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As predicted the Benghazi attacks will make Hillary even more rich and famous…

There is a new show coming out for CBS titled, “Madam Secretary” which is supposed to be a Hillary Clinton biopic made for the small screen. Actress Tea Leoni will be playing Hillary. Actor Morgan Freeman doesn’t have a role for the show yet but he is one of the producers.

As I’ve said repeatedly before her Benghazi attack will make her even more rich and famous than ever before. Yeah sure, she already had some fame before the Benghazi attack but that’s because she got it because she was first lady. Famous for being famous.

Then the Benghazi attack happened in Sept. of 2012 in which she was heavily involved in the attack and she was a big part of the cover up. The left doesn’t want to make her look guilty so they defend her with whatever they got. The Benghazi attack will lead into releasing more Hillary Clinton books, more documentaries, TV shows, movies, etc. She’ll make herself a billionaire out of the Benghazi attack. The Benghazi attack may as well make her president too.

That’s all she’s known for, guys. She will always be known as the Benghazi attacker for the rest of her life. That’s not a good way to be known for. If she wants to be big and famous off of Benghazi, that’s her prerogative.

If that’s how America is gonna work… kill some Americans overseas and then become an icon for it… Wow, then we live in one messed up country. I’m beginning to think this country supports murder at least it’s starting to look that way.

It wouldn’t surprise me that “Madame Secretary” will be a high rated show and become successful.

One thing for sure, I will never watch it. I refuse to support anything that is about Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t deserve all of this fame and the “icon” status. She has all of these fans and supporters and they don’t realize who they are supporting. They don’t know what she really is yet. It’s mostly women who support Hillary Clinton. There are some men on the left who support her too but it’s mostly women.

Why do they support this evil woman? I bet you guys can’t really think of an answer ’cause there is no reason to support her. The only reason people support her is because she’s a woman and they are hoping she would be our first woman president. Period.

I really hope Benghazi ruins her chances so hopefully they do catch her before 2016. Hillary should really give herself up and turn herself in. Give us a confession ’cause she doesn’t know what kind of punishment she has coming for her. She could be looking at life in prison with possible death penalty. They really need to put her in front of Trey Gowdy. Trey will force a confession out of her with no problem… with Hillary it should be easy.



Look like Morgan Freeman has another hoax in facebook…

First, Morgan Freeman had a death hoax in facebook, and next, he has a hoax about the Newton, Conn. shootings. In facebook today, there’s an image of Morgan Freeman with him quoting where he explains that he blames the media for the shootings that goes on, and he tells people to turn off the news. You gotta love how people quickly fall for things in Facebook. Even though I don’t believe that Morgan Freeman has said those things, I still agree with it that the news media is partly responsible for gun shootings in America.

Why is Morgan Freeman such a target for hoax’s in facebook lately?

Yes, he’s a great actor and he seems like a good dude. That’s why they start hoax’s on him. He’s a likeable and lovable guy, and people will do anything to get attention off of him. He’s an icon in Hollywood, so people will start stuff on him, so they can get a lot of shares and likes.

This thing has been going around facebook, so I had to respond my thoughts.

As soon as Morgan denies that he said that stuff about the Conn. shooting, somebody in facebook will try to come up with a different hoax on him. People in facebook are crazy and messed up. No wonder some leave the site and no wonder some try to avoid the social network site like the plague.

I know how to use facebook carefully and responsibly. I don’t re-share things too much from other people. I will sometimes though, only if it’s worth it. It’s never cool to make stuff up about someone. They just do it hoping to get their 15 minutes of fame.


Report: Morgan Freeman in talks to star in DC Comics, “Red” with Bruce Willis…

Morgan Freeman, is in talks with Summit Entertainment to star in “Red” which is adapted from the DC Comics graphic novel. Bruce Willis is already set to star the leading role, Morgan Freeman will co-star.

Morgan is just wrapping up filming a Nelson Mandella biopic directed by Clint Eastwood.

Variety Reports:


It’s good to see him get more work since “The Dark Knight”, I’ve seen that Morgan have been having a busy life lately outside of film, with being involved in a car accident that involved alcohol and lots of other things in his life. Glad to see he’s getting his film career back on track.


BREAKING NEWS: Morgan Freeman hospitalized due to car accident…

Oscar award winning actor, Morgan Freeman and also one of the main stars of “The Dark Knight” movie in theaters now has been hospitalized due to a car accident near his home in Mississippi. Freeman is currently staying at a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee and his injuries is said to be very serious. Freeman was driving a 1997 Nissan Maxima and when he left a rural highway, the car flipped several times. Demaris Meyer was the passenger which the vehicle belonged to her. There were no drugs or alcohol involved. No word on what the woman’s condition is as of this time.

Morgan Freeman won an Oscar for his role in Clint Eastwood’s film “Million Dollar Baby”. His other roles includes films such as “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Driving Miss Daisy”, “The Bucket List” (with Jack Nicholson), Stephen King’s “Dreamcatcher”, “The Sum of All Fears”, “High Crimes”, “Nurse Betty”, “Along Came A Spider”, “Hard Rain”, “Kiss the Girls, “Se7en”, etc. His filmography can go and on and on…

The Associated Press reports:


Wow. I’m shocked to hear this.

Hope Morgan gets well and hope for a speedy recovery.

He’s one of my favorite actors.


Report: Danny Devito to helm “Charlotte Doyle”…

Danny Devito maybe well known as a short bald headed actor, but try to remember he is also a screenwriter and director. Danny Devito is the director/writer of such movies like “Throw Momma From the Train”, “The War of the Roses”, “Hoffa”, “Matilda” and “Death to Smoochy”.

His next project, he is set to direct a film titled “The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle” which he wrote the script himself. The film is adapted from the bestselling young adult novel written by author, Avi. The film will star Morgan Freeman, Pierce Brosnan and teen actress Saoirse Ronan.

Variety Reports:


Danny is always doing interesting movies. I’m sure he’ll give himself an acting role in this film also.