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Report: “Friday Night Light’s” Scott Porter to play the Flash?

Is this the reason why “Friday Night Light’s” star Scott Porter, who plays Jason Street, left the show on NBC? Is it because he wants to go Hollywood and become a big movie star? It looks as though he is trying.

Scott Porter already auditioned for a role as Superman in George Miller’s “Justice League” film which the project is now dead. Now he is rumoured to be one of the top choices to play as the Flash in a live action movie of the DC Comics superhero. I can see why they would want Scott Porter as the Flash. Just look at his picture above. Does his looks smell Superhero all over him? Yeah, the way his face looks, he would look great in a superhero costume.

There are two other “Friday Night Lights” cast members that go back and forth to movies and to that TV show. Taylor Kitsch who plays Tim Riggins plays the main villain in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. Kyle Chandler who plays Coach Eric Taylor recently had a role in, “The Day The Earth Stood Still” remake.

It’s great to see Scott pursuing a career in acting of film. Hope a possible film career would happen with Scott and I’m sure he would start getting movie roles soon.

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Report: “The Green Lantern” finally getting big screen treatment, Martin Campbell in negotiations to helm DC superhero pic…

“Casino Royale” director, Martin Campbell is in negotiations with Warner Bros. studios in hopes of directing, “The Green Lantern”, to the big screen. There had been many superhero comics adapted to the big screen, but the Green Lantern character has never had his live action film yet. Martin Campbell is just finishing, “Edge of Darkness”, that stars Mel Gibson in the leading role.

Variety Reports:


Very cool, it’s about time Green Lantern is getting a movie, it’s been long overdue for that great character. Finally. Looking forward to see how they’re going to pull this off.


Report: FOX vows to shut down “Watchmen” superhero movie…

It is Fox vs. Warner Bros in a heated battle over the film “Watchmen” a superhero film adapted from the graphic novel by DC Comics. Back in February, Twentieth Century Fox filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros, claiming that Warner Bros. never had the rights to adapt the graphic novel into a live action motion picture. The judge learned that FOX did get the rights to make the film by the graphic novel’s authors Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons before Warners even did.

This is what made the judge deny a motion to dismiss Fox’s lawsuit over Warner’s rights to make the film. The officials at FOX would not want the film to be released through their company since it was made by Warner Bros, instead FOX wants to see the film killed for good and not get released at all. Warner Bros. went on the defense still saying that FOX had no rights to make the film and look like Warner Bros. want to keep the battle on so the film can get released.

Variety Reports:


Oh my, this is bad news for the Watchmen and the film could get canned!!!

I saw the trailer for it and the movie looks very good and interesting.

This is why I hate FOX. FOX are a bunch of egos and sleazy pricks. FOX clearly don’t care about the fans of the Watchmen who have been anticipated to see this film for a long time.

I hope this film gets released, and I’m sure Warner Bros. will win. See the trailer of the film below. Warner Bros, you got my back and my support. Kick FOX in the ass!!!!!


NEW: Worlds Collide…Dc Comics vs. Mortal Kombat…

There’s a new video game coming out for the PS3, Xbox. It’s a game titled “Worlds Collide”, a fighting game which is “DC Comics vs. Mortal Kombat”. Ya know, DC Comics fighting off Mortal Kombat characters. As you see in this trailer, you see Batman fighting Subzero. The game is coming out sometime this fall, not sure what’s the exact release date. But the game looks absolutely awesome and this is another game I look forward to buying for sure.

More info on the game here:


Wow. Every DC Comics superhero vs. Mortal Kombat, fuckin’ awesome dude!

Superman vs. Scorpion? The Flash vs. Raiden? The Green Lantern vs. Johnny Cage? Wonder Woman vs. Sonya?

Sounds like a hell of a game! 🙂

One thing to think about, DC Comics doesn’t own the copyrights to Superman anymore so Superman “may” or “may not” be in the game since the Siegel’s now own the Superman character officially. Remember, them Superman estate rights that the Siegels won the battle over, they said any future projects with “Superman” may be in danger. The website doesn’t say if Superman is in the game or not but I’ll post more info when the news come along.