. I just want answers and closure like most. I want Jaliek brought home and in his proper burial place where he belongs ’cause this family just threw him away and they continued to act like he never existed after that.

Someday Jaliek will be found and there will be justice. Someday it will be all over but the sooner the better, though. Stephen & Jocelyn think they got away with it but they will get caught somehow. Hopefully 2020 will be the year… we just have to wait I guess.


The Jaliek Rainwalker missing child case is about to go national finally, the case will be featured for an A&E cable TV show called “Vanished In Paradise: The Untold Story”…

Over the past 12 years since Jaliek Rainwalker has been missing and the case still not being solved, this case has caught a lot of attention in the local news. It’s also gone viral in the podcast industry as there has been many podcasts and youtube videos about this case.

In the beginning, the local news media were all over this case but it seems the local news media stopped reporting about the case except for the Post-Star who seems to be on it still… thanks to writer Don Lehman who seems to be the only local journalist trying to keep the Jaliek story in the news.

Well, it looks like the case is about to finally go national. The case never got national media attention until now. The A&E true crime TV show titled, “Vanished in Paradise: The Untold Story” was in my hometown of Greenwich last week filming for the show. They will feature an episode on the Jaliek Rainwalker case. The episode will air on A&E Cable TV for the “Vanished In Paradise: The Untold Story” which is aired on Thursday nights. The episode will also be uploaded to Facebook on the A&E FB page.

A&E was in Greenwich last week filming for the show like I said and they interviewed quite a lot of people. Who did they interview for the show? I’m not sure yet but I’m sure they interviewed Barb Reeley who is Jaliek’s adopted grandmother who is the only one in the family trying to find out what happened to Jaliek. I’m also sure they interviewed the new Greenwich/Cambridge chief police and I’m not sure who else they interviewed.


Some of you may ask, did A&E interview Jaliek’s adoptive parents Stephen & Jocelyn? I’m sure they wanted to interview them for the show but I’m pretty sure they didn’t go for it. In the beginning, the adoptive parents were cooperative with the local news media but they stopped after Stephen refused to take a polygraph test. The adoptive Mom & Dad did only one interview for the press… they did one interview for WNYT News Channel 13 and that was it. Since then, they refused to speak with the media ever again and they avoid talking with people looking for Jaliek like the plague so I don’t think Stephen & Jocelyn will be on this show. I can see their lawyer being interviewed on the show maybe but that’s about it.

Once this story goes national on A&E, Stephen & Jocelyn are in trouble… their days are numbered once this story goes viral nationally. They think they can kill a child and continue to live their lives as if it didn’t happen but we will get them in handcuffs somehow.

Once this episode gets on facebook, I’ll post it on the blog asap. I’ve been following this case ever since it happened and it never left my mind so I’m looking forward to watching this episode myself. Glad that national TV has finally picked up on this case, though. True crime TV shows on cable TV are pretty good at solving mysterious cases, they are no joke. I hope this episode haunts the adoptive parents once it gets on facebook… those murderers. We’ll get them somehow. They think they can get away with it and play this sick game of “catch us if you can” but we’ll get ’em. We’ll find Jaliek somehow ’cause that’s all we want.


There, take that you freakin’ liberals… A&E calls off Phil Robertson suspension!!!

Freedom of speech wins!!! I’m sick of liberals attacking those who don’t agree with homosexuality or gay marriage. That stuff is not for everybody… we all have the right to believe in what we want.

A&E only did this just to save their crappy network, though.

Will the ratings fall due to Phil’s statement about gays? No. This will only help the show get even bigger ratings!!!!

I never watched “Duck Dynasty” but I’ll have to check it out a little bit to see if I like it.

More on the story, here.

For once, those freakin’ liberals didn’t get what they want this time. Believe in the first amendment. Learn it and love it.


Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty thoughts…

I was never a fan of Duck Dynasty and never watched the show but I thought I would give out my brief thoughts on this whole Phil Robertson controversy. You can betcha, I’m gonna side with him on this one. I’m not gonna say whether or not I agree with his thoughts on gay people but he has the right to say what he wants and he’s entitled to his own opinion. People should have all their right to disagree with homosexuality or gay marriage ’cause it’s not for everybody, ya know? Not everyone is gonna agree with it. I have nothing against homosexuality, I respect people like that but everybody should have the right to be against it. You don’t have to agree with what he said or like it but he has his rights.

Nobody believes in the first amendment anymore. I think the internet and the media is partly responsible for taking first amendment rights away from us.

I’m even having freedom of speech troubles myself. Always have. Like all my thoughts with President Obama, politics, Zimmerman, even my local music topics, etc. I can’t believe what I want anymore. If I say stuff that has a different opinion than everyone else… everyone will get easily offended and call me the bad guy. It’s bullshit. All of it.

As for my thoughts on Obama, right-wing politics and all that stuff — I absolutely blame it on liberal media that I can’t talk about what I want. Freedom of speech has never been a problem until the internet and the news media has gotten so big. It seems like it’s a crime that we have a differences of opinion. Seems like everybody’s trying to force us to side with them on everything.


Brock reviews Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones” on A&E…

Over the weekend, I watched the premiere of Stephen King’s latest TV mini series, “Bag of Bones”, in which was adapted from one of his earlier novels. The series starred, Pierce Brosnan, who is the leading star. Pierce Brosnan, formerly known as James Bond from, “Goldeneye”.

The film is getting bashed on by most Stephen King fans. It’s getting negative reviews. I hope I’m not the only one that actually liked it because I did. Most are mad because the film didn’t follow the book and people though it was boring. In the film’s defense, I don’t like Brosnan as an actor, never did until now. I thought Brosnan was very likable and pretty entertaining in this role. It was right for him. I think Brosnan playing Mike Noonan felt like a realistic person as if you really knew him well. At times, you actually felt sorry for the guy, he was comical and can get serious a lot. I think he was pretty character driven.

The story tells of a famous writer named, Mike Noonan who just released a new book, and he celebrates the release by doing an autograph signing at a bookstore with his wife, Joanna. Joanna dies of brain aneurism and Mike learns that she was pregnant. After his wife’s death, Mike suffers writers block and couldn’t come up with a new book to write. So he took a vacation to his summer home to help fight writer’s block, and he learns that the place he is staying in is haunted. The ghost of his wife, Jo, is there haunting him and she is trying to tell him about this mysterious woman named, Sara Tidwell, and he must find out what happened to her.

Sure, the movie may not follow the book, but  hell, it’s usually pretty common that all movies based on books are not pretty faithful. This is nothing new to me. I thought the film was pretty creepy and kind of scary at times. It was pretty violent and there was a little bit of blood as well.

I personally think this film would have been better if it was for the big screen instead of TV. It was pretty good for what it was though. Not the best, but the writing and the acting of the other cast need more work, I just thought Pierce made the film enjoyable.

There hasn’t been many good Stephen King mini series over the years. I only loved a few of them like, “IT”, “The Stand”, “The Shining” w/ Steven Webber, and “Storm of the Century”. Now you can add “Bag of Bones”, to that list. “Bag of Bones” was a pretty good ghost story.


BREAKING NEWS: Steven Seagal’s “Lawman” suspended…

Things aren’t looking good for action star, Steven Seagal, as his legal trouble seems to be getting worse. The A&E reality show, “Lawman” has been suspended.

TMZ reports:


Like I said, don’t be surprised if what Steven did to that young model is true ’cause if you read about Steven’s past, he had quite a history and a lot of soap opera with one of his wives, Kelly LaBrock. Steven is quite the womanizer and could be a possible sex addict like Tiger and Jesse.


BREAKING NEWS: Patrick Swayze hospitalized!!!!

Is this a sign that he is near death? Actor Patrick Swayze was scheduled to appear in person with TV critics and journalists at the  TV Critics Assn.’s winter press tour in Universal City to help promote his new TV show, “The Beast” with A&E, but he didn’t show. The reason is, he checked himself into the hospital with pneumonia instead. A&E officials said they hope he gets well so he can return to work.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Get well soon Patrick! Keep fighting to survive!