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Brock reviews Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones” on A&E…

Over the weekend, I watched the premiere of Stephen King’s latest TV mini series, “Bag of Bones”, in which was adapted from one of his earlier novels. The series starred, Pierce Brosnan, who is the leading star. Pierce Brosnan, formerly known as James Bond from, “Goldeneye”.

The film is getting bashed on by most Stephen King fans. It’s getting negative reviews. I hope I’m not the only one that actually liked it because I did. Most are mad because the film didn’t follow the book and people though it was boring. In the film’s defense, I don’t like Brosnan as an actor, never did until now. I thought Brosnan was very likable and pretty entertaining in this role. It was right for him. I think Brosnan playing Mike Noonan felt like a realistic person as if you really knew him well. At times, you actually felt sorry for the guy, he was comical and can get serious a lot. I think he was pretty character driven.

The story tells of a famous writer named, Mike Noonan who just released a new book, and he celebrates the release by doing an autograph signing at a bookstore with his wife, Joanna. Joanna dies of brain aneurism and Mike learns that she was pregnant. After his wife’s death, Mike suffers writers block and couldn’t come up with a new book to write. So he took a vacation to his summer home to help fight writer’s block, and he learns that the place he is staying in is haunted. The ghost of his wife, Jo, is there haunting him and she is trying to tell him about this mysterious woman named, Sara Tidwell, and he must find out what happened to her.

Sure, the movie may not follow the book, but  hell, it’s usually pretty common that all movies based on books are not pretty faithful. This is nothing new to me. I thought the film was pretty creepy and kind of scary at times. It was pretty violent and there was a little bit of blood as well.

I personally think this film would have been better if it was for the big screen instead of TV. It was pretty good for what it was though. Not the best, but the writing and the acting of the other cast need more work, I just thought Pierce made the film enjoyable.

There hasn’t been many good Stephen King mini series over the years. I only loved a few of them like, “IT”, “The Stand”, “The Shining” w/ Steven Webber, and “Storm of the Century”. Now you can add “Bag of Bones”, to that list. “Bag of Bones” was a pretty good ghost story.


Report: Danny Devito to helm “Charlotte Doyle”…

Danny Devito maybe well known as a short bald headed actor, but try to remember he is also a screenwriter and director. Danny Devito is the director/writer of such movies like “Throw Momma From the Train”, “The War of the Roses”, “Hoffa”, “Matilda” and “Death to Smoochy”.

His next project, he is set to direct a film titled “The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle” which he wrote the script himself. The film is adapted from the bestselling young adult novel written by author, Avi. The film will star Morgan Freeman, Pierce Brosnan and teen actress Saoirse Ronan.

Variety Reports:


Danny is always doing interesting movies. I’m sure he’ll give himself an acting role in this film also.


Report: Nicolas Cage and Pierce Brosnan confirmed for “The Ghost” directed by Roman Polanski…

While director Roman Polanski is still at large and a wanted man for sex with an underage girl, Polanski is still making films. Nicolas Cage and Pierce Brosnan are both set to star in Roman Polanski’s thriller titled “The Ghost”.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


It amazes me that Hollywood actors are still willing to work with Polanksi no matter what serious crimes he committed in his past. Polanski is a sick pedophile.

Polanski should not be allowed to make movies. Shame on Cage and Brosnan, they’re probably just doing this movie for the money and to keep working on films, they probably do not care about Polanski in reality.

I would not see this film no matter how good it looks. I won’t support a child molester.