Report: Steven Seagal turns down role in, “The Expendables”…

First Kurt Russell turned down a role in Stallone’s film “The Expendables”, then Jean Claude Van Damme turned it down too, who’s next to join the club? That would be the pony tailed karate master, Steven Seagal.

Sly tried asking Steven Seagal to appear in the film, but he turned it down as well. The reason? It has nothing to do with scheduling conflicts or the direction that the script was in, but it has something to do with not getting along with one of, “The Expendables” film crew members. That is Avi Lerner, the founder/owner of Nu Image/Millenium Films.

Avi Lerner and Steven Seagal don’t get along too well. Steven refuses to work on any films that is done by Nu Image/Millenium which is owned by Avi Lerner. Seagal would have loved to be part of the film if Avi Lerner didn’t have anything to do with it.

Although this article confirms that Bruce Willis is Church (no surprise), I will wait for the announcement from Sly himself so I can believe it.

More on it here:


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