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There, take that you freakin’ liberals… A&E calls off Phil Robertson suspension!!!

Freedom of speech wins!!! I’m sick of liberals attacking those who don’t agree with homosexuality or gay marriage. That stuff is not for everybody… we all have the right to believe in what we want.

A&E only did this just to save their crappy network, though.

Will the ratings fall due to Phil’s statement about gays? No. This will only help the show get even bigger ratings!!!!

I never watched “Duck Dynasty” but I’ll have to check it out a little bit to see if I like it.

More on the story, here.

For once, those freakin’ liberals didn’t get what they want this time. Believe in the first amendment. Learn it and love it.


More liberal nonsense about the Duck Dynasty controversy…

As expected, liberals would have complete opposite thoughts as the right wingers. Right wingers believe that Phil Robertson didn’t deserve what he got and they believe he has freedom of speech rights while in facebook, I’m seeing that liberals are offended at the things he said and they think he deserved it. Yet, the most ridiculous thing is that a lot of them have no problem with the words that Martin Bashir said about Sarah Palin. Isn’t all of this messed up? This is just more liberal hypocrisy. Martin Bashir’s words were more offensive than Phil Robertson’s and the liberals were pretty silent on Bashir’s comments. Probably ’cause liberals hate Sarah Palin and they consider anybody a hero who trash talks her no matter how offensive the words get.

One thing that sickens me is when a famous person or a political figure says something offensive, it becomes a media frenzy yet EVERYONE ignores all the offensive things that President Obama says. President Obama says a lot of ridiculous and offensive things about everything… yet he doesn’t get much of a backlash. He says offensive stuff about everything… about our country, religion, wars, the economy, etc. He doesn’t get much of a media backlash on his lies and cover ups either. He’s in a media backlash about Obamacare, that’s about it.

I can’t stand the back and forth hypocrisy in politics. Even though I’m conservative/republican… it really shouldn’t matter who’s right/left. People need to be more realistic about stuff instead of siding with your party on everything.

If people think Phil Robertson has all his right to say what he wants… what does this make Martin Bashir look? Don’t you think it’s unfair for him that he can’t say stuff like Sarah Palin should eat shit?

My god, people. Welcome to America.


Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty thoughts…

I was never a fan of Duck Dynasty and never watched the show but I thought I would give out my brief thoughts on this whole Phil Robertson controversy. You can betcha, I’m gonna side with him on this one. I’m not gonna say whether or not I agree with his thoughts on gay people but he has the right to say what he wants and he’s entitled to his own opinion. People should have all their right to disagree with homosexuality or gay marriage ’cause it’s not for everybody, ya know? Not everyone is gonna agree with it. I have nothing against homosexuality, I respect people like that but everybody should have the right to be against it. You don’t have to agree with what he said or like it but he has his rights.

Nobody believes in the first amendment anymore. I think the internet and the media is partly responsible for taking first amendment rights away from us.

I’m even having freedom of speech troubles myself. Always have. Like all my thoughts with President Obama, politics, Zimmerman, even my local music topics, etc. I can’t believe what I want anymore. If I say stuff that has a different opinion than everyone else… everyone will get easily offended and call me the bad guy. It’s bullshit. All of it.

As for my thoughts on Obama, right-wing politics and all that stuff — I absolutely blame it on liberal media that I can’t talk about what I want. Freedom of speech has never been a problem until the internet and the news media has gotten so big. It seems like it’s a crime that we have a differences of opinion. Seems like everybody’s trying to force us to side with them on everything.