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“The Batman” teaser is finally here and it looks amazing, I’m so there for this one…

When Robert Pattinson was announced that he was going to be the next Batman for the upcoming “The Batman” directed by Matt Reeves, it got mixed reactions. Some love it and some hate it as Pattinson being the next Batman. I’m one of those that always believed that Pattinson could pull it off and I always believed in him in that role. So many trashed Matt Reeves and “The Batman” ’cause of Pattinson’s history with the Twilight movies. So far, I’m seeing the Pattinson critics having a change of heart after the teaser finally came out and many critics not saying anything as well.

I think the first teaser is impressive and gave me goosebumps. Looks like this movie is gonna be the beginnings of Catwoman, The Penguin and the Riddler ’cause as you can see those characters look different and they aren’t those iconic villains… “yet”. Just an origin story for them, not an origin story for Batman which has already been done so many times.

The new Batman looks intense though and looks 10x’s more violent than the previous Batmans we’ve had in the past. Batman, a lot more tougher and more angry.

My question is, no Joker at all in this movie? I wouldn’t rule that out… probably no Joker but don’t be surprised if you’ll see or hear a Joker reference or more. If there is going to be a sequel to this movie and probably will be depending how this movie does in the box office, I’m sure they will feature more and different villains.

I’m so glad this movie “The Batman” is gonna be a detective story finally. All the previous Batman films we had were “action” movies. They weren’t detective stories. We need a detective story where fans can figure things out ourselves and we need a Batman movie where we can really think. A mystery “whodunit” story is what’s missing and we’re finally getting that.

Can’t wait and I’m definitely seeing this film when it comes out.


Warner Bros. teases “Joker” spin-off with Joaquin Phoenix starring as the Joker and it’s looking freaking awesome already!

First look of Warner Bros./DC’s of the Joker’s first solo movie is here. It shows Joaquin Phoenix without the Joker make-up and with the full make-up on. I’m already very impressed with it and now find this very intriguing!

They don’t show you what Joker’s laugh sounds like yet but I’m sure they will show us pretty soon. Will Joaquin’s Joker laugh be better than Mark Hamill’s? We’ll have to wait and see. I’m sure we’ll hear the new Joker laugh when the teaser trailer comes out.

So Joaquin Phoenix gets officially added to the list of other actors playing the Joker in live action films/TV: Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, Cameron Monaghan and now Joaquin Phoenix is the latest Joker actor.

Who do I think played the best Joker? Well to me it’s a tie between Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson, of course. They were the best. Can Phoenix top ’em? We’ll have to wait and see the movie and see for ourselves.


Henry Cavill the man himself quick to shoot down quitting Superman rumors on his instagram… looks like he’s still ON as Superman! YES!!!

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The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report the news that Henry Cavill was out as Superman and a huge debate sparked on the internet. Lots of rumors and speculation swirling that Henry quit the Superman role.

Well here he is quickly shooting down the rumors in this humorous video. Wearing a Krypton Lifting Team t-shirt and then he holds up a Superman action figure. Well, looks like he’s still on as Superman, y’all so you can all settle down now.

Truthfully, I don’t think Henry Cavill will quit the role ’cause you can tell that he loves playing the character too much. I think he’ll still play Superman for “Justice League 2” and “Man of Steel 2” (if it happens that is). Glad he’s still on myself.


Henry Cavill done playing Superman… did he just quit playing the role? Seems so…


It looks  like Warner Bros/DC. films are parting ways with actor Henry Cavill who just played Superman for them for three films: “Man of Steel”, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League”. The split appears to be amicable ’cause the WB’s spokesperson said they and Cavill still have a great relationship together and always will.

Why are they parting ways? Well, WB’s seems to be so heavily focused on other superhero projects by the time they finish with those films, Henry will be too old to be playing Superman. Henry is 35 right now so age is probably what to blame for on this.

Another reason could be that Henry is a pretty busy guy.  He has other film projects in the works so that means he might not have time to play Superman again. Henry’s next focus is the new TV show “The Witcher” which is based upon the video game, a Netflix TV series.

So Henry done playing the Superman role for good? It looks like it.

Henry Cavill’s Future as Superman in Doubt, Warner Bros. Focusing on Supergirl

This kind of sucks, ya know. I thought Henry made a great Superman,  I really did. It’s looking like Ben Affleck  is done playing Batman too. I really was hoping for a follow-up/sequel to “Man of Steel” but looks like it’s never happening now. Another “Justice League” film will probably happen but looks like Superman and Batman will have to be replaced.

I never thought WB’s and Henry would make this unprecedented move ’cause people were expecting them to give us a few more Superman movies w/ Henry playing the character. Well, that’s Hollywood, I guess. Things changes different directions all the time.

Henry really is a great actor, though. I’ve seen him in other movies besides Superman flicks. The Superman movies did give him a pretty big career boost and I think he will star in bigger movies in the future. Maybe Henry will play a different superhero somewhere down the road, I can see that happening.

It’s going to be interesting to see what Warner Bros. is planning to do with Superman now. They’ll probably reboot the series again and I’m hearing stuff about Michael B. Jordan being the possible replacement.

“Man of Steel”, “Batman vs. Superman: DOJ” and “Justice League” all got mixed reviews but I liked all three movies,  I really did. Henry probably feels that three Superman movies is enough for him. Maybe he just got overwhelmed and he wants to move on to other projects?

