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Cool Video: The final trailer for “Zero Dark Thirty” gets me excited for the film even more…

This movie is looking even better. Can’t wait to see it. Too bad we have to wait ’til Jan. 11th, for the wide release. I like the Metallica cover, in the trailer too. Honestly, it looks like another big year for Kathryn Bigelow for the next Oscars. She could get another Best Picture winner here over Spielberg’s, “Lincoln”.


Report: Kyle Chandler joins Kathryn Bigelow’s Bin Laden movie…

Kyle Chandler, the star of “Friday Night Lights” and the film”Super 8″, will next star in Kathryn Bigelow’s, Bin Laden movie. Kyle will not be part of Seal Team 6 in the movie, however, he will be playing a CIA agent.

Deadline, reports.

I’ve never seen “Super 8” yet, but I plan on getting around to it soon. I’ve admired Kyle’s acting since, “Friday Night Lights”. He’ll be good in this too. I hope he wins an Oscar for a film someday ’cause he certainly deserves one if he picks the right film for it.


BREAKING NEWS: Peter Berg confirms “Friday Night Lights” movie is happening!!!

Peter Berg, the man himself, confirmed that “Friday Night Lights” movie sequel with the current cast of the TV show is definitely gonna happen. Universal Studios already gave the film the green light and Peter also confirmed a script is being written. They already got Brian Grazer to produce and they plan to start filming in 2012.

There have already been a “Friday Night Lights” movie that starred Billy Bob Thornton in the leading role, but the next movie will be adapted from the TV show. The article says Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler will reprise their roles for the movie version but doesn’t say if the original cast from the TV show will return.

Deadline, reports.

At the end of FNL – Season 5, it ended with Tami and Coach Eric Taylor leaving Dillon to move to Philadelphia, P.A. So the movie will be taken place in Philadelphia.

I’m hoping the rest of the cast will be back for the movie too.

I’m excited. Glad they’re doing a movie version. I’m sure it will be a box office success and I hope Peter Berg himself directs the film.


Report: Even if “Friday Night Lights” maybe ending for good tonight, Peter Berg is trying to bring it to the big screen!!!

While the series “Friday Night Lights” is coming to a close tonight. Yes, tonight is the final and last episode of FNL sadly. The good news is, that Peter Berg is trying to bring the series to the big screen. Yes, there is already a Friday Night Lights movie that starred Billy Bob Thornton, but there could be another movie with the current cast of the TV show.

Read more on the story here, at Deadline.

Man, this would be awesome if this could happen. Peter Berg knows this show is very popular and he wants to keep it going to keep the fans happy. Much respect for him on this. NBC may no longer want the show, but there’s always another try for the big screen. I’m sure the big screen version would happen. Thanks Peter!

I’ll review “Friday Night Lights – Season 5” after I watch it tonight.


Friday Night Lights – Season 5 is finally here!!!

Well one of my favorite shows on NBC is finally here. “Friday Night Lights” Season 5 premiered last night, of course, I watched it. It was a great episode too. All it is the show just started from where it left off from Season 4.

Tim Riggins is in prison, while his brother enjoys life on the outside. Tami Taylor finally gets to enjoy life with her family and Eric Taylor, after all that mess she had with the school from last season. Julie is off to college. The Vince and Jess relationship continues. Becky struggles to be a Mom. Landry Clarke continues his rock n’ roll band while his best friend Matt is in Chicago.

That’s all the show was last night. This is the final Season for the show, so I’m sure the rest of the season will get a lot more interesting. Hopefully there will be more Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) and Lyla (Minka Kelly) appearances later in the Season too.

While I’m glad the show is back, I’m also sad that this is the last Season. That’s okay though. The cast members deserve it because most of the cast members of the show are already moving on to become big movie stars. Most of the cast are getting movie roles like Kyle Chandler for “Super 8”, Connie Britton was in the “Nightmare on Elm St.” remake, and Taylor Kitsch is seen in movies constantly. Adrianne Palicki recently got the role of “Wonder Woman” for the NBC TV series up ahead. Lots of good opportunities will come for them after this show is over.


Cool Video: New “Super 8” trailer with more footage from the film hits the web!

The JJ Abrams directed, Steven Spielberg produced sci-fi movie, “Super 8” have just hit the web this morning. It surfaced on twitter. The trailer is still keeping the monster or alien mysterious as you can see here.

The movie looks very cool. I’m happy for Kyle Chandler that he’ll get the recognition he deserves. I’m there in theaters when it comes out, June 10th. Hope it’s a good movie.


Thought: See what “Friday Night Lights” is doing to it’s cast?

“Friday Night Lights” is such a popular TV show that it’s giving the show’s cast members bigger opportunities for bigger film roles. Want some examples?

Taylor Kitsch landed a role as Bandit for “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and now he’s filming the leading role in “Battleship”. Connie Britton got herself a big role as Dr. Holbrook in the “Nightmare On Elm St.” remake. Kyle Chandler recently just got a leading role for JJ Abrams sci-fi flick, “Super 8”.

I’m sure big movie roles will happen to other FNL cast members too. I’m sure big movie role opportunities will come for Minka Kelly, Aimee Teegarden, Zach Gilford, Scott Porter, and Adrianne Palicki as well. The whole FNL cast are talented actors, they’ll all get big movie careers up ahead. They already shot, FNL Season 5, that’s why some of them are already working on films.


