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State Dept. still protecting Hillary over Benghazi and Bin Laden, probably trying to help her win an election…

State Dept. just dumped a bunch of e-mails to make Hillary look good during election time.

One e-mail showing that Amb. Stevens once considered leaving Benghazi due to heavy sniper fire. Amb. Stevens sent that to Hillary’s team. My question is why aren’t they showing Hillary’s response to Chris when he considered leaving? Did she order him to stay and they left that part out? Gee, I wonder. This is a pretty nasty way to make Amb. Stevens look bad too. Trying to make Amb. Stevens look like the bad guy here.

They are also trying to make Hillary look good over the Bin Laden’s body photos. Blumenthal urged Hillary to approve the showing of Bin Laden’s death photos to members of Congress after it was alleged that Navy Seals killed Bin Laden. Blumenthal said the photos would make Obama look good too. There are photos of Bin Laden’s death after all but why won’t they show us them? If they showed us the photos it would turn out that Bin Laden didn’t really die at the compound and the body will not show bullet wounds ’cause Bin Laden was already dead years before the raid due to an illness.


Yep, just more cover ups. Trying to make Hillary look good during election time. Nothing to see here, y’all. Just trying to make Hillary look like a hero. They’re not showing us the real story, just their side of the story. That’s it!


Thoughts on the new Bin Laden stuff being released… just more cover-ups from the government, y’all! Move along!

The Director of National Intelligence is being operated by the CIA and Barack Obama is in charge of the DNI. Look it up yourself. Anything that Obama is in charge of then chances are, he’s gonna cover up for something or someone. I think he’s definitely helping to protect George W. Bush over 9/11/01 and he’s continuing to do that now.

The Navy Seals didn’t kill Bin Laden ’cause Bin Laden was already dead before the so-called raid even happened. The media wants to brainwash you into thinking that Barack Obama killed Bin Laden which is a load of shit. I’m still not gonna believe it until I see proof and they’ve shown none.

All of this is more cover-ups and more brainwashing. The Obama admin. are hiding the real story of what really happened to Bin Laden and they won’t give it to us. That’s why they won’t show us the photos of his dead body and why they killed most Navy Seals at the Bin Laden raid after it happened.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Obama is still helping to protect Bush. They’ve always been friendly with each other. Yep, release that 28 page 9/11 document and we can see that the government was behind the 9/11 attack and not Bin Laden.



Actually Seymour Hersh might be lying himself, what “really” happened to Bin Laden…

I’ve been saying for a long time now that Bin Laden already died years before. Neither Obama or the Taliban took down Bin Laden at all. Seymour Hersh was half right that Obama “rushed in” to take credit of killing Bin Laden but after thinking about it a while, Hersh’s story is mostly “bullshit” and just telling his side of the story.

The real story of Bin Laden’s death was that he died in 2001 due to lung complication… more here…


This story isn’t new has it already has been widely-known in the conservative community. Some are gonna look at that article and say, “It’s from Fox News, don’t believe it”… but that story has been reported from Pakistan and Egypt news sites and FOX just re-posted the story.

Of course, that’s their side of the story too. You never know what really happened to Bin Laden.

The fact of the matter is, Obama never took down Bin Laden… if you really believe that, you really are one naive person.

Either way though, you can’t trust anything that comes out of the Obama White House. When will you wake the fuck up and realize that all the Obama White House do is lie about everything? Stop believing everything that comes out of the Obama White House as “credible” ’cause you look like a fucking idiot the more you do.

Bin Laden’s death deserves to be investigated, though…


I wonder how Obama is gonna respond to Seymour Hersh’s report on Bin Laden raid???

It’s interesting how Seymour Hersh’s report on the Bin Laden raid accusing Obama of lying about it blew up all over the media and social networking. I wonder how Obama and his administration is gonna respond to it? I’m sure he will at some point but all he’s gonna do is defend himself and lie even more. He’s probably gonna continue to maintain that he’s the one who took down Bin Laden but if he really did then why don’t he prove it himself? The US White House wanted Osama Bin Laden murdered but they got help with the Pakistani, it wasn’t Navy Seal Team 6 that got him at all. They used Navy Seal Team 6 as a way to protect the Obama administration as a way to show people that they didn’t work with terrorists to take down Bin Laden. If Americans knew that the US worked with the Pakistani terrorists to take down Bin Laden, it would have gotten Obama into a lot of trouble and he wouldn’t have gotten re-elected so they used the Seals as a cover. Technically, the US STILL took down Bin Laden but they still used terrorists to help them. Which is no surprise ’cause Obama is a terrorist supporter and sympathizer… Obama is always willing to work with terrorists which is how Benghazi happened, ya know?

