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BREAKING NEWS: Steven Seagal’s “Lawman” suspended…

Things aren’t looking good for action star, Steven Seagal, as his legal trouble seems to be getting worse. The A&E reality show, “Lawman” has been suspended.

TMZ reports:


Like I said, don’t be surprised if what Steven did to that young model is true ’cause if you read about Steven’s past, he had quite a history and a lot of soap opera with one of his wives, Kelly LaBrock. Steven is quite the womanizer and could be a possible sex addict like Tiger and Jesse.


Report: Tiger Woods, Jesse James and who’s next? Add Steven Seagal to the cheaters list…

Former action star and TV reality star of “Lawman”, Steven Seagal, has been slapped a lawsuit by a young model accusing him of hiring her as a sex toy. She replied to an ad in craigslist to apply for a position as executive assistant for his production company, Steamroller Productions.  She then claims it was to be used as a sex slave 24/7 for his sexual needs.

More on it here:


Don’t be surprised if Steven himself would come out to the public and confess it could be true. If you knew Steven’s history with women, he’s no stranger to cheating as he has done this a few times in the past. Cheat on his earlier wives. Is he cheating again? Steven Seagal is a married man.

Or this Kayden Nguyen chick, could be some crazy whackjob out for attention off a famous actor? Maybe she could be making it up, just to make him look bad. Who knows.

I’m sure Steven himself would speak to the media about this soon enough. Maybe he will confess to it or maybe deny it.