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Report: “The Kennedy’s” finally finds a new home at ReelzChannel…

After being rejected from the History Channel first, “The Kennedy’s” miniseries movie tried to get bought by other studios but no one would. A network finally bought the film. ReelzChannel will air “The Kennedy’s” on April 3rd.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

Glad the film found a new home! TV networks. They’re all so greedy and evil. I don’t understand why TV networks wouldn’t air this when it’s just a movie. I’ll have to see it myself to see why it’s so controversial, but I’m going to have to DVR it, because “Wrestlemania 27” is on that night.



Report: History Channel cancels “The Kennedy’s” movie… claims it does not fit…

A&E has decided to cancel “The Kennedy’s” movie that was going to air on the History Channel, it was originally going to air this Spring. The film stars Katie Holmes and Tom Wilkinson.

Read the full story, here.

Don’t worry, I think another network will buy it. Or it could go straight to DVD instead?