Liberals and Obama supporters will never believe Seymour Hersh’s story ’cause they won’t believe anything that tells the truth about Obama no matter the situation. No matter what gets put out there, the libs will smear and attack those who expose Obama.

If Obama had someone else killed Bin Laden for him whether it was the Pakistani’s or the Seals, Obama still didn’t technically kill Bin Laden. Knowing how egomaniacal and narcissistic Obama really is, he will do anything to make himself look like a hero. Ever since the Bin Laden death announcement Obama made, he’s been giving himself credit for taking down Bin Laden ever since and the American public actually bought into that shit. If it’s true that Obama had terrorists take down Bin Laden for him, then it could be the end of Obama.

Seriously guys, you should have seen this coming. I’ve been trying to school you all in on how Bin Laden’s death and raid was all a lie and a hoax but of course, people called it all “conspiracy theory”. Libs will only believe what Obama and the media says. You can’t trust these people at all.

Obama won’t take responsibility for this just like he won’t take responsibility for anything else. In Obama’s delusional mind, he thinks he’s above the law and thinks he can get away with everything.

I wonder how he’s gonna prove his innocence on this one? He won’t be able to. I think he’ll have no choice but to give up and confess to us but you know he will never do that. Obama really is a coward. This asshole will do anything to protect himself even if it means killing people to keep the truth from getting out there. This man is crazy. Wake up, America. Get out of your delusions and face reality for a change.


The truth of Bin Laden’s death finally comes out… thanks to Seymour M. Hersh…

I’ve been saying for years now that the Obama administration lied about Osama Bin Laden’s death. They rushed in so Obama can take credit to get himself re-elected in 2012.

There are some pretty crazy things about this too like:

-Osama Bin Laden was actually a prisoner in Abbottabad since 2006.

-Two Pakistani military leaders knew of the raid in advanced.

-The CIA did NOT learn of Bin Laden’s whereabouts.

-Obama did order a raid with Navy Seals at the compound but there wasn’t an actual shootout.

-The Obama administration were originally gonna blame Bin Laden’s death on a drone strike but quickly changed it to a shootout.

-Bin Laden was actually murdered with the help of the Pakistani.

-The Seals who were a part of the raid were ordered to be kept quiet about the whole thing. They weren’t allowed to talk about it publicly or privately or they would get civil penalties or a lawsuit.



I don’t know about you but this is worthy of a full investigation in Congress. I think Congress will look into it now that this report gets out there. I tried telling you guys that the Obama administration never killed Bin Laden. The whole Compound shootout was a hoax.

You shouldn’t have found this a surprise, though. Everything about Obama and the administration is a lie. You guys really gotta stop believing everything that this administration and the media puts out there.

When people bash Obama, liberals will do their best to try to make Obama look like an accomplished president by saying, “Well, look who took down Bin Laden?”. I get that response all the time and I just laugh. It’s funny how liberals actually believed he took down Bin Laden ’cause there’s no proof of that. Obama didn’t take down Bin Laden, the Pakistani’s did.

I know libtards are gonna be upset about this report and libtards are definitely gonna try to smear Hersh for being realistic but liberals just simply can’t take the truth. They’ll never admit what they voted for was wrong. Libs are gonna accuse Hersh of being a conservative conspiracy theorist whack job and all that but Hersh is an award-winning investigative journalist. He’s a really good investigative journalist and he’s pretty reliable and truthful.

If what Hersh said turns out to be true, it is worthy of impeachment and arrest for sure. Obama should be held accountable for this one. Funny thing though, I actually believe Hersh on this story ’cause you can’t trust Obama and his administration. I always knew that Obama never took down Bin Laden and if you actually believe it then you are one naive idiot.


New photos of Bin Laden released but I still wanna see proof of his death…

I don’t give a shit what you delusional libtards think. I think Barack Obama lied about Bin Laden’s death just like he lies about everything else. I’m still believing that Bin Laden was already dead years before that so-called raid. The raid didn’t even happen. It was a hoax. Yes, there were books and movies about it but think how the Obama administration can pay Hollywood to get those done. That “No Easy Day” book and “Zero Dark Thirty” film. I believe they were fake stories just to make the Obama administration look like heroes.

No photos of Bin Laden’s body was released, no death certificate, no autopsy reports, no nothing. They reportedly dumped Bin Laden’s body out in the ocean and no proof of that either.

If you really believe Obama took down Bin Laden, then you are delusional and naive. Keep in mind that Obama announcing the so called death of Bin Laden was shortly before Obama’s re-election. If there was proof of Bin Laden’s death, I’m sure the media would have showed us that long ago but they haven’t yet ’cause the Obama administration is keeping it from us.

