What is the Obama administration hiding about Bin Laden’s so-called death??? They’re definitely hiding something…

Yep, Obama announced the death of Bin Laden and he took credit for it shortly before the second election. There were a lot of talk that Seal Team 6 were killed and Michael Savage here a radio talk show host is claiming they were assassinated in Afghanistan. It may have been possible they were killed in that 2011 Chinook helicopter shootdown. I believe it… and it actually makes a lot of sense.

Barack took credit for taking down Bin Laden but never showed proof of Bin Laden being dead???


It’s either Bin Laden could have already been dead years before or he could even still be alive and the US government is hiding him. You never know.

Yeah, I’m sure uneducated people out there are gonna rip into Michael Savage and call him a conspiracy theorist whack job just for standing up for something that he believes in. That’s how America works these days. You wanna accuse Obama of something out of love for your country and your home, be ready for a lot of shit from delusional and insane libtards.

This is worth investigating and worth looking into. I’m betting your money that Barack was behind the killing of those Navy Seals and the shootdown of that Chinook helicopter. He killed those Navy Seals ’cause I’m sure they knew too much about Bin Laden.


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