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Action star, Steven Seagal thinks Obama will be impeached once the truth comes out of Benghazi, and I agree with him…

Action star, Steven Seagal is thinking about running for governor of Arizona and look like his campaigning for it has already begun. Here is the “Under Siege” star at one of his speeches speaking about Obama and all of his scandals.

Of course, he had to bring up Benghazi and says that Obama will be impeached once the truth comes out of the Benghazi attacks…


Go Steve!!!! \m/

I’ve been saying this for a long time now, that once the truth comes out of Benghazi… Obama is done. Benghazi should end his presidency, absolutely.

Like I said before, talks of Benghazi/Operation F&F are never going away until the truth comes out of both of them. People will never forget. Sorry but that’s the way it is. They will also not stay unanswered forever. It may be a slow process to get the truth out of both crimes but we’ll get the truth… somehow, someway.



Thought: Steven Seagal for “The Expendables” sequel???

When the “Expendables” film franchise is being discussed in movie forums and blogs, Steven Seagal’s name is always brought up. A lot of fans of these movies, want Seagal to join the cast.

I might of posted about this before a long time ago but I think I’ll post it again. I agree it would be cool as hell if Seagal would join the Expendables cast, but it’s NEVER going to happen anytime soon. Why?

Because Avi Lerner and Seagal don’t get along. They hate each other, I think. They had a fallen out over some movie deal a few years back. Do your research and google it yourself. Seagal vowed to never work with Lerner again. “The Expendables” franchise is being produced by Millennium studios which is owned/founded by, Lerner. If the “Expendables” was being made through a different movie company, then yes, I’m sure Seagal would be on board then, but as long as Avi Lerner is working with them, no chance.

Sly even tried to get Seagal for the first movie but he failed. Seagal must patch things up and bury the hatchet with Lerner, if they ever want to work together again, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Their feud is pretty heated and not very nice.

It is interesting how Seagal’s name keeps coming up when it comes to, “The Expendables”. I’m sure he respects Sly as an actor, Seagal has no bad blood against Sly at all, it’s Avi Lerner he doesn’t like. I’m sure Seagal wants to be a part of these movies, but he can’t.

I like Steven Seagal movies, the earlier ones. He was a good action hero back in the day.


Report: Finally, here is the truth of why JCVD and Steven Seagal turned down, “The Expendables”…

Everybody wanted Steven Seagal and JCVD for “The Expendables” but both of those men, turned the movie down. Why? Because JCVD was originally written to have a fight scene with Jet Li, but Jean Claude didn’t want to lose a fight to a short guy. Steven Seagal, however, wasn’t into this whole action comedy thing.

More on it here:


To be fair to JC, I’m kind of on his side. People may hate JC turning down the movie because of his huge ego problem, but hey, all movie stars have egos right? Sly is the biggest ego here and he admits it. It would be kind of silly for JC losing a fight to Jet Li. JC is a martial arts expert, well, Jet Li is too but having JC losing to Jet would be a little embarrassing. Really think about it. It was better for Dolph to do it instead.

Who knows, maybe Sly will actually try to get JCVD for the sequel? Maybe they can negotiate and make a deal. Bury the hatchet, so they can make fans happy that JC should be in the next movie. The internet wants JC in “The Expendables”, everyone wants him, but don’t get your hopes up. Maybe Jean Claude will agree to star in “Expendables 2” after the huge internet popularity with him wanting to be in it.

Sly doesn’t  like JC too much, I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Sly might try to talk him into the sequel again. I always wanted to see Sly and Jean Claude work together myself. We’ll just have to cross our fingers for now.


BREAKING NEWS: Steven Seagal’s “Lawman” suspended…

Things aren’t looking good for action star, Steven Seagal, as his legal trouble seems to be getting worse. The A&E reality show, “Lawman” has been suspended.

TMZ reports:


Like I said, don’t be surprised if what Steven did to that young model is true ’cause if you read about Steven’s past, he had quite a history and a lot of soap opera with one of his wives, Kelly LaBrock. Steven is quite the womanizer and could be a possible sex addict like Tiger and Jesse.


Report: Tiger Woods, Jesse James and who’s next? Add Steven Seagal to the cheaters list…

Former action star and TV reality star of “Lawman”, Steven Seagal, has been slapped a lawsuit by a young model accusing him of hiring her as a sex toy. She replied to an ad in craigslist to apply for a position as executive assistant for his production company, Steamroller Productions.  She then claims it was to be used as a sex slave 24/7 for his sexual needs.

More on it here:


Don’t be surprised if Steven himself would come out to the public and confess it could be true. If you knew Steven’s history with women, he’s no stranger to cheating as he has done this a few times in the past. Cheat on his earlier wives. Is he cheating again? Steven Seagal is a married man.

Or this Kayden Nguyen chick, could be some crazy whackjob out for attention off a famous actor? Maybe she could be making it up, just to make him look bad. Who knows.

I’m sure Steven himself would speak to the media about this soon enough. Maybe he will confess to it or maybe deny it.


Report: Steven Seagal turns down role in, “The Expendables”…

First Kurt Russell turned down a role in Stallone’s film “The Expendables”, then Jean Claude Van Damme turned it down too, who’s next to join the club? That would be the pony tailed karate master, Steven Seagal.

Sly tried asking Steven Seagal to appear in the film, but he turned it down as well. The reason? It has nothing to do with scheduling conflicts or the direction that the script was in, but it has something to do with not getting along with one of, “The Expendables” film crew members. That is Avi Lerner, the founder/owner of Nu Image/Millenium Films.

Avi Lerner and Steven Seagal don’t get along too well. Steven refuses to work on any films that is done by Nu Image/Millenium which is owned by Avi Lerner. Seagal would have loved to be part of the film if Avi Lerner didn’t have anything to do with it.

Although this article confirms that Bruce Willis is Church (no surprise), I will wait for the announcement from Sly himself so I can believe it.

More on it here:



Report: Steven Seagal aims for a huge comeback to “Under Siege 3″…

It’s been years since action hero Steven Seagal had a huge successful film right? Well it looks like he is finally getting tired of making so many direct to video movies that he finally wants to do an “Under Siege 3”.

He says there has been offers and he has plot ideas. Look like Seagal is game to reprise his role as Casey Ryback.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


If it happens, I hope they make it a good one.

The first “Under Siege” movie was great. I thought “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory” was pretty bad.