If you think Obama isn’t capable of doing something dumb and crazy like this, then you are dumb too. Stop acting like Obama is a harmless guy.


What is the Obama administration hiding about Bin Laden’s so-called death??? They’re definitely hiding something…

Yep, Obama announced the death of Bin Laden and he took credit for it shortly before the second election. There were a lot of talk that Seal Team 6 were killed and Michael Savage here a radio talk show host is claiming they were assassinated in Afghanistan. It may have been possible they were killed in that 2011 Chinook helicopter shootdown. I believe it… and it actually makes a lot of sense.

Barack took credit for taking down Bin Laden but never showed proof of Bin Laden being dead???


It’s either Bin Laden could have already been dead years before or he could even still be alive and the US government is hiding him. You never know.

Yeah, I’m sure uneducated people out there are gonna rip into Michael Savage and call him a conspiracy theorist whack job just for standing up for something that he believes in. That’s how America works these days. You wanna accuse Obama of something out of love for your country and your home, be ready for a lot of shit from delusional and insane libtards.

This is worth investigating and worth looking into. I’m betting your money that Barack was behind the killing of those Navy Seals and the shootdown of that Chinook helicopter. He killed those Navy Seals ’cause I’m sure they knew too much about Bin Laden.


About Bin Laden’s so-called shooter, Ex-Navy Seal, Robert O’ Neill…

So Ex-Navy Seal, Robert O’ Neill claims that he was the one who killed Bin Laden. I think that’s a load of crock.

I am still not believing that Obama was the one who took down Bin Laden ’cause I still believe that Bin Laden was already dead years before. Nobody shot Bin Laden. Bin Laden died ’cause he was sick of some disease. A former CIA agent claimed that Bin Laden died in 2006 (Google it).

Which makes a lot of sense… the Obama administration never showed proof of Bin Laden being shot dead. They didn’t show pics of Bin Laden’s body ’cause the body would have showed evidence that Bin Laden wasn’t shot. Then they had Bin Laden’s funeral out in the ocean… really no proof of that either… that stuff was just reported in the media.

As far as that helicopter at the compound raid, I think that helicopter was shot down and all the Navy Seals were killed in it.

So I don’t believe it at all that this Robert O’ Neill was the one who took down Bin Laden. He’s either desperate for more attention or he was hired by the Obama administration to protect them. Obama got credit for Bin Laden’s death before the 2nd election, right? Obama got the opportunity to get Bin Laden so he can win the re-election.

Sorry but I’m still not believing that Obama was the one responsible for taking down Bin Laden and I don’t think Seal Team 6 took him down either. If you still believe it, then you really are naive and delusional.


Bin Laden didn’t have anything to do with 9/11/01 after all???

It’s look like that we may soon to get to the full truth of what really happened on the day of 9/11/01. The blame was immediately put on Osama Bin Laden for the attacks but was there any proof that Bin Laden was involved??? I’m not defending Bin Laden but he definitely did NOT, I repeat, DID NOT have anything to do with 9/11. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t the one who planned the attack.

Congressmen Walter Jones and Steven Lynch have been given access to a 28 page document that could tell the truth of what happened on 9/11. The full truth. Walter Jones read it and what he found was so shocking and terrifying that he really can’t talk about it publicly yet since he agreed to sign an oath.


When Walter Jones said, “… those whom we thought we could trust really disappointed me.”

I am almost positive he was referring to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Obama, etc. It’s looking like it’s getting closer to the fact that George W. may have ordered the 9/11 attack. Cheney and Obama helped him. I know you don’t wanna believe that Obama was involved but Obama is definitely helping to protect Bush and helping to cover for him. Notice that Bush and Obama have been very friendly with each other over the years. Even if Bush and Obama are in different parties… they’ve been friends for a very long time. They’re both responsible for the Patriot Act and the NDAA.

Whenever it’s proven that Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11 then both Bush and Obama lied. It’ll prove that the Bin Laden raid was fake.

Hopefully, they’ll tell us what’s on the 28 page document soon. America deserves to know the truth. Both Bush and Obama needs to be held accountable for 9/11. I bet they both had something to do with the attacks that day.


I’m telling y’all that President Obama lied about the death of Bin Laden…

Like I repeatedly said, I won’t believe that President Obama killed Bin Laden until they show proof. Why isn’t there any proof? It’s because there is none. They were either destroyed or sent to the CIA.

Full story, here.

Bin Laden was already dead before the compound raid. Barack did this so he can win the re-election.