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Report: Will Taylor Kitsch reprise as Tim Riggins for the “Friday Night Lights” big screen movie?

Since Peter Berg is serious on bringing the, “Friday Night Lights”, TV show to the big screen, everyone is wondering if Taylor Kitsch will be reprising his role as, Tim Riggins. Well, Taylor himself finally responds and he said he will do it if the script for his character is worthy enough to come back. In other words, it must be good. He said he was proud of how his character ended the show, so he may or may not come back at all.

More on the story, here.

That’s understandable if he doesn’t want to come back ’cause he is becoming a much bigger star than ever before. He wasn’t in the last season of FNL that much, he only appeared for a few episodes. It’ll be cool if Taylor comes back but if he doesn’t, that’s fine too.

I’m hoping the big screen movie will be good too, so hopefully Mr. Berg does a good job with the film.



Report: Connie Britton speaks out on the new, “Friday Night Lights”, movie…

Connie Britton, who plays Tami Taylor, on “Friday Night Lights” TV show, spoke to US Weekly saying that Peter Berg is all fired up about turning the show into a new movie. She also says Jason Katims is writing the script.

Read what she have to say, here.

I’m very excited for this. The “Friday Night Lights” movie could have potential for an Oscar nod for some of the show’s actors especially, Kyle and Connie.

I’m sure they’ll do a good job with the film. I just hope Minka Kelly comes back as Lyla throughout the movie, and not just a cameo for her.


BREAKING NEWS: Peter Berg confirms “Friday Night Lights” movie is happening!!!

Peter Berg, the man himself, confirmed that “Friday Night Lights” movie sequel with the current cast of the TV show is definitely gonna happen. Universal Studios already gave the film the green light and Peter also confirmed a script is being written. They already got Brian Grazer to produce and they plan to start filming in 2012.

There have already been a “Friday Night Lights” movie that starred Billy Bob Thornton in the leading role, but the next movie will be adapted from the TV show. The article says Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler will reprise their roles for the movie version but doesn’t say if the original cast from the TV show will return.

Deadline, reports.

At the end of FNL – Season 5, it ended with Tami and Coach Eric Taylor leaving Dillon to move to Philadelphia, P.A. So the movie will be taken place in Philadelphia.

I’m hoping the rest of the cast will be back for the movie too.

I’m excited. Glad they’re doing a movie version. I’m sure it will be a box office success and I hope Peter Berg himself directs the film.


Report: Even if “Friday Night Lights” maybe ending for good tonight, Peter Berg is trying to bring it to the big screen!!!

While the series “Friday Night Lights” is coming to a close tonight. Yes, tonight is the final and last episode of FNL sadly. The good news is, that Peter Berg is trying to bring the series to the big screen. Yes, there is already a Friday Night Lights movie that starred Billy Bob Thornton, but there could be another movie with the current cast of the TV show.

Read more on the story here, at Deadline.

Man, this would be awesome if this could happen. Peter Berg knows this show is very popular and he wants to keep it going to keep the fans happy. Much respect for him on this. NBC may no longer want the show, but there’s always another try for the big screen. I’m sure the big screen version would happen. Thanks Peter!

I’ll review “Friday Night Lights – Season 5” after I watch it tonight.


Friday Night Lights – Season 5 is finally here!!!

Well one of my favorite shows on NBC is finally here. “Friday Night Lights” Season 5 premiered last night, of course, I watched it. It was a great episode too. All it is the show just started from where it left off from Season 4.

Tim Riggins is in prison, while his brother enjoys life on the outside. Tami Taylor finally gets to enjoy life with her family and Eric Taylor, after all that mess she had with the school from last season. Julie is off to college. The Vince and Jess relationship continues. Becky struggles to be a Mom. Landry Clarke continues his rock n’ roll band while his best friend Matt is in Chicago.

That’s all the show was last night. This is the final Season for the show, so I’m sure the rest of the season will get a lot more interesting. Hopefully there will be more Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) and Lyla (Minka Kelly) appearances later in the Season too.

While I’m glad the show is back, I’m also sad that this is the last Season. That’s okay though. The cast members deserve it because most of the cast members of the show are already moving on to become big movie stars. Most of the cast are getting movie roles like Kyle Chandler for “Super 8”, Connie Britton was in the “Nightmare on Elm St.” remake, and Taylor Kitsch is seen in movies constantly. Adrianne Palicki recently got the role of “Wonder Woman” for the NBC TV series up ahead. Lots of good opportunities will come for them after this show is over.


BREAKING NEWS: Friday Night Lights, Adrianne Palicki is “Wonder Woman” for NBC!!!

NBC have finally found their Wonder Woman! The “Friday Night Lights” star, Adrianne Palicki, is set to play Wonder Woman. Yes, Adrianne will be wearing the Wonder Woman costume and will take her famous lasso.

See the report here at, Deadline.

Perfect choice!!!!! Adrianne is a smoking hot babe. Seriously, she’s absolutely gorgeous if you’ve seen the show FNL on NBC. Wonder Woman needs to be a hot and sexy woman, so Adrianne fits that. If you don’t think so, watch the show “Friday Night Lights”. Adrianne played Tyra on FNL. I’m sure Adrianne will pull off the Wonder Woman character nicely. Now I’m pretty excited for the new Wonder Woman show, bring it on!


Report: Minka Kelly is Esquire magazine’s “Sexiest Woman Alive”, and I totally agree with the pick!

Friday Night Light’s, Minka Kelly who plays Lyla Garrity, has been selected by Esquire magazine as “Sexiest Woman Alive” this year. I absolutely agree with the pick! She’s been my favorite actress and celebrity for a long while. Not only she’s hot, stunning, and beautiful, she’s also a talented actress. Kudos to Esquire magazine!

See the pics and the article, here.

**drool** dayam, she’s pretty smokin’!

Now that she’s no longer doing FNL, hopefully she’ll get some big movie roles here.