Think I found the new recording rig that I want…

Think I’m gonna go for the Focusrite Scarlett 214 audio interface:

and I think I’m gonna go for the PreSonus Eris E4.5 Monitors:

Both of these sound really good to me and both of these are getting mostly positive reviews. Both are not too bad of a price. Both are $200 and I think I’m gonna start saving up. If I save up to $400, I could get these both at the same time. These speakers sound pretty damn good ’cause they were made for an amateur like studio that is not all that perfect but they’ll still sound really good.

As for new DAW recording software, I think I’m gonna go for Acoustica Mixcraft 6:

Sounds pretty good to me. Acoustica Mixcraft is pretty close to Apple’s Garageband except it’s even better. Plus, it’s the only DAW software that I can find that is pretty affordable. I’ll start off with a cheap DAW for now until I get something even better down the road.

This is gonna take several months to save up for all this but I’m gonna do it. Maybe I’ll even save up to $500 and I can get all of this at once. I like that idea better. I’m also gonna start job hunting again real soon and that way I can save up for this stuff even faster. I’m in need of a new computer rig and I think I found what I’m looking for here.


7 thoughts on “Think I found the new recording rig that I want…”

  1. Good for you, Kev. I’m going to start saving up for a Fender Passport PA system so I can play acoustic gigs again. Not a lot of cafes have their own PA’s, and I WOULD kinda like to be heard.

    Aside from that, I’ve been thinking about going back to my original music recording idea, which was to do it all at home. Being in a band means dealing with pickiness. You will write a tune that you think is great, but your bassist thinks it sucks, etc. All I would need is a drummer because I can do rhythm/lead guitar, singing and bass on my own.

    I look forward to hearing more work from you.

    1. Yeah, I’m doing all I can to create band backup for my songs myself. Experimented with that with Garageband a little bit but looking for something better. I think I gotta learn more about MIDI controllers and stuff which I will. I wanna make a badass rock n’ roll record someday.


      1. I think I’m going to get an opinion from some of the fellas at Parkway. I plan on getting an Apple desktop and Garage Band as well because I have heard some friends do AMAZING work with that. But like you, I will probably transition out of it someday. All I need is a way to record a drummer, and I will be all set.

      2. I heard Garage Band is pretty good for the Apple Imac. I don’t have an Imac computer. I have a whole new PC with a Windows 7 64 bit, that’s why I’m in need of a new recording rig ’cause my old one won’t work with this new system. That’s okay. I’m all for a new recording rig ’cause I want something bigger and better. Time to turn this room into a mini-recording studio.

        I also might need an audio mixer ’cause that’ll help too.


      3. I planned on getting an Apple regardless because I have heard they are superior computers, PERIOD. My friend has had one for five years or so and has noticed no real dip in performance quality.

  2. Actually, I won’t need an audio mixer for home recording. This guy nicely explains it…

    So an audio interface and studio monitors is all I pretty much need. You do all the mixing in the DAW anyways.


  3. For the record, though, I’m not moving on from Apple’s Garageband as I still have that for the Ipad. I’ll still use Garageband for recording song ideas and riffs down. I’ll also use AmpliTube for the Ipad as well.


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