Report: Kyle Chandler gets a huge movie role to star the lead in a JJ Abrams flick, “Super 8”!!!!

“Friday Night Lights” star, Kyle Chandler has landed a huge role for JJ Abrams new upcoming film, “Super 8”. Also signed to the movie is teen star, Elle Fanning. Is Kyle playing Elle’s Dad in the film? That’s what it’s looking like.

See the article here.

Kyle has done movies other than “Friday Night Lights”, but Kyle never had any huge movie roles. With him doing FNL, will help make his movie career bigger. Congrats Kyle! Now I’m really looking forward to this movie. Kyle in a sci-fi movie, yeah! Can’t wait!


Brock reviews “Friday Night Lights – Season 4” ***SPOILERS***

Well here it is, “Friday Night Lights” Season 4 is over already. It has came and gone. I must say that this season was a HUGE improvement from the first three seasons. The first three seasons were pretty good but the show needed a lot more improvements in the writing. I thought “Season 4” of FNL was the most powerful and emotional season of them all. No complaints at all for Season 4, as I thought it was the best season so far.

The Season begins with Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) no longer being coach of the Dillon Panthers. So Coach Eric forms his own football team called, the Lions instead. Eric Taylor loves football too much that he can’t give it up and wants to show his passion for football by continuing with coaching. In the beginning of the series focuses on Coach Eric struggling to keep the Lions together. There is a handful of new players for the new team, except the only returning player from the earlier seasons being part of the team is Landry Clarke, who was a former Panther from the earlier seasons. There is a new character named, Vince, who is black who Coach Eric tries to help him from getting in trouble with the law so he could stay with the team because Eric is impressed with Vince’s running skills. Vince is a troubled kid who is a criminal and he forms a friendship with Coach Eric. Later on, in the season, Eric almost came this close to losing the Lions team because he couldn’t get along with his team mates.

Then, Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) came along and helped Eric get his team back. Tim Riggins becomes friends with a girl named Becky and she and her mother offered him a place to stay in the trailer next to their home. Becky confesses that she is pregnant to Tim, and that a character named Luke is the father of the baby. She wants to have an abortion because she is afraid of what her mother will do if she finds out about it. Tim takes Becky to Tami Taylor for her help. Becky then decided she wants to keep the baby after learning from Tami’s advice. Tami learns that Luke’s mother is trying to get Tami fired from principal as Dillon high over this abortion thing. All of a sudden, the entire town of Dillon hates the Taylors for this abortion thing she tried to help Becky with. Now Tami is in danger of getting fired of being principal of Dillon High. Becky wants a romantic relationship with Tim Riggins, but Tim says no because he still have feelings for Lyla Garrity (Minka Kelly). Then a love triangle drama breaks out over this. Lyla is not in this season because the character is away for college, but Lyla did visit Dillon for a few episodes.

Billy Riggin’s wife, Mindy, is pregnant and is also about to have a baby soon. Billy is Tim’s brother. Billy and Tim needed money to help take care of Mindy’s baby. They couldn’t really think of anyway to make more money, so they put on a stripper party at the Riggin’s home to benefit money from that. After that, Tim and Billy still needed money. Tim tries to get a job somewhere out in town with the help of Becky, but no job would hire Tim at all. So Tim learns that Billy is at his car garage. Billy is working on stripping cars that were stolen and to sell the car parts for money, which is something known as illegal trafficking. Tim decides to help his brother out so Tim can make more money off of that which is a crime.

After Billy’s wife, Mindy, finally had her baby. Tim begins to feel like a happier person again because he is now an Uncle. At the same time, Tim feels terrible because he was caught and arrested with the trafficking crime earlier. The season ends with Tim turning himself into police and he’ll blame himself for the crime. Tim wanted to keep his brother, Billy, out of prison so he can be there for his newborn son. Tim was willing to go to prison instead to save his brother’s family. Which this is a perfect way to end the season.

This season had some good story lines, but the story line I loved the most, was the Tim Riggins storyline. In the earlier seasons, pretty much everyone in Dillon hated Tim Riggins, he was a character who was always drunk and a bit of a womanizer. This season, made the Tim Riggins character very special. Everybody saw Tim as a drunken loser but Tim wanted to prove that he can be a good guy and can help other people. This season Tim pretty much helped everybody. He helped Coach Eric, Luke, Tami Taylor, Becky, Billy, etc. For all this, Tim went to prison ’cause he was willing to do it.

It was a pretty impressive season. The show isn’t completely over, as there will still be Season 5 for next year. Season 5 will end the show completely. I’m sure Taylor Kitsch will be back for Season 5 and it will be interesting to see how he is going to be released from prison for next season. This season has been Kyle and Connie’s best acting.

I look forward for more FNL next year!


Report: Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton finally gets noticed with their acting talent! FNL stars gets Emmy nominations!

Congrat s to Kyle and Connie, it’s about time too! Both have acting talent and they prove it by getting Emmy nominations. “Friday Night Lights” is my favorite show and I saw the acting talent in both Kyle and Connie, from the very beggining.

See the Emmy nominations here:


Only problem is though, I don’t think Kyle is gonna win. Since Michael C. Hall is nominated for “Dexter” along with him, Michael would get it instead.

Connie might have a good chance in winning.