Henry hasn’t responded to this with a statement yet but I’m sure he will soon. I think he will speak out about it on his official instagram page so keep an eye on that…




Batgirl is finally getting her own live action movie, female superheroes to finally take over the movie industry soon???

So “Wonder Women” is getting her own movie this year. We have “Captain Marvel” coming out in 2019. Now we have Warner Bros. greenlighting a “Batgirl” movie to be written and directed by Joss Whedon.


I think this is a pretty big sign that females in superhero films are gonna soon take over, big time. I think there will be many more female superhero films coming in the future. What other female superheroes can they make movies of?

Well, I think they should give Supergirl another try. I think Harley Quinn would get her own movie soon. There’s also She-Hulk, that would be pretty cool. It would also be cool if Jean Grey of the X-Men can get her own film. There’s also Kitty Pryde and Hawkgirl, a few more to name.

As far as Batgirl goes, I wonder what version of Batgirl that Whedon is planning on going for? I hope he plans on going for the Barbara Gordon/Oracle story ’cause that would be pretty cool. If he decides to go for the original Betty Kane, I’ll be alright with that as well. I hope Whedon picks a good actress for Batgirl and hope he does a good job with it.

I think we definitely need more female lead superhero films for sure ’cause there isn’t much out there. I do think however, the only reason WB’s want to make a Batgirl movie is they are hoping to compete against Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” movie. Period?


“Superman I-IV” and “Superman: Returns” are now on Netflix streaming… enjoy Superman fans!

I know there are a lot of Superman fans out there; however, there are still plenty of people who haven’t seen the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeve. Well, all the Christopher Reeve Superman movies are now on Netflix streaming! “Superman: Returns” with Brandon Routh as Superman is also on there. Of course, “Man of Steel” and “B vs. S: Dawn of Justice” aren’t on Netflix, though.

I’m a huge Superman fan. He was my first favorite superhero as a kid and still am a huge fan of the character now. It saddens me though that there are still people who hasn’t seen the Chris Reeve Superman flicks… well if you haven’t seen any of them, I would recommend you do so especially the first two. The first two are the best of the series. I did like III and IV but the first two are classics. I did like “Superman: Returns” a lot even though that film got mixed reviews.

Why are there still people who hasn’t seen the Chris Reeve Superman flicks? A new generation of movie fans, I guess. That happens. If you’re on Netflix and a fan of superhero films, I would recommend you watch these. Superman has been played by many different actors over the years but Chris Reeve will always be the best Superman, in my opinion.


BREAKING NEWS: Warner Bros. win full copyrights of Superman… officially…

Today, it was announced that Warner Bros. scored a huge victory over the long battle of the Superman copyright case. The reason? Simply put, the Siegel heirs already sold the Superman copyrights to WB/DC years ago (like I’ve been repeatedly saying in this blog). So that reason alone will force the Siegel heirs to lose the rights to the character. It doesn’t make any sense why the Siegel’s sold the rights to WB’s years ago and now they want them back. It’s all ego with this Marc Toberoff guy, the sleazy lawyer who reps the Siegel’s. Sure, I understand that the character belongs to it’s original creator, but come on people, Jerome Siegel, even allowed Warner’s/DC to be in charge of the character, even when he was alive back in the day.

I’m glad this battle is just about over. “Man of Steel” may already have been finished and it’s about to get released this summer but, now that WB’s has full control of the copyrights, they can do what they want for the upcoming sequels.

I’m looking forward to “Man of Steel”, in June, and you betcha, I will try to see that film on the day it comes out. While I am a fan of superheros, Superman will always be my No. 1.

Read the full story, here.


BREAKING NEWS: Warner Bros./DC wins long copyright battle over Superman!!!!! YES!!!!

Nobody can stop the, Man of Steel! I’ve been saying for a long time now that Warner Bros./DC was going to win this battle, all the way, and they did! That Marc Toberoff is a sleazy lawyer and even the judge knows that he’s a big piece of shit! Now Warner Bros. can feel free to use any Superman material, all they want to for the upcoming films! Even though “Man of Steel” is already finished and scheduled to hit theaters next year, the film makers could push back the release date and add more to the film if they wanted.

This battle isn’t over yet completely though, this is just a huge step in the right direction. This legal battle is just about over, though. Getting there. A huge congrats, go out to Warner Bros., and the DC team! I’m sure they are celebrating pretty hard with a party and all at their offices! We can celebrate too, by listening to the Superman theme again in the video below! WOO HOO!!!!! 🙂

Read the full story, here.

I’m sure this news put a smile on Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan’s face.


Report: Alan Moore, angry over “Watchmen” prequel announcement by DC, lawsuit coming???

DC Comics recently announced the huge news that they plan on making a 7 part prequel series to Alan Moore’s hit graphic novel, “Watchmen”. Alan Moore, the creator of “Watchmen” himself is not happy with this and he wants this project to get stopped.

Read what Alan Moore have to say, here.

I’ve read, the “Watchmen” graphic novel, and it’s way better than the movie by Zack Snyder. I also agree that the prequels shouldn’t happen. They shouldn’t happen without Alan Moore being a part of it, at least.


Cool Photo: First look at Russell Crowe as Jor-El on the set of “Man of Steel”…

We now know what Henry Cavill looks like as Superman in costume. Well, here’s your first look at Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Superman’s Krypton father, on the set of Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”. Pretty cool. I like it. Definitely different than the Marlon Brando version.

Lets hope we see a pic of Michael Shannon as General Zod soon. That’s what I’m most looking forward to see.