Report: Finally, here is the truth of why JCVD and Steven Seagal turned down, “The Expendables”…

Everybody wanted Steven Seagal and JCVD for “The Expendables” but both of those men, turned the movie down. Why? Because JCVD was originally written to have a fight scene with Jet Li, but Jean Claude didn’t want to lose a fight to a short guy. Steven Seagal, however, wasn’t into this whole action comedy thing.

More on it here:

To be fair to JC, I’m kind of on his side. People may hate JC turning down the movie because of his huge ego problem, but hey, all movie stars have egos right? Sly is the biggest ego here and he admits it. It would be kind of silly for JC losing a fight to Jet Li. JC is a martial arts expert, well, Jet Li is too but having JC losing to Jet would be a little embarrassing. Really think about it. It was better for Dolph to do it instead.

Who knows, maybe Sly will actually try to get JCVD for the sequel? Maybe they can negotiate and make a deal. Bury the hatchet, so they can make fans happy that JC should be in the next movie. The internet wants JC in “The Expendables”, everyone wants him, but don’t get your hopes up. Maybe Jean Claude will agree to star in “Expendables 2” after the huge internet popularity with him wanting to be in it.

Sly doesn’t  like JC too much, I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Sly might try to talk him into the sequel again. I always wanted to see Sly and Jean Claude work together myself. We’ll just have to cross our fingers for now.



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